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It is a welcomng place where you can meet the most interesting and caring people and make friends that will last a lifetime. Education wise, every professor genuinely wants you to succeed in whatever you did and was always willing to help you if you fell short. They encourage you to come by after class and make an effort to get to know you so that you can thrive and prosper at whatever it is you are doing. OWU is a place to thrive in, with endless possibilities and opportunities for anyone that wants them.


Ohio Wesleyan has very small class sizes and the professors really engage with their students. There is a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and the student body is very politically, socially, and culturally active and engaged with the community and world. The small size allows people to get to know each other very easily and the approachability of faculty and staff is exceptional.


Ohio Wesleyan University has a lot of cultural diversity to offer. It is also a small liberal arts college, set in a small quiet town; this helps students to concentrate on their studies. The size of school allows for more teacher-Student interaction, since most classes are small. The college has a wonderful faculty, all dedicated to help their student succeed.


We have one of the best D3 men's soccer programs in the country.


I think something that is unique is the student population, not only is it very small (just under 2,000), but it is also very diverse. And i think thats great, because there is not one stereotypical OWU student.


Great professor attention. They want you to do well, but are not going to make it a piece of cake. Very academically rigorous for the better. Hands on experience that students at large universities would not get.


Definitely the friendliness of the people there. Everyone was really nice when I went to visit and seemed to care about whether I enjoyed myself. There's also a big emphasis on practical uses of whatever it is you're learning. You're not just learning to just a requirement out of the way, you're learning in order to take it along with you and apply to whatever you ultimately decide to do.


Strong diversity. My roommate freshman year is from Egypt! If I didn't pick Ohio Wesleyan, I never would have had a best friend from South Africa, or get to eat traditional Vietnamese food on a weekly basis.


how culturally diverse it is. there are a lot of international students in such a small school but it allows you to learn about people from around the world and you dont have to be from a foreign country to become friends with people who are.


Research opportunities are available to students beginning in their freshman year of college. Students have the opportunity to design and conduct their own research projects early on. OWU is very involved in community service as well. There are spring break mission trips to all different parts of the world to complete service projects.


Great facilities and decent staff. good teacher/student ratios.


professors are available to help and answer any questions.


Large variesty of ethnicities. People who have many different beliefs and opinions which helps you to get the most out of your time here at OWU


The small living units, (SLUs), the special interest student housing at OWU is unique in that it's organized primarily by the groups of students who gather in university owned houses, (of various sorts, but all fairly old), to live and organize events and projects.


There is a lot of diversity, everyone is very helpful and there are a lot of active societies and extra-credit activities.


The academic side of campus is separate from the residental side which is a nice separation between home/school. The students are involved and friendly. We have an SEM (scanning electron microscope) which is rare for the use of undergraduate students.


Small living units, themed housing


My school is a good size and it is easy to have a one on one relationship with professors in order to gain extra knowledge.


The neighborhood was better


it has a strong women's lacrosse program and actually offers zoology as a major not just a concentration.


Ohio Wesleyan University's Spring Break Mission Week to work with Love and Hope Children's Home in El Salvador.


I love my school and I'm glad I decided to go to OWU.


Money is a big issue at OWU. Because it is a private school be prepared to pay more than you expect even if you do get a nice scholarship (which is definitely available!). Room, board, and food are all more expensive than I think they should be. It would be cheaper off campus but don't expect to get off. Also, the scholarships do not increase year to year (but tuition does!). So although that full tuition scholarship is nice freshman year...senior year you may pay as much as some public college students. But don't discount my school just because of money. The experience here has really opened my eyes to the bigger world. And it has made me a more open person in general. OWU has been a great place to mature and really finish "growing up" into the adult I always wanted to be.


At OWU, you have to earn the right to say you survived out in the middle of nowhere for four years. Usually, about 600 people enter in their freshman year and only about 350-400 will graduate in four years time. OWU is tougher than it looks. It may not be even because of your grade point average. It may be financial or personal reasons. I will say this- as a drawback, the retention rate is under 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. Another drawback many people say is that there is not enough specificity in classes to make them want to be intriguing and continue the programs. I want a whole bunch of people who left because of the professors and their standards or the curriculum being too broad. OWU is generous to people but OWU does have its blind spots. If you don't take serious heed to them, then you may have to transfer. It is what it is. You pick OWU, you need to find out up close and personal if this is the right choice for you.


fuck the administration here, teachers are great, parties are whack, bars are whack, friends are really good here though


I think that the people who have negative things to say about OWU are always the ones who came in believing the stereotypes. Know ahead of time that you WILL have to break out of your comfort zone to make friends (as you will at any school), you WILL have to work hard to get good grades and keep scholarships, and you WILL have the choice to participate in activities or not. I think those are the main reasons that people feel negatively about their experience. The level of enjoyment you get out of your time at OWU is in YOUR hands only, so on that inevitable day during your first semester when you feel like packing everything up and quitting, think about what YOU have done to put yourself in that situation. And think of what YOU can do to make your experience amazing. The tools and options are all there, but you have to make the move.


Great school, but some admistration conflicts. Currently hiring new adminstrators and professors so they have little connection to the student body.


I must say there are a lot of dances. I haven't been to any nor do I intend to, but they're there for anyone who likes dances.


if you can stand the cold winters you should definatly consider OWU!


