Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's the perfect size. Not too big that everyday you are surrounded by strangers, but when trying to avoid somebody, it is still possible. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, but the town of Athens just happens to be the complete opposite. Townies are very scary, and, unfortunately, it is about 50/50, unless on campus. Other than that, nicest campus you can find.


This school is the perfect size, but quite hilly. I spend too much time in my dorm. I never have and never will have a lot of school pride, but I think most people here do. OU's pretty haunted.


I would make more activities available to students on the weekends. I believe that students would be less inclined to drink if there were more fun activities for them to participate in. I also believe that if less bars were on Court Street, students would also be less inclined to drink.


I think it's very interesting that Athens, Ohio, is known for being one of the most haunted places in the world. We're right up the road from an old asylum, and we've had ABC do a special on the ridges and surrounding areas. The main entrance and surrounding rooms are used as the Kennedy Museum of Art, but the rest of it isn't safe to go into because of lead paint chipping off of the wall. Nevertheless, kids get in there and take pictures. It's one of the creepiest places I've ever seen-- I'd be horrified to stay a night in there. Also the stories of Wilson Hall's room 428 being sealed off because it's uninhabitable-- I could go on and on about the hauntings of Athens, Ohio. The campus is beautiful, with lots of greenery and the school's old classical architecture.


I think that the campus is beautiful, and is a great fit. I was reaised in a large city, and I find that there is just as much to do here as any big city. It's a great size, and although it is a college town, there's enough off-campus to be somewhere else when you don't want to think about school. Otherwise the campus is very student- friendly, with programs going on every week. I am glad I came here.


best thing about ohio is the fellow students and it is a great college town


The town of Athens is definitely a college town. Athens would probably be wiped off the map if Ohio University was not situated here. The biggest recent controversy on campus dealt with Chris Yonker's opinion piece about immigration. Many Hispanics and African Americans wanted The Post to fire him, and held many protests about it. The school pride here is decent enough; however, I do notice that quite a few students seem to wear their Ohio State gear, which to me sends the message: "We have no pride in OU's athletics." The administration here is a little shaky at the top, but at the college and department levels, the administration is alright (especially the Scrips' School of Journalism's director).


The best thing about OU is the atmosphere on campus. I feel safe on campus and the people are accepting and not judgemental. When I tell people I go to Ohio they automatically say that it's a party school. I think the school is just the right size, it's not too big that you get lost,but it's not too small that you see the exact same person 24-7.


I believe that the campus is just right. It isn't too spread out and it is very easy to walk from places to place.


Ohio is such a fun place to live, you meet a ton of new people and make connections that will last after college. The secenery is great and for the most part everyone does there part to keep the campus looking great.


Attending Ohio University has turned out to be the best choice I made my senior year of high school. It is full of challenging academics, interesting people, exciting social and night life, and enjoyable extracurriculars. And let's not forget the campus. It's beautiful, and even though I've been living here for a year, my amazement still hasn't worn off. I have never met anybody who visited OU and didn't like it.


Athens is for sure a college town. Feels just right. Really cozy, lots of bars, lots of not bars. The comic book shop is nice.


The best thing about Ohio is the campus.


Everyone is just hanging out. Nobody is stressed, and the entire campus is relaxed all day. People dont hold grudges and everyone is just plain friendly. When a lot of us get together, it gets intense. Study when you need to study, drink when you need to drink, smoke when you need to smoke.


The best thing about OU is that it is in a college town, so there are always things to do. I'd change the fact that there are really no good stores in town. The size of the school is just right- 20,000. People act like they know that I drink and party on the weekends and do many illicit things, when I don't. I spend most of my time at Ping in the combative arts room doing Tae Kwon Do. I have no opinion on the administration. The biggest recent controversy was over the new university center that cost 60 million and has shown no profit- it's actually had a 1 million deficit two years running. We do have a high spiritwear rate. You can't go ten paces without seeing someone in an OU t-shirt. I will always remember my roommate and I's grill adventure, traversing campus, not really knowing where we're going, to borrow a grill from a friend, accidentally taking his neighbor's, setting it on fire, and taking it back. The most frequent complaints are over the university center and how many hills there are.


The best thing about OHIO is the campus. Spring quarter is absolutely FABULOUS! It is so fucking pretty everywhere you turn. If I could change two things about it though I would change the fact that sophomores have to live in the dorms and I would change it being three hours away from my hometown. It is really hard living three hours away from all the people I love and admire the most. Also, it is very expensive to live in the dorms, which makes the second year very inconvenient. Athens is for sure a college town, townies stick out like a sore thumb and are rare.


