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What are the academics like at your school?


Ohio Wesleyan's academia is unexpectedly rigorous. I am surprised the school is not more publicized for the prestige of its classes and professors. My favorite classes are the ones that are "led" socratically; that is to say, the students have highly controversial debates and discussions among themselves, initiated by questions posed by the professor. I have found the result to be most rewarding: my beliefs have been challenged and tuned upside down, but I have discovered exactly why I want to defend them. With uniquely insightful readings to help my understanding, the professors have given me the gift of creating my own strong foundation to stand on when I face critical demands. As a side note, professors have inspirational and enjoyable personable relationships with students. I have been fortunate enough to have been treated to dinner by them on several occasions.


I have only encountered great professors at OWU. They are very enthusiastic about their areas and do all they can to help their students develop that same enthusiasm. Some areas of study are quite easy, but some are very challenging. Science classes are notoriously difficult but leave students well prepared for the real world.


Professors do know your name in every class, which is really nice. My favorite class is spanish because it is interactive, my least favorite is math because you simply do the problems given. Students normally study often, but normally it's about getting the work done. Class participation is common in some classes, but not all. We do have intellectual conversations outside of class which is nice and intriguing. Students are very competitive in class. The most unique class I've taken was Theater 101. I'm thinking of majoring in economics and the professors are very friendly in that department to new comers. Sometimes I do spend time with my professors outside of class, but it depends what professors. I like the requirements because it will make me step out of my comfort zone. The education at OWU is geared towards getting a job and career started once you have graduated.


The classes here can be easy or difficult, depending on your major. I have personally chosen a pretty difficult route but I have found the professors accessible when I needed them. They know me and are willing to help, I just had to ask. The professors are great people, and will likely know your name whether you seek them out or not. But I would encourage you to connect with them (which they are happy when you do) because there is so many more ways the professors here will help you (letters or recommendation, career advice, grad school advice, course advice, etc.). Studying is pretty common. You have to at least spend some time with your books. For myself, I spend a lot of time (and my scholarship depends on it). But it depends on what you want out of school. If you want to get A's it is possible but you have to put a lot of work into it. I have a good GPA and still manage to have fun (parties, trips to Columbus, movies, etc) but these events don't happen everyday...maybe only once or twice a week. The education is focused on learning to enjoy what is out there in the world. The college has the education of a liberal arts schools, no surprise there, so be prepared for distribution requirements (foreign language, arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, etc). Initially, I wasn't a fan of the requirements but the classes I took really opened my eyes to the world. Certainly my courses should give me what I need to go to grad school but my liberal arts education has and still is changing my view of the world.


Do professors know your name? Not only do professors know your name, most know your attitude and what makes you tick. This helps when you are in office hours or even in class when you have a question you need answered. Your personality may help you get the benefit of the doubt depending on your grade in the class. So it is better to introduce yourself to the professor sooner or later. What's the most unique class you've taken? I would have to say the Power of Maps and GIS. It is in the Geography which happens to be one of my three majors at OWU. The class was easy but it was very interesting to see how maps can actually change or even contort the view of the person by way of a single person. Do OWU students have intellectual conversations outside of class? I have had so many conversations about a little bit of everything. Racial differences, cultural bias, theory about socio-spatial dialectic. You name it and I bet there is an OWU student talking (maybe arguing about the issue) with other individual. I love that aspect of learning at OWU. It CHALLENGES you.


Really good, econ is great and pg, its kina hard but its that hard where you learn alot that bull shit with changing what an A is bullshit though and the requirments are ridiculous


Professors at OWU are amazing. I had professors who remembered my name three and four years after I had taken a class with them. They really care about their students, and are always accessible for anything you need. I loved all of my psychology classes a lot. The faculty in that department is phenomenal, and I'm so glad I was able to study with them. I was a music major, and our department is very close knit. There are always students available to help you and the professors are so talented and open to new ideas. I love that I chose a liberal arts school like OWU, because it makes you so well-rounded. I think a liberal arts education is the most valuable thing a student can obtain.


Are great. The professors push you to learn and are very encouraging. Having small classes are amazing because you get one on one time with professors and get to know your classmates. Also, it is eay to get involved in acedemic boards or clubs. Classes do get hard, but it is super easy to find free tutors and study groups.


