Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

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My school is a smaller University. I love this because in all of my classes that I have taken the average number of students was twenty. At OBU, everyone here is like a family. The teachers and staff genuinely care about you. Also, because of the school size I am able to participate in Cheerleading and Dive.


Small Classes and Low student to professor ratios


When I was first starting the process for choosing where I was going to be spending the next few years of my life, Oklahoma Baptist University called me three or four times a week to make sure I was still interested in their school. No other college did that. I decided on going there, and when I arrived on move in day, a host of about ten upperclassmen swarmed around the our car and unloaded everything for me. They did that in 105 degree Oklahoma temperatures for about five hours without a break. OBU is extremely student - oriented.


This is a community dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, and physical well being of its students. OBU educate the entire individual, not just the intellect.


OBU has about 2,000 students which enables you to get to know most the people and provides a family like atmosphere. It is definitely a place where you can feel like you are at home. The professors and staff are always looking out for the students benefit. They are not out to fail you, they challenge you and help you grow, but they are patient. Unlike other colleges you can always schedule one-on-one time with your professors and counselors. They even encourage it.


It is a perfect size! It is small enough that you have the opportunity to get involved in as many things as you want. It is also small enough that you have the opportunity to meet as many people as you want and form close relationships with multiple people where as you might not have that chance at a bigger state school. But it is not too small to where you feel like you can not grow or spread your wings and discover new things!


My school is a private school and has less students than a public college would have. The classes only have at least 20 students in each classroom which allows the students to be more comfortable and the professors are more one on one with the students.


Integration of faith and learning


The students are extremely friendly and willing to help others out, even if they don't really know them. The professors are also willing to assist you in any way they possibly can. They have a variety of office hours and will meet with you when it's best for you if you ask them. They are approachable.


One of the main things about Oklahoma Baptist University is that there are may professors that care about how well you do in school. Also the smaller class size is great for a more personal classroom experience. The students at OBU also have some crazy personalitys which is fun and keep the atmosphere nice at OBU.


At OBU I am free to express my love for God without the chance of someone finding it rude and throwing me in jail. And beyond that I feel free to be myself with everyone, and it's just great to have that!


The professors are very personal and have a genuine care for how their students do


The Christian environment is the most unique part about Oklahoma Baptist University. OBU was the only school that I applied to with a strong Christian background. It is an environment that allows students to openly worship and fellowship with other chrisitans and feel supported by their professors and faculty. I love the Christian environment of OBU!


I love that the professors really care about us. I also like that everybody is even there are not really groups or clicks everybody is just friends. We also have a really pretty campus they are always changing the flowers and everybody likes to hang out outside or in the Giger Center together. I think are campus is a really beautiful and great place to learn.


The day I enrolled at OBU the Dean of Business walked me through the process, introduced me to other staff and faculty members. The transfer advisory made numerous phone calls and email to make sure everything was in order. Once I graduate the opportunities are endless. Internships worldwide are readily available.


The unity that the entire school has with one another. Being able to go the professors, staff, or coach offices at any time to talk.


Small classrooms with personable teachers. The students on campus do a very good job interacting with all the new students and anyone of a different cultural or ethnic background. There is a large percentage of foreign exchange students than most bigger colleges.


OBU is a place where you can get a great educationa and make lifelong friends. Everybody knows everybody, and everybody is your friend, and will do anything to help.