OU is the perfect size campus for me, it's not so big that you cant walk just about everywhere but it's not so small that anywhere you go on campus is a two minute walk. I love the scenery of Athens, including the squirrels running around all over.


best part about it is the campus, i would much rather prefer to get in done in may then have the long winter break


The campus is awesome and everything is in walking distance is the best thing. I would have less hills around if I could change anything. Its a pretty ok size, we'll go with just the right size. I spend most of my time studying in my dorm. People react by going oh you go to a party school. Complete college town. I don't really know much about ohio's administration i never talk to them. Umm...there was that guy that got stabbed on Jeff hill. There is alot of school pride. Ohio is its own little world, its nice. I'll always remember my first college party and drinking a beer in the middle of the street. I feel like every class thinks there your only class.


Love it! Awesome school in an awesome town. I like all the people here the best, it is a very friendly, fun environment. School size is just right. I see people I know everyday when I am walking to and from class, but it is big enough to get involved with tons of things and meet new people. I would say there is a lot of school pride. We dont have the best sports, but I think people are proud of OU and proud to say they go/went here.


The best thing about Ohio is the friendly and laid back atmosphere. Everyone seems to be in a great mood, especially on the weekends. I think that while OU is a fairly big school, it is not overwhelming like it would be at a larger Big 10 school. If I could change anything about OU, it would to have better athletics! But on the upside of that, all of our sporting events are free to go to which is always nice. For the most part, I spend my time on campus working out at Ping which is a nice place for me to relieve stress. Ohio University is definitely a college town, but I love it because we have the city atmosphere of bars and stores uptown surrounded by the hills of Appalachia. There is not a whole lot of school pride from what I can tell besides on game days against Rivals such as Miami University. One experience about Ohio I will always remember woud be going to the Ridges and getting to see the haunted places--it was then that I formed my group of best friends. Halloween is always much anticipated and people begin planning their outfits even in spring. People complain about how our 8 week break from Thanksgiving is to after New Years is too long, however it's a great time to just relax or earn back all the money you wasted fall quarter. The long break just means we get out later for the summer.


I love Ohio because it is really pretty here and there are unique little shops in this college town. I would change the hard rules of alcohol here. I feel like McDavis' way of dealing with the alcohol consumption here is just shoving rules in everyone's face. Good students could be the ones that are getting kicked out of school and I do not think that is solving any problems. I spend most of my time on campus at work. I also spend some time in Alden because there are so many resources there for students. The college town aspect is awesome because the whole town is based around the school. One experience I will never forget is the friends I have made here. Most people are genuine.


Ohio University offers its students just about everything one could want in a college experience. Although Athens is a pretty small town, it has a culture and experience all its own. The campus is absolutely beautiful; hilly for some variety in the landscape, plenty of gorgeous, tall trees, many trees and plants that blossom into beauties in the spring, lots of grassy areas great for Frisbee, football, or just laying out, old brick buildings, and incredible common areas like the new Baker Center and Ping, the recreational center. OU seems to be the perfect size: big enough that you can meet plenty of new people, but small enough that you'll see familiar faces around town that make you feel at home. I find OU's sense of pride really comforting yet exciting at the same time. For example, literally hundreds of students any given day can be seen wearing an OU T-shirt or hat, which I think says a lot about our opinion of our school. In that way, it's comforting to know that we all share OU as our home. Of course, it's exciting too because it brings out a certain drive and motivation in all of us to ban together under our alma mater. OU is unique in many ways, but it is widely known for being one of the most haunted places in the country. I guess that just goes to show that even the deceased don't ever want to leave this amazing place!


Ohio University makes up the community of Athens for the most part.


I like some parts of Ohio. All my life I have just wanted to get out and see what else is out there for me. Now that I get the chance I stay here. I do have to say that Ohio University is a different world then I grew up in. Even though it is technically still in Ohio I feel like I might as well be in another state. That's the great thing about Ohio. If you want city living we have it, if you like being far away from everyone else we have it. Want something in between we have it. What I like about Ohio University is that it is a big school that has a tight community. I am a transfer student from a school of 2500 students. I thought coming here was going to be a huge difference for me. When in reality it only took me a couple weeks to get settled in and the people here are just great. OU has a beautiful campus that offers so many different things to do you will never be board. I feel that the spirit here is great and the sports teams has so much support from the students as well. At the same times the athletes are not stuck up to the point where they think they are better then you because they play a sport in college and you don't. This is what I love about OU.


