Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love the small town feel. The scenery is beautiful and there is a very diverse population. If it weren't for my friends leaving and my job, I wouldn't go home for summer break. When I tell people (who didn't go to Ohio) I go to Ohio, their biggest reaction is to start talking about the drinking problem or our athletics. This was the first school on my list to visit and my decision was easy to make.


It small but it seems so big


The biggest reaction when I tell someone I go to Ohio University, is "Oh, the party school!" It bothers me that we have that reputation. We should be known for our other programs and adacemics.


Ohio Univeristy is Ohio's first and finest University, something we as a student body take great pride in. Generally speaking most people are unaware of the fact that OU and OSU are not synamous terms and often confuse the two. But after enlightening them a little they begin to undertand what out school is all about. There are a plethora of student organizations that people can become involved in, ranging from political to social groups, and sports clubs to advocacy organizations. You're sure to find your niche here at Ohio University. Finally our school is known for its beautiful campus and being the epitome of a "college town." Campus is located at the heart of Athens and since the campus and surrounding community is not as large as some other schools in Ohio *cough OSU*, its not unusual to run into your professors or administrators on weekends or on your way to class.


I'd like graduate students to be acknowledged by the greater university community. This survey is obviously tailored towards undergrads and yet it was sent out to the officers of a graduate student organization. In the dropdown menu there are only freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and alum. Technically I'm already an alum since I've finished my MA but not the type of alum that I think this survey thought they would be capturing. It's really annoying to continuously be ignored as a community.


The campus is definitely beautiful. I would definitely change the parking situation, there just isn't enough for OU staff and students. I like the size of of the school, it's just right. When I tell people I go to OU, they have one of two reactions: 1) "Oh, you go to Ohio State!" or 2) "Oh! The big party school!" When I'm on campus I'm either in class or at one of my two jobs. Since I live farther off campus, I'm only on campus when I have to be. Athens is definitely a college town. A lot of students stay after graduation because they love the college town feel (that and they probably don't want to grow up and go into the real world). I hate the current OU administration, they make decisions that directly affect the students and they never ask our opinions. The most recent big controversy was when over 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students and faulty voted no confidence in President McDavis and he ignored the vote and said outcome of the vote didn't matter. as for school pride, it's about neutral. I think people have more pride in OSU than OU. As for anything unusual about OU, we have one of the most haunted campuses in America...it's fantastic! I'll always remember my friends and the great times we had. Student frequently complain about the lack of communication between the OU administrators and the faulty and students.


The best thing about OHIO is the campus. Nowhere else does a place look and feel like what college is supposed to look and feel like. One thing I would change is the communication between the administration and the studets. They are working on it, but it's slow. Ohio University is the perfect balance of big and small. Because the student body makes up 1/2 of the Athens population during the school year, I think it makes the area seem bigger. But during the summers, Athens is the quintessential small town. I think it's perfect. When I tell people I attend Ohio University.... their response? "How 'bout them Buckeyes!?" (thinking to myself- NOOOOOO what the EFF is wrong with you? I said O-H-I-O UNIVERSITY... there's no STATE in there) and I politely respond "oh, no, I'm at OHIO UNIVERSITY, in ATHENS. Yes, college town. See above. The administration could use some work. Again, see above. The biggest controversy on campus, for me, has been the cutting of athletics. Privately for OHIO, I think it was the financial situation Glidden left McDavis. School Pride? What? I guess to some extent. Yes, OZONE supports football and men's basketball, but not women's sports. Yes, if you see someone out in the middle of nowhere sporting an OHIO sweatshirt you automatically identify with them. No, I think while many of the students don't like the image of Ohio University, many of them do not have enough courage to make the change to be truly proud. I think the art community and the farmer's market are two assests to Athens and Ohio University. Both connect the student body and the town. An experience I will always remember: Presenting at the American College of Sports Medicine national conference in Denver my Junior year. It was a fantastic experience. Complaint: 8am classes and hills.


I love the size of Ohio University. With about 17,000 undergrads, it's big enough to get national attention but small enough to give you a strong liberal arts education. Some stuff can still be lost in the shuffle however, espesially when it comes time to register for classes. Advisors are often hard to get a hold of, and lacking the right information. Question posed to ‘OU student’: “So, where ya goin’ to school?” You: “Ohio University.” Their response is probably some variation of, “That’s a party school, ya know?!” Following this deceptive remark is the brainless grin that creeps onto their face as they feel some sense of accomplishment from reading or hearing of the Princeton Review. Everyone goes through Baker University Center - this awesome 5 story, escaltor equipt place, with a food court, coffee shop, computer lab, school pride store, post office and more. You'll see friends on the escalators all the time and yell "Hey" from accross the hallways. Its awesome! Athens is VERY much a college town... maybe even THE college town. It seems like there is a new controversy on campus every other week. While some get more attention than others, it seems like it takes a big toll on student morale. It doesn't help that the student-run campus newspaper, The Post, runs anything they can get their greasy hands on that makes someone who makes over $150,000/yr look bad (and they make sure to include their salary in the first few lines). School pride can defiantly lack at times. With Ohio State University less than 80 miles away, many students will wear their atheletic gear instead of OU green and white. OU is really cool because of it's history. Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory.


The town of athens is really small and there is nothing around for about 45 minutes if you want a real mall or anything, but the town is starting to pick up. There is a lot of pride in the school, except during football season when we are basically OSU south. Lots of students spend the majority of their time at Baker or at the bars. The administration is horrible, constantly are voted "no confidence" but the Trustees dont care as long as they are making money. It's a total joke.


The social culture.


The best thing at Ohio University is the focus that students receive, whether it be in the classroom or in student organizations or even in different employment sectors throughout the university. One thing I would change about Ohio University is I would make more readily available scholarship monies for second and third year students. I spend the majority of my time on campus in the Baker University Center, either in the Multi-cultural Center, at work, or in one of the three offices that my student organizations are attached to, including Health Promotion. My opinion about the administration of Ohio University is that they are trying their best to meet student needs, but need to listen more and try at all when possible to not make arbitrary decisions concerning student life. One experience I will always remember is setting up a "Slip-N-Slide" in my dorm my first year.