OWU is amazing. It's hard for sure. The professors will get to know you and at first that seemed intimidating, but I really like it. When I need help the professor isn't too busy and they know exactly how to help from seeing how I interact in class. I'm a classics major so I have the same two professors for the majority if not all of my major required classes. They're pretty amazing and they do know me on a personal level it is a great feeling.


the professors are great! they will go to any length to help you out, meet you on sundays at a local coffee shop before an exam fantastic staff! hard work, but very relevent material


I chose a major that I enjoyed learning about for my second major, Pre-Theology, and do have an interest in going to seminary at one point in my life, however it was not as useful for finding a job fresh out of college. It turned out to be my only major, which I had not previously planned on. I had a second major until the day before graduation, which is when I found out that I was .16 of a point away from having the major. The Registrar's office (and anyone else) failed to tell me until right before graduation that I was not going to receive that major. When I asked the department chair about it, she said that she had no idea that I was not/did not receive the major. That situation caused me to really have to rethink how well students and faculty are informed of such situations, considering I had been working on that major for my 4 years at OWU.


AS mentioned in the "big picture" academics are the most important part about OWU and for the majority students that is what they care about first. Great well-accomplished teachers. I also like that students have a say if a new teacher stays or go because the school listens and acts on what students say and review their teacher. The facilities are so-so, but thats not as important as the faculty.


My favorite class would have to be Theories of Performance, taught by Ed Kahn. It's a required class for the Theatre major, an upper level, and it's so freakin' cool. There are four major performance projects throughout the year, plus a "future report" that forces students to look to the future and do some practical research on what they're going to be doing when they leave OWU. The performance projects were the most fun to do, though. It gave us the opportunity to examine and then produce less traditional forms of theatre, all by ourselves (or sometimes with a partner.) The whole class felt like a company workshop, and we all supported each other while offering constructive criticisms as well.


Like any school, OWU has great profs and bad ones. the best advice I can give you is this: when you enroll and are making your schedule, talk to someone who shares your major and ask for about the good profs and take those classes. There are more good profs than bad ones, but the good ones will bring out the best in you and the other students in the class.


Nothing in this arena needs improvment as far as i am concerned. The professors all know my name, all care, all are available after class for additional help, and all are genuinly interrested in teaching us.


OWU is academically oriented. The classes are rigorous. Majority of students come to OWU with one major in mind and end up graduating with two majors and a minor. Our liberal arts curriculum (having to take classes in a variety of subject areas) allows students to discover what their true passions are. Professors definately know your name. All classes are capped at forty because professors teach all the classes at forty. My smallest class was eight. I also find that OWU professors recognize that OWU is just a step on a students path. They want students to do well here, but students don't stop at OWU. They have graduate programs and/or careers waiting for them and classes/professors are geared to helping students find what comes after OWU.


Professors at OWU actually know your name. They also know when you are present in class or not. The fact that they actually know who you are is important because if something is going on in your life that is affecting you, they want to know and will be as helpful as they can. Students have to study quite a bit to do well at Ohio Wesleyan. Especially science majors. Being a science major is incredibly demanding and you have to give up a lot of social events to be a sucessful science major, but it is worth it in the end when you do better on the MCAT's and get into med schools.


Since the classes have a small amount of students, professors always remember your name. They always offer help especially during their office hours. They are willing to dedicate their time to having discussions with you on the assigned book, as well as general issues with the class and even life. The Classes at OWU are challenging. It's not to the degree that you will have no social life, but they really want you to begin thinking critically, and take that type of thinking into the real world. Although students are challenged, they are not competitive against others. If that is the case, it is like that in the Math and Science departments. But generally people keep their cool about school. Professors are truly amazing. They are highly intelligent individuals with personality, which helps make class truly interesting. I've had two professors who have changed my life and the way I though about things. Although professors are cool, and classes are interesting you do have to study a lot at OWU in order to make the grade. For every hour inside the classroom you spend two hours outside of the classroom, averaging study time of 6 hours per day. It's necessary to do so. The Music department is small but very good. Most students play wind instruments and sing, and more string players are needed badly. However the professors are all really nice and talented. We get to see our professors perform every semester which makes it a true community. The education at OWU isn't really geared towards getting a job. I feel as if they truly try to challenge your mind and get you to learn and gain insight on many things so that you can take those things into the real world and apply them. OWU is great.


