Ohio University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the campus, it's absolutely beautiful. Everything is also within a close proximity so it's very convenient. I feel unbelievably safe 24/7 and it isn't easy to say that about many campuses.


What I really appreciate about Ohio University is the fact that it offers a bachelor's degree in nursing that is completely available online. The five week long courses are perfect for fitting into my busy schedule. It is difficult working full time as well as being a wife and mother of two children all the while completing my degree. Ohio university makes that possible and affordable.


I really liked our baskeball team because they went to the championships.


The best thing about my school is the sceniory, Ohio University is absoutely beautiful.


The ability to make films as a media major was readily available.


The atmosphere


The school's spirit. I feel the student body's sense of being a "bobcat" is very strong and they take pride in it. They are willing to defend their school if others oppose it and cheer it on in all of its endeavours.


I consider the best thing about my school is the atmosphere. I have never been to a place that is so accepting of people; whether you are White, Black, Gay or Straight, you are accepted. When walking through campus, people smile at you even if you do not know them. If you attend Ohio University, you will fall in love with it. After a few weeks of being there I felt at home, which is not something most people can say at their University.


The Ohio University MArching 110 and the students who attend.


The beauty of the campus can never be overestimated; if an attempt were made to overestimate the beauty of the campus, one would find the necessary premises to prove said supposed overestimate to, in actuality, be quite accurate.


The best thing about Ohio University are the teachers. They will help you no matter what. If you have a question they will take time at the end of class or whenever they're free to further explain the lessons in class. If you have trouble on certain subjects, there are tutors everywhere who can help. It is easy and convenient to go to the nearby library to find a tutor and to also create study groups. The teachers and students here are willing to help if you have any questions.


Ohio University provides a mix of a beautiful, old-fashioned looking campus, a fairly large student body, and state-of-the-art facilities. This combination is perfect for nearly every student.


Great campus life. Great first year experience classes


Fairly easy access to get to as I am a commuter. Very Veteran friendly ( I am an Iraqi War Vet). Beautiful settings. Great professors.


The relatively small class size makes interacting with professors easy, and there's a wide variety of classes to choose from. All in all, it makes planning for the next year fairly easy and hassle-free.


We have pride in our school. Lots of alumni come back for Homecoming and everybody owns their fair share of school apparel.


The campus itself is beautiful. All of the brick buildings and lots of greenery made it more enjoyable to walk to class everyday. Everything was withing walking distance despite the amount of students that attend. I also liked that it has a forensic chemistry major, so that I could specialize.


It's big but it feels small. Meaning there are 20,000 students but it never feels to overwhelming.


The people, and the location. I've met a lot of really cool people, and I love being in the hills, its beautiful in Athens.


The beautiful campus and friendliness of everyone on campus. Walking through College Green and down Court Street, you instantly feel those college town vibes. People come from all over, because we have a lot of fantastic programs. Everyone seems to be down to earth and there is no doubt that you couldn't find a group of people with similar interests. I have the best friends in the world from OU. OU also offers great career services and extracurricular programming. It doesn't hurt that our bar scene is infamous either! There is always plenty to do in Athens!


The campus. Athens, Ohio is a beautiful place year-round and is totally unique from other colleges. I grew up around Ohio State University and the feels of each university could not be any more different. Athens is a small college town filled with great people and professors. I'm not a huge fan of a school inside of a city, so the small-town atmosphere is a perfect fit for me.


The best thing about Ohio University is the ease I've had transistioning from high school because of the wonderful faculty. They help guide and push students to their full potential while also offering a caring outlet for students that need assistance.


I love everything about my school. The campus is exquisite; it features red brick roads and buildings, lots of grass and trees, and there are so many spots to just sit and enjoy nature. I like the academics, and I am currently enrolled in the Scripps Journalism School, which is one of the top Journalism programs in the nation. The classes are challenging but not impossible, and I really feel like I?m learning. Most of all, I like the laid-back characteristics of the people, faculty, and overall campus here.


This school is a diverse and welcoming school. It allows people to discover who they are and what they want to do with their life all while having fun and making friends.


I consider the job placement after graduation the best thing about my school. With today's economy the career field can be scary. Ohio University is known for helping students get jobs before even graduating, which is a great comfort.


The best thing about my school is the amazing beauty of the campus. It is so pretty down here in the fall and the spring that it inspires learning. I also think that the diversity of the people on campus makes for a good environment.


The campus atmosphere is definitely the best thing about Ohio University. It's so great to have such a strong community so actively involved in the campus! Everything you need is on campus and you will never get bored here! There is always something to do!


Everyone at Ohio University is very nice and welcoming and sports games are awesome to be at because of the energy from fans and of course the marching 110.


