Ohio Wesleyan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


To be frank, there really isn't a typical OWU student. We do have our share of spoiled East-costers and science-obsessed geeks, but the great thing about OWU is that people are free to be both of those things simultaneously. A big portion of the student body is quite preppy, but there are all sorts of people present on campus.


The students are stereotyped as being preppy and nerdy, but only some are preppy and most are not nerdy. We are smart and know when we need to work hard to get the grades we want. The school is stereotyped as being small white liberal arts school which is not true because we have people of many races there.


We have three conflicting images on campus. One came from the campus history of being under the tutelage of the Methodist church. The other image portrays the campus as being very liberal. And the third is the rich child image.


-That OWU students are elitist- seeing that people say that we are the Harvard of the Midwest. -That OWU does not offer much in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. - That there is little diversity on campus.


very cliquey, east coast, ohioans, hippies, etc


I think that people feel that OWU students are stuck up rich kids who drink and party a lot. Also, I have heard people say that OWU was their safety school.


I don't really know of any stereotypes for the school.


Many Ohio natives and very friendly


Some common stereotypes about owu are as follows: a lot from the east coast, if not from east coast from ohio, descent amount of kids from foriegn countries, Not a big party school (most students do not go out frequent), most OWU students tend to pursue school after graduation like Grad/Law/or Med school, most OWU students are middle to upper class, OWU facilities are not the best, but the teachers make up for that, Teachers are really good, not a lot of bars or night life.


I've heard the "friendly" stereotype. Or laid-back, I guess.


One of the stereotypes about OWU is that we have a lot of cliques. We also, apparently, change lives.


Too small, too liberal, too many ass holes etc...


1)Whenever I discuss OWU with people outside they always ask if it's still a preppy, rich, east coast univeristy. 2)I've also heard of it refered to as the "dump zone" for everyone who couldn't get into an ivy league university.


That it is a tough school but looks good on resumes when applying for grad/med schools or jobs.


I have no idea.


The big one has to do with the dorms and who lives in them. Sty is the party hall, Smith is the Freshman hall and newest, Welch is where all the smart students live, Thompson is just the dorm building with the store, and Hayes is the all girls dorm and lots of things have been said about that place. I guess whatever dorm someone chooses to live in is how they are stereotyped. I've known a couple of people from each hall and all seem to fit in with where they live.


Apparently a lot of people athink that only east-coast preps are at OWU. Also, that the classes aren't as rigorous because we're a liberal arts college.


I have no idea what the stereotypes about OWU are.


I don't think that there is any one stereotype of an OWU student. There are stereotypical college students of all kinds found at OWU, but you would find these people anywhere. I think in general though, OWU students are open-minded people who are there to learn more than they are there to party.


Preppy and intelligent


Owu students are preppy and mostly from the New England States


The biggest one is probably the stereotype that OWU is made up of rich students that don't really care about their education and are only there to spend money and party


That they are rich east coast kids that weren't able to buy their way into the major league Ivies.


Students are very preppy, some say we are stuck up. Stereotype of OWU, very hard school, known for its academics, very diverse school with lots to offer


Religious, conservatives with little to no diversity and social awareness.


OWU is seperated into about 3 categories overall-- 1) wealthy east coast kid. 2) hippie-like/somewhat normal kid. 3) international student


OWU can be stereotyped as a party school. It is also stereotyped as a school with a lot of science majors.


Some of the stereotypes go along with your chosen major, especially because some majors spend an unusually large amount of their time in their respective department building. For instance, a lot of the science majors spend some long nights in the science center doing labs, and most of the music majors live in Sanborn hall because they take so few classes outside of the music department. I don't feel the stereotypes are particularly prominent or negative, they're mostly about how busy, creative, analytical, etc. a person is.


The stereotype about OWU and smaller schools in general is that you won't receive the same kind of education at a smaller school and being at such a small college would seem too much like high school.


From the outside, OWU is a well-regarded liberal arts school right outside Columbus. From the inside, OWU is surprisingly east-coasty. The student body is basically split between international students, people from Ohio, and people from Connecticut.


Very clicky. Foreign students stay with foreign students, east coasters with themselves, etc.


Only rich, uppity kids can afford to come to OWU so all the kids are snotty.


i really wouldn't know what stereotypes other people hold, but i do know that the college itself would like people to think that the typical owu student is hard working and is constantly being challenged. They also like to think that every student cares about their grades/gpa


Not really sure what the sterotypes are. I havent really heard to much since i'm not from ohio.


a lot of rich snobs, large GBLT populace


1. OWU is half Ohioans w. good grades/half "East Coast" prepsters/dumb private school kids who tend to fail out. 2. OWU = "O.ur W.omen are U.gly"


Very Liberal but also seen as very east coast prepy


They are lazy, that they drink and sleep around a lot. That the girls are ugly. Coke-heads


That we're all a bunch of stuck-up, rich east coasters who only get into the school with their parents money.


I actually have know idea what the stereotypes are. If someone asks me what school I go to, I say "Ohio Wesleyan" and I either get a look like "were's that" or "Oh, that's a good school." I'd like to say that Ohio Wesleyan is simply a stereotypical liberal arts school. It has the parties, the frats, the preps, the nerds--pretty much everything.


Rich kids from the East coast


that it's a good school and they actually care about the students. that there are a lot of international and east coast students.


Lot's of Ohio kids, LOTS of Connecticut kids, and lots of foreign kids. Most people have a "dont give a fuck attitude" as they were not that involved in the college selection process and therefore ended up at OWU because OWU offered them money for no reason.


One is that OWU is too small.


Mainly Methodist, High Intelligence, Rich and Snobby, Everyone knows everybody.


That all of us are rich, preppy, east-coast kids.