The teachers are amazing! I only had one teacher I didn't like--they were nice as a person, I just didn't care for them as a teacher. I not really sure if the teachers remember my name, but they know my face and know that they know me. Class participation is a must for most classes, but teachers are understanding if you tell them you're not a big talker. I know I like to study, and I study a lot, but I'm not so sure about other students. From my dorm life, there wasn't much studying going on aside from me and my roommate. My major is Studio Art and History (not Art History, there's big difference!) I've had a look at what I need to do to get the double major and it looks tough, but I know I can do it.


Professors for the most part are great at OWU. The ones I've had so far are more than wiling to answer you questions outside of class and help you be your best. You won't get anywhere in any of our academic programs without working your tail off.


I can't say enough about the academics. The courses are challenging but they prepare you. No one leaves OWU unprepared for their next step - as long as they put the work in. The professors have an invested interest in their students and they really do care and want the best for each of them. They do expect a lot, but as a student you get a lot so its a tradeoff. It would be easier at other schools, but it would be hard to get the education that is provided at OWU at any other institution. The professors are always readily avaible. For example, I have some of my professors home numbers incase I would ever need them.


Academics at OWu are fantastic. Due to the size of the school, it is common for professors to know not only your name but who you are, too. A professor I had my first semester of my freshman year in a class of about 35 students (which by the way would be one of the larger classes at OWU!) still says hello to me around campus, addressing me by name. It is very nice, because this makes it a lot easier for a student to approach their professor(s) for help in any way. Some students study all of the time. They go to Slocum or the library and just crank away at their books until it's time to eat and/or sleep. And there are students that simply never spend time studying. But the vast majority of students seem to find the right balance between work and play. Some students are very competitive, but I think that comes with the territory of certain majors more than it comes with OWU as a whole. My favorite class, so far, was a history class about Latin America in Revolution. True the subject matter really interested me, but the way that the class was set up was really great. There were only 10 students and the professor and we discussed the readings for that week. It was entirely discussion. And never did I feel that I had to say what the professor wanted. The floor was open for any student to say what they thought about the subject in question. An open mind is probably the first thing that an OWU student obtains at OWU and they are free to use it as often as they can. The academic requirements are rigorous but not so hard that you can't think about anything else except your studies. It's "just right" if you may. I would have to say that the education that one gets at OWU is designed for whatever the student designs it to be. It is so easy for a student to take the classes they want, when they want. Learning is very important for both the students and the professors. I think that learning for its own sake is how OWU has generally geared itself, even though what you learn is great for later careers.


The professors are awesome and remember your name especially if you have more than one class with them. My least favorite classes were English 105 (cause I hate writing) and Parasites and Immunity because the teacher is dreadfully boring. Intellectual conversations rarely take place outside of class.


Professors almost always take the time to know each student's name and personally call them by their names in class during discussions. My favorite class was with Dr. Radebaugh who is retiring this year. He is the head of the Zoology department, and he was a factor in choosing Zoology as a major for me. The class was Animals and Their Environments which was a great class with a hands on lab. OWU has been known to have challenging academics, especially in the Science departments.


I think that it is easy to forget that we are here in college to study. We are blinded by how much freedom we have and all the things that we get to do. OWU is a pretty diligent campus and studying plays a big role in the lives of every student, so is the possibility of class participation, it is sometimes mandatory for classes.


Find out which teachers are wonderful and which are terrible before you enroll for classes. There are some amazingly great ones, and if you find them early, then you'll have a wonderful four years. Some of them might become friends. Do independent studies, too... teachers will be flexible to work with you to create the class you want.


