Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about OBU is the feeling of being in a bubble on campus. Shawnee is a very drug influenced town and OBU seems to shut itself off from the community. The students there are either there on academic scholarship or preacher's kids desiring a degree in Bible/ Ministry/ Cross cultural ministries. OBU has no problem collecting $80,000 tuition for a degree that all Christians should have as followers of Christ, not because they got a fancy education.


Money used on programs that don't directly affect current students


the city its in (shawnee), is small so there isn't alot to do close, all the fun stuff is 20 to 30 min away


My school's biggest downfall is the expense of attending. There are many times when the thought of not being able to afford another semster leaves me feeling helpless. Although the school offers financial aid and even after taking out two loans - both of which will be my burden after graduation - I still find myself in need of creative finacial planning. Finacial worries also contribute to a lack of cash-flow for my daily needs. I find myself more in need of my parents support in college than ever before.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is all of the classes you are required to take that do not pertain to your degree such as philosophy, civics, and bible classes. These tough courses do add a little more on your shoulders, but they are managable. They are not completly bad, though. I know that these courses will help me get through other courses that I wll take in the future.


The worst thing is that there are times when we can be overloaded with work from every class and have to pull a couple of all-nighters. Which then make us sleep deprived so we are less aware during class.


the worst thing about our school is that the student body leaves campus, for the most part, every weekend.


The worst thing that I think is hendering OBU is its location. It is not very appealing to perspective students and can be a turn off.


The reluctance to accept differing beliefs and values. Many people are judged from a baptist viewpoint with no regard for individual character. This creates a divide and consequent tension between open-minded individuals and staunch proponents of a singular baptist view.


The close minded socity, there are several dirent socitys here on campus but the majority of them are unacceping of different life styles, like gays and lesbians. And a low respect for the arts. the students here would rather watch a flop movie then a brient play, or concert.


Sometimes the students here seem apathetic about the spiritual side of life. Many claim Christianity, but a much smaller proportion actually live what they say.


The worst thing about my school is probably the food in the "ARA" (Aramark is the food company).


What i would consider the worst thing that affects my school is public tranportation in the town.


to me the worst thins is the food, since my freshman year it has improved, but still the food.


The worst thing about my school is the small atmosphere. Many times you can feel crowded because of the small campus and town.


It's a Baptist Bubble


Internet, becasue it still has ethernet connection and limited wireless access.


The limited amount of scholarships offered even though it costs $20,000 a year!