Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is very accustomed to a small school setting would be happy here. Students interested in religious degrees couldn't find a better university for their educational interests.


OBU is a Baptist liberal arts college with a goal of our faith being integrated into the classroom. If you would like a school where you are encouraged to think deeply, even sometimes question, your faith in Jesus Christ, this is a great place. School rules are conservative and reflect our faith.


any person willing to open their minds to a broader liberal education no matter their backgroud race or beliefs. they also should be very open minded to what iws going on around them .


I believe if one wants to attend Oklahoma Baptist University, they should be ready to work hard. The students are offered help from their professors, but the professors are particularly interested in seeing how each student "teaches" themselves the material that is covered in class. The person who attends this school must be diligent, hard-working, ready and willing to sacrifice personal time to devote more time to studying for the classes in their major, and attentive to each professor. This person should also be willing to want to grow in their relationship with Christ as well as with others.


One should attend OBU if one wants a Christian liberal arts education at a small, community-oriented campus.


Someone who is ready to be stretched mentally, and wants a challenging academic environment.


Christian students who want to work hard while still having a lot of fun at college.


A religious type of person. The school and full of theology and christian ethics.


It's nice to be on a Christian campus if you are one yourself because you can relate often. But not everyone is of that affiliation. It's a great academic school, so if you are really focused on your academics, then it will test you. We have a great music school here. The jazz band is getting better every year. So it 's a good school for musicians. The religion department is wonderful, so future pastors or theologians will be welcomed.