The academics here are quite rigorous and challenging, but managable too. Teachers will work with you to make sure you know the material and succeed. Class size is small, so you will get a chance to interact with your teachers and other students as well as get the individual attention you deserve. Class participation is common, so you will have plenty of opportunities to make your voice be heard. The students are quite competitive when it comes to their grades and sports, so they are often studying or participating in a sports related event. The psychology department is quite good here at OWU. The department is one of the top 20 in the country. Two aspects about the department that are unique are that the department offers neuroscience as a possible major, and that one of the staff members used to be a health psychologist before they started teaching at OWU, so the teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. My favorite course so far has been adolescent psychology because I like learning about children and want to work with them as a clinical psychologist in the future. You will have plenty of opportunities to do reasearch with faculty as well as get involved in department activities such as the Psychology student board.


small class size means that my professors know much more than my name, a lot more. if you are a seriously interested student, then you can develop full relationships with your professors (if you're a piece of shit and don't try in the class, then the prof will have much less interest in you) . . . . my favorite class over this most recent semester was probably organic chemistry, even though it was really hard, the two profs are both enthusiastic and helpful . . . . as for student's studying, it again depends on how much success that student wants, if a student wants an A in an upper-level chemistry course, then you will find them working their ass off, all day long. class participation is common, and greatly encouraged (if not even sometimes facilitated) . . . . i have run into competitive students before, but for the most part we are all interested in helping each other . . . there have been numerous times that classmates and even upperclassmen have sacrificed their own time to help someone else understand their material . . . . my majors are biochemistry and pre-medical studies . . . i am more focused on my biochemistry and love it . . . OWU has a notoriously strong chemistry department and will push each student as hard as it can . . . the department "covers the five food groups" in that it has a professors that specialize in each major discipline . . . there is a biochemistry prof, two organic profs, a physical chemistry prof, an analytical prof, and an inorganic prof . . . we have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment that students are given full access to and become quite experienced with . . . every course has an attached lab with labs designed to emphasize things from the course, there are journal writing simulations, and many of the profs offer their own specialized upper level courses from time to time on unique topics, like advanced applications of stereochemistry


I will be a Junior at OWU. After finishing two full years, every one of my professors has known my name. I have enjoyed every class I have been in. Very informational but yet very difficult. One thing I don't care for too much is our mandatory curriculum. For example, I am a politics and government and pre-law double major and I still have to take 3 science classes. That isn't very enjoyable in my book. I think that to be successful at OWU you have to study a ton! Most students who strive to do their best study a lot. Every night there is work to be done and studying to do. In my department, I have gotten to know the PG professors very well. We know each other on a first name basis and it is really nice to know that there is always someone to help you. I have spent time with some professors outside of class. Many enjoy hanging out with us or grabbing dinner. Many professors will go out with students on the weekends to the bars and they come to parties a lot of the time. I think that the education at OWU is what you make it. It is a very had school. You can work very hard and be very successful both for your own sakes and for finding a job or going to a grad program when you graduate.


I did like the class sizes, they were small and intimate. I wouldn't recommend Intro to Psych to anyone who isn't a psych major, it's definitely one of the hardest classes offered. Take Philosophy with Calef, he's the man.


Yes, all of my professors have known my name. Overall, academics at OWU are very difficult. I have had to work the hardest and study the hardest than I ever have. Now that my freshman year is over, I have learned the effective ways to study and found the important things to notice. Compared to my GPA in highschool, I feel like I am not doing very well at all and that I am struggling. But, then I realize the courses I am taking and realize that OWU is just difficult.


OWU expects a lot out of its students academically. I have not had one class that I would consider "easy". Even intro classes require a lot of work, sometimes more than the higher level classes. Professors tend to be really helpful and willing to meet with students and take time to make sure they're keeping up in their classes.


The classes at Ohio Wesleyan are very personal and intimate. The professors are always willing to meet with you and help you out, and the atmosphere of many of the smaller classes is relaxed and enjoyable while still being well-structured. Although OWU is a small school, there can definitely be some healthy competition among classmates. I feel that the professors take an especial interest in the education of each student, and I know I have learned and improved because of it.


Classes, even introductory classes, are small enough that the professors know each students name after the first week or so. This is college, so you do have to take the initiative, but teachers are very approachable and more than willing to help you with a class or life decisions if you seek them out. You will have to study though, especially if you are a science/math/psych major. And that includes all of you A+ students who didn't have to study in high school. Trust me, it's much easier to learn and practice good study habits at the beginning of your college career and then drop them if you find you don't need them than to have a rude awakening part way through your freshman year that you have no idea how to study for the final that you need to ace in order to pass a class.