I would change the administration at OU. The university it's self does not have any transperancy and students are often left on the outside when it comes the the mechanics of OU. That is unfourtunate. The administration often does not see things from a students perspective and makes choices many students disagree with. Students need to have a bigger role in OU happenings at the administrative level. We are the university, and we need to have a say. OU is the perfect size. Everywhere I go I see people I know, but never run out of new people to meet. It is big enough to hold great events, but small enough to feel like home. There is not one place I spend most of my time. There are too many amazing opportunities out there to spend all of your time in one place. Are we a college town? Yes. We are. But the athens community has a major influence on OU and the two are very interconnected. I would not have it any other way. It is not OU vs. Athens, it's OU and Athens. There is a ton of school pride. People love OU and they love Athens. There is no reason not to. It is the only place I want to be. OU is unusual. We have a stong sence of community that is hard to come by in other places. The people here are so friendly and unique. There is not a day that goes by at OU that i don't think this is possibley the most amazing place on earth. I will remember the people. I will remember coffee at Donkey, vegan cooking night, concerts at the Skull, dinners at Casa Nueva, student elections, late night walks, and all the people who made those occasions amazing.


I love the campus! It's not too big, but not too small. I love being able to recognize people or friends when I'm walking to class, but you still see someone new everyday so its a nice combination. The campus is so pretty too! There are so places you can sit and do your homework on a nice day and enjoy the scenery at the same time. I also love the people here, staff and students have all been so friendly, helpful, and fun. When I was in high school I felt like my teachers didn't really care if I passed their class or not, but here at college I really get the feeling that the professors are here to help and they really want you to succeed. I have already made some really good friends here and I can honestly say I have yet to meet someone that is rude or mean.


The best thing about OU is definitely the social scene, espeically GREEK LIFE! I would change the hills, but that's not really an option. I think it's just the right size for me. People react differently. A lot of people tell me I must know how to party. others are impressed I got in, considering they just upped their admissions standards!I spend most of my time in the dorms, with friends, at bars or parties or on south beach when its warm! I absolutely hate OU's administration. McDavis is the worst president in the world! I think a big controversy is defintely McDavis resigning a contract. I don't think there is school pride when it comes to sports, but when it comes to being from OU, everyone is really proud!


Ohio is a gorgeous campus with a natural and brick look. Campus is small enough that you run into people you know just about everywhere, but not so small that you can't get lost if you want. There are plenty of places to get away, Emeriti Park is a personal favorite, Baker center has some quiet cozy spots. There are many activist groups that operate around campus and numerous cultural outlets. One thing i can say for Ohio's administration is that they really are student focused.


It's a great college town. It's not too big but it's not too small, and it has a pretty diverse culture. We don't have huge-name sports and we're not as well known (outside Ohio) as Ohio State, but we have a lot of school pride.


The best thing about Ohio University is the campus. Anyone that comes to visit OU falls in the love with the campus at first site. The red brick on every building and beautiful trees and yards make OU look amazing. I also really like the Ping Recreation Center, it has everything you need to stay fit. If I had to change one thing, personally, I would want to change the Chemistry Labs, they are very old looking and sometimes there isn't enough supplies to go around. I think that our school is just right, we have a lot of students but the campus is small enough to get somewhere in ten minutes. It keeps everyone close. I spend a lot of time outside when the weather permits it. Yes, Athens is a college town. The administration seems great, I haven't had any real experiences with them, but they keep us updated really well. I think there is a lot of school pride, especially with the OZONE! I really enjoy being at Ohio University.


the dining hall food fucking sucks.


i love this school. it is a perfect sized campus - not too big but not too small. there is a lot to do here that involves being outside. people who dont like big cities are very comfortable here.




I'm a music student so I spend much of my time at the school of music practicing and free time relaxing looking out on the 6th floor balconies


In my opinion, the best thing about Ohio is the atmosphere and environment. When I first visited OU I immediately fell in love with the campus; it has a college town feel to it. The buildings and scenery is beautiful. In regards to size, I think it is just right. There are enough students for the community to be diverse, but the scale is not so immaculate as to compare it to Ohio State University, for example.


Ohio is a beautiful campus with gorgeous brick buildings and tree-lined pathways. The student body is a great size - lots of variety and wonderful people, but not so large that you feel insignificant. The administration at Ohio is amazing. They always ask for our opinion on issues and President McDavis regularly holds town hall meetings so that students can express their opinions. Other administrators are extremely friendly and down-to-earth. There is a lot of school pride, but the worst thing is seeing a bunch of Ohio State jersies and t-shirts on campus.


Friendly campus and people who are alwyas willing to help and come out, even on a rainy day. Here everyone works together like a big team.


OU has a beautiful campus, but there are also a lot of hills. It does rain a lot, but sometimes that's a nice thing (just make sure to have an umbrella with you at ALL TIMES! Rainboots would also be a good investment). I've made so many friends here that I know will last a lifetime. I spend most of my time in my dorm and at class. My dorm is in the "mod" style, so it's like a big family that hangs out, watches movies, studies, and eats together. OU is just the right size; not too big that you will never see anyone you know, but not too small that you'll always see the same people. The biggest controversy lately has been the strike of the maintenance and cleaning staff. Athens is a college town and thrives when the students are around. There is school pride, but since we're so close to OSU, there is a lot of "pride" for that school too here on campus. If you go to OU, you have to go to at least one hockey game and here the Marching 110. The food here is ok, but somedays it just feels like the students are SOL when it comes to choices.


