Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


You would feel out of place at Ohio Wesleyan if you are the type of person who prefers to "dance through life." Students are active, engaging, not only accepting but pursuing. I am surrounded by young adults who inspire me because of their dedication and drive to work hard and be outstanding in everything they do. Here at Ohio Wesleyan, you have to earn your degree. The school won't hand it to you.


My classmates are very friendly and open-minded individuals that all strive towards the same goal, excellence.


My fellow classmates at Ohio Wesleyan University are extremely diverse, every individual is unique in their own way.


Students at Ohio Wesleyan are very laid-back and go-with-the-flow.


The vast majority of my classmates are intelligent, hard working, and driven to succeed, which can be tough to compete with, but most of them are also really friendly, outgoing and just a lot of fun to be around.


My classmates are eager to learn, well-rounded, and independent; they come from all over the world.


Overall, I feel a good amount of students at Ohio Wesleyan are privileged students who spend their parents money and waste a lot of time. There are definitely a lot of students who are academically focused and care about a bright future with many career goals in mind too.


accepting and friendly


About half seem like they deserve to be here, the other half would be lucky to get into a community college.


They're diverse from many backgrounds and countries with many interesting ideas and thoughts that cause the class to think differently, I think.


They're passionate about their classes and enthusiastic about any opportunity to extend knowledge learned in class.


A mixed bunch, some really into it, some rather lazy and apathetic, but many seem to enjoy most classes ultimately.


Overall, my classmates are friendly, engaging, and unique individuals who are not afraid to be themselves and they are well-rounded students, working hard in and out of class while balancing extracurricular activities, especially service-oriented projects.


Very work orientated.


Classmates are friendly, hardworking, and willing to lend a hand if help is needed.


I enjoy being friends/part of groups at OWU that are based on color or sexuality or similar issues. Someone who is very prejudice would feel out of place at OWU. Most students tend to look nice for classes, jeans and a nice shirt. Many different types of students interact because of classes or other activities. One table would be the pakistanis, another would be a sorority, a third would be a fraternity with a few girls, and a forth would be randomly mixed students. Most students at OWU are from ohio, but there are definitely students from all over the world at OWU. It is normally middle class families, with students receiving a lot of financial aid. Students are very politically aware and active of the current elections. We are predominantly democratic. We rarely talk about how much we will earn in the future.


OWU is a nice school with nice people. Unfortunately, although there is a wide variety of people, most stick with the culture/people they are comfortable with. The campus can be very clique-ish. Certainly I have met a variety of people but you have to make an effort to meet them. You have to be willing to step outside what you know to truly enjoy the diversity of OWU. It is very easy to just stick with the types of people you know and are comfortable with but I think this undermines the great eye-opening experience that college here can be. There is something for everyone at OWU. I have heard people complain about not being able to get people involved in their or their clubs activities but it is not because of a lack of interest. Everyone is already so involved in clubs, sports, music groups, academics, that it is hard for them to find time to participate! No matter what you like, I can pretty guarantee there will be something you can find here to interest you. And in the process you will meet people who will be your friends.


Where are most OWU students from? Well, about half the student population comes from various parts of Ohio. The rest is a mix of U.S. and International students with the latter comprising of about 12{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. What kind of student would feel out of place at OWU? A student who disagrees with every little aspect of OWU or a person who is constantly homesick and stays in his/her room. What do most students wear to class? Unlike my high school, OWU is definitely not a fashion show. Some students are preppy and others- not so much. I have seen students in their night clothes with their books running to class. Most of the time, it is non-brand named clothing.


theres a good amount of hippie art kids, and cool east coast kids, lax kids, i dunno ohio kids are ok but alot are kind of are whack but really the ones who like the buckeyes, fuck the bucks they should have gone to ohio state, there is little to no political involvement and except from stuyvesant hall theres no college like community love or whatever


I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't be able to be comfortable at OWU. The students I know fully run the gamut in racial, socioeconomic, political, religious, and sexual categories. It opened my eyes to types of people I had never met before, and I'm so glad for that out of classroom experience. Get involved with groups you never thought you would, it will really help you become a more well-rounded person. Step outside of your comfort zone from the beginning and embrace all the opportunities available to you.


Wonderfully diverse and active. Any one can find a place to fit in. Some friction between groups, but all and all a good overall vibe. Quite a liberal campus.