The academics at OWU are tough in some classes and easy in others. Depending on the major and what classes you are signed up for you changes how much you will have to study but no one coasts through classes easily. Many people fail out or transfer after freshman year due to academics. Professors know the names of the students and some classes are more rewarding than others. The academic advising program needs to be better though. I have a hard time talking to my academic advisor about classes.


Professors know their students. Class participation is common because class sizes are all under 30. I think OWU has a great academic program, both geared towards learning for learning's sake and towards getting a job or going to graduate school.


A majority of the teachers are great. If you are going to enter into the sciences, this is a great place. I love the politics and history department. I can not speak to the strength of any other areas.


I think that professors at OWU are great! They know you're name and remember stuff you tell them the first time you tell them. My favorite class is Latin; the professor is very funny and Latin is fascinating. Participation varies on the type of class. In the languages and English classes, class participation is mandatory. I don't know about the music, sciences, and math. Yes, intellectual conversations are common, whether the students are discussing a problem in a class or the latest issue from the news. Yes, students are competive, but most of the competitiveness is from the students who live in the honors dorm. I'm a English/Classics (Latin & ancient Greek) double major, and practically live in Sturges Hall, where the English & Humanties-Classics departments are located. I love both of my majors. Professors attend events around campus such as concerts and lectures by guest lecturers. They participants in fundraisers put on by the students. I beleive that OWU sets up students to further their education in graduate programs at leading schools across the country or to go straight into a career. However, I feel that OWU gears students to the graduate school path rather than going straight into a career.


professors definitely know my name. they know everyone's. even if it's someone who never speaks a word in class, they know people's names after a few days. i really like the professors because they are always willing to help, you just need to ask. they are open to giving extentions and helping you work through things, all you need to do is talk to them and show that you're working hard. many professors set up study sessions outside of class time where they will go over anything you want. Students study on a regular basis but you definitely see an increase around finals time of people in the library/study rooms. oh yeah, thats another good thing about owu, there are plenty of places to get work done. No matter what your study style is, there is somewhere that you can go. the library cafe is good for social/not quiet studying, slocum is good for quiet studying if you're into that. class participation is pretty common. there are those few people who try to answer every question, but the professors are good at including everyone and trying to get everyone's opinions (even if it's like pulling teeth to get it out of the shy ones) I am planning on majoring in spanish. the spanish department is a million times better than my high school. Spanish is the only language spoken in class and most of the professors are from different hispanic countries so it's nice to hear about their experiences and culture. Owu's academic requirements are spot on for what they want to achieve. liberal arts means that they want you to know a little bit about everything and i think the requirements do exactly that. they make you dabble in a little bit of everything. for example i never thought i would take philosophy, but i needed a humanities and i'm glad i took it because it made me view everything in a different light. Education at owu is geared toward getting a job and learning for the sake of learning. I learn a lot about what i need to know, but i also learn a lot of little factoids that stick with me (not because they matter in any way, but just because their interesting.) i think it's a nice balance. professors answer any question a student asks to the best of their abilities. they get excited when students are curious.


I would say that OWU prides it self on the academics. I would like to believe that this school is pretty tough and you need to put alot of work in to be successful. The Class sizes are nice, professors are normally open if you need help and are normally pretty nice. My favorite class so far has been marketing, and i would say that any science class would be my least favorite since it's not my specialty. The Academics are tough, especially when it comes to trying to fill requirements. When it comes to the amount of time it takes to study for class, it really depends on the student and there study habits. Alot of people are what we call ECON majors since it;s so broad. Overall i would say that the academics are tough but teachers are there to help along with a number of different resources on campus.


Professors get to know you if you want them to; most learn your name and actually care about how you do in their courses, though at least a couple seem to care more for their paycheck. A lot of them are great to just talk with as well; they don't treat you like a nobody just because you're an undergrad; they want to hear your ideas and talk, because they care. Some are better about not just lecturing AT a class, but rather getting the class involved through either participation or just being an interesting individual. The academic requirements at OWU can be hard to understand if only because of how the system is set up, but it's really quite simple to get them all covered, as some classes can cover two or sometimes more requirements just by taking the one class. The new math requirement is also depressing, though one can see why it is necessary. The German department is great about encouraging students to participate outside of class, with things like the German table and films and other events; Dr. Kremling in particular shines, going above and beyond what the normal of at least ten professors do. He attends tons of events on top of the classes he teaches, and always has a question to ask in case a speaker is left with an awkwardly silent audience.


