Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The events that go on. We have stand up comedy shows, live concerts and bondfires. On smaller scales we have things like dance parties, I'm in a Taekwondo club and a fun sport called Broomball, which is basically you wear street shoes in a hockey rink and you hit a puck with broom shaped paddles into the opponents goal. It sounds boarder line mentally challenged, but it's a ton of fun.


I often bragged about the great friends I made and the fun experiences I had with them. Also, in terms of academic bragging, Ohio Wesleyan professors are phenomenal. They are very involved in their area of study and are very passionate when teaching. Professors are always willing to help, and some even genuinely enjoy discussing matters with students outside of the classroom.


Social LIfe, My Major (International Relations), my professors


We have killer arts program


The quality of the track program. Most discussion is about the times of the other athletes I ran with, where we competed and how well we did.




I usually brag the most about the friends I have here. To me, education without friendship is a lost cause, and vice versa. I like to believe that I am getting the best out of the things I need the most - friends and education. So to the people I brag to, I tell them that my school offers a great balance between amiable people and rigorous academics.