OWU's academics are great, but they need to do a better job of findng a nightlife for students. Bottom line go here if academics are important and you don't want to be another face in the crowd. Don't go here if you love to party and want to have an amazing social life.


The food is getting old after two years.


Its a great school, no doubt, if what you are looking for is a close knit education. It is great in sciences, art, philosophy and history. Other departments lack because there is alack of student interest most likely. The dorms are shit, and the food is ok, but you dont go off to gollege to be pampered, its an experience and the shit that matters is ones willingness to engange with peeps and learn from them. It is what you make of it, so be positive, you know?


I do think it is important to mention some of OWU's housing opportunties. We do have the classic dorm; the double with two people in an open room and a community bathroom. Dorm-wise we also offer quads; four people in a room, two bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom included with the room (we have the most quads on campus so freshmen will mostly likely end up in one). OWU also offers a unique housing option called a Small Living Unit or SLUs. SLUs hold ten to fifteen students, sophomore-senior and are themed. The point of the SLUs is to give back to the OWU community in some way. So, each student living in the SLU has to complete a house project based upon their theme. The themes for the 08-09 school year: The House of Modern Foreign Language, The Women's House, two Creative Arts Houses, The House of the Thought, The House of the Black Culture, The International House, The Tree House, and The House of Inner Faith.




All I can say is that I hope I have a better dorm room life than this past year. In reality, it was Hell for me and I just want to forget it all. My freshman year was not what I expected and I don't feel like I was given the best out of the situation--it practiaclly ruined everything for me. One problem after the other and the so-called "compromise" wasn't one at all and favored the other person who should've been banned from school. It's hard to go into further detail without naming names and writing a couple of pages on it, so this is all I can say. I wasn't really impressed with the dorm life in Welch if smokers can be allowed to smoke in their room beneath me or anyone else for that fact, and that anyone with some ADD/learning problem can get in just because of that in hopes that studious people can help. It's just wrong and I will not be happy if it happens again. Thank goodness I can choose my rommates from here on out! I was extremely enraged with that, but the academics side was much better. I don't think I had a problem that I couldn't handle myself aside from that one teacher I didn't care for (but that's what moms are for). I'm sorry for the rant, but it's how I feel and I hope it helps. If it happened to me, it could happen to others, and with all the problems it caused me I don't want other incoming freshmen to deal with it.


I'd rather be at OWU than at home! I met my boyfriend - the love of my life - at this school and the community is unlike anything I've ever been a part of. As someone who absolutely detested my entire high schol experience, OWU was like salvation. I'd reccomend it to anybody!


For me, OWU is kind of the perfect mix of students, academics, clubs, athletics, and everything else in between. There isn't one thing that overpowers everything else and there aren't too many things that just flat out don't exist on our campus. If there isn't something for you at OWU, then you can make it happen there without much trouble at all. I would recommend OWU for practically any kind of person, as long as that person has an open-mind and likes learning both in and out of the classroom. Because there is a lot to learn just by being around a college campus, especially one like OWU's. OWU welcomes anyone and everyone.


I really have had a great time at OWU. I love being a student there. I think that OWU has great opportunities and you can make your experience what you want to make it. I have made great friends and OWU has set a foundation for me and I will contintue to grow into the person I desire to be.


Don't go here...


I loved my four years at OWU. I knew that it was a good fit for me when I visited. My advice, check out OWU (and any other college you like) and visit the campus. Pay attention to how you feel walking around. Can you see yourself laying out on the grass somewhere? Walking around campus or town with your friends? If a school is a good fit for you, you'll feel it.


OWU is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone! I have met a lot of my closest friends here and I enjoy it very much! Go Bishops


Come visit, it is the only way to be sure. Also, who knows how this new president with change the school, so be aware.


Delaware is small and the town seems to shut down around 8. The school is known for the academics so thats were most of the focus is. It helps to have a car, in case you need supplies and stuff. OWU prides it self on being old which at times get's lame.


OWU's computer network needs some work, and the wireless at the moment is nigh nonexistent, though they seem to slowly be trying to change that. Computer availability at the library and sparse labs can also sometimes be questionable, particularly around finals week, so printing is no fun. Most annoying is just how often the network seems to go down, particularly with the email system, which has more than once failed to send emails for me and others.


Why would you go to OWU instead of Denison/OSU/Miami/Kenyon? Delaware grows on you in a strange way. At first the town is creepy, the towney's are drunk and smelly, and you feel like a long way from home. But as you make closer friends and discover great, random things/events about the area and the school, you realize that OWU is the ideal college experience. Like a fine wine, the OWU experience gets better with age.


F*ck Denison, do not go there. Everyone at OWU hates Denison and everyone at Denison hates OWU. It is a fun rivalry which makes all sporting events amazing


Residential life sucks. It took two months to get an outlet fixed in the bath room. Two weeks and several emails to get the lightbulb in the overhead light fixture fixed...I got a 60 dollar ticket for waiting to pick students up for a school sponsored trip...Ah!! What else. Quiet hours are from 11 to 7 but for some reason, the garbage people can come on the floor at 6:30 in the morning, banging garbage cans, talking VERY loudly and whistling. My freshmen year I wrote a letter about obtaining a parking permit because I had secured a job 5 miles off campus and needed a place to park--they refused. The thought of transferring has entered my mind a few times for the soul reason that I can't stand reslife. Oh, I wrote an email about housing for next year about a month ago and they still haven't written me back.