The key to academic success at OWU: 1. go to class, every class-no excuses. participation counts for everything. studying/cramming for finals at the end won't compensate, no matter what class, for the amount of effort teachers think is visible from continual daily attendance. 2. OFFICE HOURS=critical. letting a teacher know that the time they designate (outside of class) to their students is valuable is something that many students fail to take advantage of and should not! The beauty of a small school is the personal attention. Teachers here appreciate and encourage involvement, whether it be by attending lectures they suggest or meeting with them at the Mean Bean to discuss strategy for better grades. 3. Use draft options and the writing center to improve writing skills/papers/essays. Teachers like seeing that students are using academic resources to the fullest. -intellectual conversations barely happen outside of class...depending upon your group of friends it could vary, however. -requirements=the pits. foreign language and science are the two that seem to drag everyone's gpas down, indefintetly.


The classes are small so you get to know your Professors. I have to study a lot to keep up, but since I am interested in what I am learning about, it doesn't seem like a big deal. There are a lot of requirements to graduate, but I like that because students get the opportunity to take a variety of classes and become more well-rounded.


I know all my professors by name and they know me by name. This has proven to be the most beneficial part of success at owu because the academics are very difficult. Teachers don't let you just slide by in their class and they don't feel they have succeeded unless you have.


OWU is strictly an undergraduate, teaching institution. What that means is that professors are there to teach rather than attend conferences and write for publication; the person teaching the course is the same person writing and administering the exams there are no TA's on campus. Also, I never took a course where the professor did not know my name, and it was not unusual to have the professor provide me with his/her personal home and cell phone numbers in the event I had any problems during my studies. With that said, I do feel that classes are very competitive and very academically challenging. If a student is looking for a school with very few writing assignments OWU is not for him/her, in fact I very rarely had course in which scantron exams were the norm. OWU's goal is to prepare the student enter either the business or academic world. I know that from this past year's graduating psychology majors (2008) of the 48 majors, 5 had been admitted into multiple doctorate programs, more than 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, and that is not including those other students admitted into master's programs.


Every student at OWU has a core curriculum they must satisfy in order to graduate. This allows each student to take many diverse classes they might not have thought they would take. In every class I take I am on a name basis with my professor and it's hard not to be with only 20-30 students in a class. I'm an Accounting major in the Economics department. I would say about half of OWU's students are Economics majors. Education at OWU is geared toward getting a job, the majority of the professors are and have been very successful outside of teaching and are able to help students find a job before graduating.


The academics are probably the number one reason to come to OWU. I have a professors cell phone number on my phone, and several home numbers of other professors. My one professor has AIM which I have used--For educational purposes. Several other professors have a facebook account. All of the professors in my department know my name. Last year, as a freshmen, I had a professor come to me with an internship opportunity, she wrote a recommendation and I got it. One of my fond memories was taking this horrible, long exam. All the students were complaining about it. After the exam, a few of us gathered outside the class and waited for the professor. We all went to the nearby 'Old Bag of Nails' restaurant and ordered drinks. I had a coke, but the other students enjoyed a beer with the professor. I feel that the student-faculty relationship is one of my favorite things as far as OWU academics go.


Academics at OWU are awesome- the teachers are well educated and have real concern for the success of the student. The class size is good (around 20), there is lots of class participation. The classes are interactive and challenging, but definitly managable.


the classes are very small and teachers know your name and notice if you're there or not. owu is very strict with attendence and it will really affect your grade if you miss more than three. follow your teacher's policy or you could get a F for the class. the school is geared for getting a degree, but you're on your own. nobody is really willing to help you finish your required classes.


Academics are great at OWU, for the most part. The math department is pretty much nothing and the math teachers are HORRIBLE, but almost no one takes math so... who cares, right? Teachers are mostly great, a few bad apples but the school is fast to cleanse itself of them. Professors are very friendly towards students and sometimes meet with them out of class. Students are not competitive. The work load is quite doable, many people slide by doing no work until the last 2 weeks of the semester. That beside said, MANY PEOPLE FAIL OUT FOR GRADES. Not a big deal as most of their friends see it coming from a mile away.