I'd say OWU is one of the most laid back college in my experience. I mean that in regards to the students. They're very nice and excepting. I have yet to encounter someone closed minded that can't except someone based on their skin, religion, political choice, or even sexual preference. I feel completely comfortable here.


strong international program many asian students


The students are pretty friendly at OWU and seem to make it what it is. Without the friends I had made at OWU, I probably would not have stayed there past my freshman year and would not be the person I am today. A pretty decent amount of the campus seems to have a drinking problem, which can be annoying to those who choose not to drink, as there are many times campus vandalism thanks to those who have decided to get drunk. My sophomore year I had to pay over $100 for community damage in my dorm because the drunks on a different floor kept ripping out their water fountain in the middle of the night.


Descent very liberal and the school listens (some what) to what the students want, which is what is nice about a small school. Your voice can be heard.


I consider myself lucky to have many GLBT friends on campus, but I'm not sure if the entire campus supports GLBT issues, which saddens me. Many people (though we are adults in college now) still use the word "gay" as an insult. Many people still treat the GLBT community as "abnormal." On a related note, despite the growing presence of the GLBT and Women's Resource Centers and the Women's House, many people (male AND female) are not feminists, either, and treat women like second-class citizens, even yelling "You deserved it!" at a rally protesting sexual assault and rape. Obviously, that's horrifying and I cannot believe some of these people are even on campus.


There is something for every kind of person at Wesleyan, you just have to take the initiative and join a club or experience something new.


The black demographic is fairly segregated from the majority of the white and international students through predominately black initiated organizations which im my opinion serve to divide students, not foster any kind of working academic environment where all can interact and learn from each other. Religion, i do not care fot it, but the school has a wonderful chaplin and a great department that teaches, councils religious matters etc... The students are very understanding for the most part of different cultures and other peoples religious beliefs. there is quite a large wealthy or very wealthy demographic that drive expensive cars and indulge in alot of drug and alcohol use, but many of that make up are also normal hard working students. A conservative, wealthy, city going individual with little exposure to international or modern forms of thought would be out of place. OWU students are from everywhere, 12{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} international i think, or international and international nomad as we cal it. Many students are politically active and engaged, but most just go about their lives doing whatever makes them happy, and politics dont make anyone happy in my experience.


OWU students represent 48 countries and 46 states. We are 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} international, 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} out of state and 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} in-state. For a student body of just around 2000, that is a lot of diversity. We also represent a large portion of multi-cultural students. Religiously we are diverse as well. OWU has it's own chaplan's office and two story chaple that welcomes all the denominations of campus. Clothes-wise, some OWU students where pajamas every day and others wear dress pants and heals. Each student has their own style (the occasional prom dress of ugg boots with tights) but there is not one style that defines the OWU student body.


OWU has a wide variety of students. Almost anyone can fit in here. There are the greek life people, athletes, internantional students and everyone else.


There is a nice representation of each race at the school. We have a very large international student body. Students come from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Japan, Dominican Republic, and even Maritius. Besides them, we have a nice asian population, black student body, but were have lik 10 hispanics in the school, so if you are hispanic, COME TO OWU TO REPRESENT WHAT YOU'VE GOT!! Eventhough there are more students than others, everyone is represented and has an opportunity to be. We have culture fest annually which is when different cultures of the school come together to perform an aspect of who they are either through song, dance, instruments etc. There are also student groups on campus, like the Student Union of Black Awareness, the Japanese Club, the club for those who are gay/lesbian/or bi. There are clubs for different religions, and there is a chapel in which all people of all religions can go and pray. 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are from Ohio, but you also meet some pretty cool people from far away places, and far places in the U.S.


Actually, students come to class in regular clothes and not pajamas as I was told. Some do, but it's not the majority. I'm probably not the best person to describe any of this because I don't really hang out in groups outside of class. I've hung out with my roommate and her friends--we're all similar in our majors, art/music, and so we get along well. Other than that, I'm by myself and just observe others around me. Without knowing more about them, I can't really say much about who hangs out with who and what they talk about.


Since it's so easy to wind up in a club, group, or organization, it's hard to feel left out no matter who you are. Kids here are generally nice.


OWU's student body is an interesting thing. We have one of the highest percentages of liberal arts colleges for international students and I think that it adds to the education outside of the classroom. On the other hand, we have many students from Chicago, Cleveland, and a high percentage of our studnet body comes from the east coast. We are a mix of people that is for sure, but somehow it works out very nicely.