I think the best thing about Ohio University is the small town atomosphere. I love that it is a little city and you are likely to run into people you know walking to classes or running errands. Ohio University's business and journalism school are nationally ranked and known by employers. There is alot of distractions in Athens and I feel if you graduate from here it is showing employers that you have strong time management skills.


I love the atmoshere and the feeling of my campus. The first college tour i took was at Ohio University my sophmore year in high school I fell in love with the campus instantly , I told myself "This is where I am supposed to be." and i meant it ! Even on a bad day, when I stop and look around at MY BEAUTIFUL campus,I cant help but smile! :)


The class sizes range from really small (12-15 students) to extremely huge lectures (250) so anyone can find their fit. I personally really like the variety. I don't feel cramped in small classes all the time, nor do I feel lost in a sea of students in class. It's a good balance.


The best thing about my school is that it is a totally diffrent place from where i live. It allows me to start new , there are so many diffrent types of people here it lets me explore . I can meet new people from diffrent cultures and make lots of new friends. My school is four hours away from my home so it gives me the sense of being on my own and taking care of myself like working a job. I have to do things on my own as an adult .


There are a lot of activities on and off campus. Professors are generally very helpful, when it comes to aid or time extension on homework. Students are generally very accepting and helpful. And there is easy access to grocery stores, gas stations, food, etc.


I think that the best thing about my school is the diversity here. So far I have met so many different people from all of Ohio and US. I have friends from California, Chicago and parts of Ohio. I have also had a chance to meet and get to know a few people from India and Ghana. My high school was not very diverse and it was dominantly white. However, now I have African American, Hispanic and Indian friends as well as white. My friendships with a variety of different people have exposed me to diverse lifestyles of other cultures.


The best quality of Ohio University for me IS the fact that it's a large campus set in a small town. Everything in the college is very compact, and it's hardly necessary to possess a car on campus. Everything is within walking distance. With an enrollment of over 20,000 students, a percentage of them international, the variety of backgrounds and viewpoints on campus is amazing. I would venture to say that there are few other campuses on which I could walk down the street and hear German, Arabic, AND Portuguese being spoken on any given day.


The best thing about my school is the beautiful campus. It is all brick buildings with brick roads, and is just so beautiful to go to school in.


Social Life. Many bars, extracurricular activities.


The best thing about Ohio University is the community. There are so many outgoing people around and a lot of things to do.


The best thing about my school is that most people here are very free thinking.


There is so much to do and you are not far away from anything you need. There are tons of little shops and restaurants just a short walk away. The recreation center is amazing as is the aquatic center and they are both completely free, convenient and fun.


I think the best thing about my school is the way the professors present themselves. You know that they only want the best for their students and only want to see them succeed. They will do whatever they can to help their students and I think that is very important.


The strong sense of belonging that students on this campus feel as soon as they arrive. Ohio University is in a small town so you get aquainted with the campus very quickly, and can always find a familiar face walking uptown or in a classroom. Everything you need is within walking distance, and because of the beautiful, old buildings and various greens throughout the campus, the scenery is always worth the walk. The atmosphere is always upbeat around campus, and people are very friendly and willing to help out those in need.


I consider Ohio University's gorgeous campus the best thing about my school. Here, we have have red brick roads, tree covered hills, and buildings that grasp the sense of Ohio's oldest, and first college or university. In fact, it has been given the name Harvard on the Hocking, because we are located on the Hocking River and can be hard to distinguish from that of Harvard.


The environment surrounding the campus is very inviting for walkers, joggers, bikers, and hikers. There is plenty of nature around in which several students find refuge to study.


I really enjoy the school environment, professors, campus and people. I also love the variety of activities avalable


Ohio University is the rare university that gives back what you put into it. I relate it to an album - there are some that are immediately great, some that are pretty terrible, and those odd ones that you think could be good if you listen to it closely for all of the instrumentation, lyrics, and overall production of the work. Ohio University is to colleges what that album is to the music world - unique, difficult to affiliate with immediately, but upon further inspection a great place to learn, laugh, love, and grow into maturity.


The people I meet.


The campus is the best part about Ohio University, hands down. The first time I visit the campus, I fell in love with the layout. Although the hills can be rough sometimes, when the leaves change in the fall and when spring rolls around, there is no place I would rather be. Ohio University has been around for a while and some of the buildings are almost fifty years old. I love the old small city feel about


The best thing about Ohio University is the gorgeous campus. It is a place that is truly relaxing but at the same time it is a place that inspires learning.


We are a really diverse campus and it takes some time to fit in but once you do, you never look back. Many students fall in love with the school once they find a balance between social life and school work.