Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ohio Wesleyan provides a supportive enviornment in which a student can explore various academic opportunities, including independent research projects, internships, and artistic expression, receive hands on experience by traveling around the world to study different cultures and natural environments, become involved in the campus community through clubs and organizations as well as impact the larger Delaware community and travel to help those in need, and enrich their personal lives by making great friends with both peers and faculty members.


Ohio Wesleyan is very liberal with a variety of students who all come with different backgrounds and different opinions on major issues.


A school that helps students find their passion and encourages them to succeed.


Ohio Wesleyan is a diverse, academically enriching and challenging school that emphasizes commitment, tolerance and perserverance in everything that a student does.


Ohio Wesleyan is a homey type of school that's great for educating you without the hassle of a cold hearted bureaucracy.


If there isn't something that you're looking for on the campus, its easy to start up a new club or organizaiton


Ohio Weslyan is a small friendly school.


Ohio Wesleyan is a small liberal arts school that attracts a great amount of students from the east coast as well as many other parts of the US.


Ohio Wesleyan is a place of caring professors, rigorous learning, long hours, astounding variety of extracurriculars, and fantastic friends.


Exactly what I was looking for.


The school is very diverse in race/ethnicty, activities, and class.


OWU provides a liberal, culturally diverse environment full of intelligent and motivated people.


OWU is a friendly, academically motivational school where everyone here wants students to succeed in every aspect of their life.


A fine liberal arts school, with small classes and great professors, in a terribly boring town.


Ohio Wesleyan is a liberal arts school known for its hard classes and small amount of students, but is very diverse in cultures and very helpful with future studies and jobs.


OWU is a microcosm of the world; everything is focused on building real relationships, real life skills, real experiences so you can leave college and go into the real world, get a real job, and make a real difference doing whatever you choose.


ohio wesleyan is kinda easy to get into, yet very difficult to remain here for the consecutive years due to the high academic level of course difficulty, it has strong sports and lots of alcohol-related activities on the weekends which is why people stay here.