OWU is a liberal arts college. Liberal. This word is there for a reason. However, it isn't so liberal that it becomes annoying. There is a great mix of different kinds of people at OWU that all find comfort at the school. I haven't witnessed or even really heard of any racial, religious, or LGBT issues that would be of concern to anyone. OWU as a whole is extremely accepting of people. Period. Any kind of person. They're all people who want to learn at a good school. At the same time, there are groups on campus for all sorts of interests. There's the House of Black Culture, SANGAM (the South Asia club), VIVA (the Hispanic club), and the EURO Club. There's Campus Crusade for Christ, Tauheed (the student Islamic group), as well as the Women's House (a SLU based on Women's rights and interests). These are just off the top of my head. There is a club, group, or SLU (Small Living Unit) for practically everyone. Most students wear whatever they want to class. Sometimes you see people in pajama pants and a t-shirt that looks like it has been worn for 3 days straight. Sometimes you see guys wearing suits and ties to class (usually has something to do with a fraternity). But on average, OWU students wear your typical college-age student garb. Ok, say there are four tables at a dining hall on OWU's campus. One table is probably overflowing with CrossCountry runners or SwimTeam members who always eat together. The second table probably has a group of international students trying out our deep-fried American food (don't worry there's more to eat than just that). The third table might have a bunch of upper-class sorority girls gossiping about nothing while they sip their drinks with their pinkies up. And finally, the last table would probably have a group of art and music people who don't care what anyone thinks of them. There are plenty of other tables with different people, but those are probably the four most commonly seen tables around OWU. Politics on campus swing the way you probably think they do. Usually to the left. In classes, especially politics classes, the professors don't try to tell you what to think. They show you how to think for yourself when it comes to politics. Politics is kinda big on campus, but if you aren't interested in politics it isn't hard at all to avoid it. People think with their own brains and they like to speak their minds. And this brings so much to OWU.


OWU's capmus is pretty accepting of every type of person, whether it be homosexuals, ethnic groups, or any others. There are people at OWU for anyone to get along with. Not everyone comes from a wealthy family here or drives a BMW. There are also some pretty down to earth people that feel lucky to be able to continue their education at such a prestigious school. Most students here, however, seem to be left-sided.


OWU has a very diverse student body. There are people on campus from around the world.


I am happy to see more and more international students at OWU. We're much less annoyingly East Coast (lacrosse and popped collars) than Denison, although you will probably find every stereotype present amongst the OWU student body -- including the loathesome ones.


Nobody will feel out of place at OWU. Students are very friendly and willing to help you if you ask for it. It is not uncommon to see people you know every day while walking across campus, so everyone knows who you are. The student body is also very diverse. Fifty world countries are represented, so you will have the opportunity to learn about many different cultures as well as have many new experiences. Students are very accepting of others and will interact with many different people every day.


on neat fact about OWU is that it has the highest percentage (by student body) of international students of all the schools in Ohio . . . . this is a great thing, i have developed many serious relationships with friends from literally around the globe


I think that most people that come to OWU come from middle to upperclass families. It is a very expensive school and it just seems to me that most of the students come from well off families. Of course there are some who aren't wealthy and are here on a lot of scholarships but I would expect that many are wealthy. I really don't think too many students feel out of place at OWU. There is a group for everyone and everyone fits in somewhere. There are things to do for anyone and if we don't have it, you can create it. I think that different students do interact. Most international students stick together but everyone is very friendly. I find our student body to be very liberal. Politics are big on campus. We have been and will be doing a lot with the current presidential election. Student's don't really talk about their money or their parents money or how much they will make some day. It is basically known that most come from a good home life and will make something of themself in the future.


Most people are rich, conservative, religious and remain socially and politically. It's sad


Most kids are wealthy. Most students are from Ohio. And I noticed a lot of international students that have come from korea and pakistan. Most people on campus appear to be conservative.


OWU is fairly diverse for a small private college. Students tend to find their "niche" fairly easily, but are able to meet different kinds of people due to its small size. By the end of the four years, students tend to know the majority of the student body.


OWU's student body is very diverse in race, religion, and socio-economic backgrounds. I believe that there is a place for every person, based on their personality and interests. I am always surprised at the number of clubs and organizations on a campus of our size, but they all have active, enthusiastic members.


I never felt excluded from any social clique on campus, because you soon realize that every clique overlaps with others and the lines start to blur. You may be a part of two or three social groups on campus (clubs, Greek organizations, a certain major, etc.) and you have friends who are parts of others and their friends are parts of other groups. Its a very mixed environment. That being said, more needs to be done to make the LGBT community more present and accepted on campus.


As a whole, the student body at OWU is very involved. This includes greek life, clubs, organizations, etc. If you decide to not get involved then you will not like the school. There is not much to do for people who spend too much of their time locked away in their dorm room playing Warcraft


There would only be 3 tables in the dining hall... east coast people and those who associate with them (this includes the men's lacrosse team), midwest people and those who associate with them (this includes the soccer players), and international students.


Small. Mostly nice people. You get close with people by the end.


Most students are from Ohio and then from the northeast or the big cities. Some students wear nice clothes to class while others just wear comfortable clothing.