OU has around 20,000 students and is located in the small town of Athens Ohio. It is a very pretty campus situated around the hills of Athens and the Hocking River. Athens is considered part of Appalachia and is very beautiful most of the year.


ohio is the perfect size - tons of people to meet/escape from your hometown friends, yet by sophomore year you see people you know everywhere you go. it's great. athens is a great town with awesome weather and beautiful scenery. it's worth exploring. greek life is visible but DEFINITELY not a necessity. i just think athens and OU have the perfect balance of everything. not too big, not too small. we hit all four seasons and have beautiful weather in fall, spring and summer. go greek or don't. you can go out every night of the week if you want, there's always something going on, but plenty of people are in the library on saturday.


One thing I hear from so many people is that one of the deciding factors for coming to Ohio is its campus. We are the quintessential college town and we have a gorgeous old brick campus. Even the newer buildings are built to match the old ones, so nearly every building is made of brick; it's very charming. We also have brick paths, and the roads uptown are brick, as well. I wish I knew just how many bricks make up this town, it must be astronomical. Every season here is pretty, too, but most especially the fall with all of the surrounding hills covered in trees changing colors. Winter is lovely with snow on the ground, and in spring the trees are covered in blossoms that perfume the air, and summer is hot and very green. Also, OU is just the right size: not too many people that you feel like a number, but big enough that there are always people to meet and stuff going on.


I love attending Ohio University. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and everyone I've met is really friendly. I love the size of my classes- they're all discussion classes, so the largest has maybe 25 people. The rest have about 16. My favorite part about Ohio University, though, is how much the administration helps its students. My adviser knows me by name, and has said 'hi' to me around campus. My professors all want to see their students do well, and have been very helpful when a student comes to them for help. The one thing I don't like about Ohio is the noise at night. Around midnight, it always seems to get about 10 times louder than the day time.


When i tell people I go to OU they immediately assume that I drink alcohol constantly. It is frustrating.


The best thing about OU is the atmosphere and the scenery. There isn't a more beautiful place to be in the middle of the fall or the beginning of spring. If there's one thing I would change, it would be the use of all-freshman residence halls. They get a little crazy when first year students don't have anyone to look up to; it's like they're still in high school. I feel like the size of OU is perfect. It's a little big compared to other schools but you can't walk anywhere at any time without passing someone you know. Perfect size, in my opinion. When I first started at OU and told people that I went there, the reaction was typical-"That's a party school, you know". Now that I'm older and have been here for a few years, people will ask normal college-kid questions: What year are you? What's your major?, etc. Athens is definitely a college town and I love it that way. Coming from Columbus, home of Ohio State University, I couldn't imagine going to a university where it's part classes, part skyscrapers. I love the college town atmosphere. Ohio's administration could be a little better, let's be honest. They're doing a lot of things that the student body doesn't agree with but you can't please everyone, right? I couldn't tell you what the biggest campus controversy is, to be honest. It changes from group to group, organization to organization-whatever those people are passionate about. I feel like there is a lot of school pride. You'll see at least 5 people wearing an OU shirt every day. It's not out of control school pride, however (cough-OSU-cough). People don't get out of control. The most unusual thing about OU is the fact that it's haunted and that everyone knows it. OU is home to The Ridges-an old insane asylum. Pretty unique=) The experience I'll never forget is that with my fraternity-Alpha Phi Omega. APhiO is the reason I still go to OU and has provided a number of my college memories. Overall, Ohio University is fantastic. I honestly couldn't imagine being anywhere else for four wonderful years of college.


OU is pretty sweet. There are definitely a lot of issues and tension between students and administration, but overall, I think everyone who goes here will say that they had a good experience here. The new Baker University Center has really changed the way the university functions. Before it was finished, meetings were held wherever you could get a place, or in a coffee shop. Now, with a central building that is easy to use, a lot of students spend a lot of time in the building either hanging out with friends or spending time in a student org office.


Ohio university is a very pretty school, but i would like for it to better taken care of. We have uneven paving and a lot of the buildings need to be updated, especially the dorms.


I love Ohio! I get really tired of the reactions that people give me when I tell them that I go to OU.... they automatically assume that I came here to party. There is so much more to OU that the party scene, my profs are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and the city of Athens is a ton of fun.


Ohio is a great school. There are things to do other than drink and party you just have to look for them. When I tell people that I go to OU, they all come back with questions about my drinking habits or my sexual experiances.


I like the size and location of OU. As a Wildlife Bio major, it was nice to get away from OSU's big campus and to something more rural. Although I'm still new here, so I can't say too much.