Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is an athiest or Catholic prolably wouldn't do well, because of the Protestant leanings that are integrated into all the curriculum.


Someone who prefers large schools they can either blend in with or party a lot at. Also, someone who is not a people person or has a negative view of christians who enjoy life.


People that want a big-city atmosphere should probably look elsewhere. Shawnee is a nice-size city with a mall and plenty of places to eat, and is an hour away from Oklahoma City, but is relatively small and quiet.


a narrow minded student


The only people that should not attend this school is people that want to go to college to "party". This school is for people that want to make a difference and for people that appreciated the life that God has given us.


A very liberal democrat might not love OBU. I am not as conservative as most people here, but I get along fine. I think maybe a liberal democrat would get extremely frustrated with some of the stubborness of students.


Someone should not attend Oklahoma Baptist University if they are not committed to their education. If a person is not ready to study and work hard then should not go here.


The type of person that should attend Oklahoma Baptist University is someone who is looking for a small, tight-knit university where they can grow in their faith. Also, they should know that this particular school is known for writing essays.


Anyone who can't deal with lots of Baptist Christian students, doesn't enjoy social activities, doesn't apply themselves academically, or can't afford it!


Someone who is not a Christian and is looking for a school where they can go out a party constantly. Also anyone who is looking for a school that has a football cause we do not.


Those who are not financially in need but make too much to qualify for aid.


There really isn't a person who wouldn't enjoy coming to school here. Although, there might be other schools that are more fitting to other personalities. It depends on the person and what they expect to gain from college.


Someone who is a Christian who desires to integrate their faith with learning. They should be ready to work hard and willing to keep an open mind as they take classes.


I am not sure if there is a certain typer of person who should not attend this school. There are all different types of people that attend the school which adds immensely to the atmosphere. I've been lucky enough to meet and become friends with so many different kinds of people. Since this is a Baptist university most people would think the students were conservative, judgemental, and possibly snobby, but this could not be furthur from the truth. The atmosphere of this school is welcoming, open-minded, and diverse.


I think that any type of person could attend OBU. One of the things that attracted me to OBU the most was the sense of community. I think that the school as well as students and faculty do a great job at making everyone feel welcome. Because OBU is a Baptist school some religion classes and chapels are required and that might be a turn off for some people, so if that is the case then that person may not be comfortable at the school.


OBU is very accepting of all kinds of people, so I don't think it's fair to say that any one person shouldn't attend here.


Someone who like to party a lot and likes a big city. There are parties that go on here, but they are not a big scene. OBU is in a small town and so there's not much to do here.


Someone who likes to party with alcohol and sex will not fit in.


This school is fairly open minded and very accepting of all kinds of people. I don't know if there is any one kind of person that would be rejected or shunned by the student population.


Someone who doesn't really care about their education, someone who isn't looking to make lifelong friends, someone who doesn't care about their community, someone who doesn't want to become a better, more well-rounded person, someone who doesn't care about belonging to a community... these people shouldn't come to OBU.


Someone who does not want to study and learn. Someone who just wants to party and drink 24/7 because they will not last long enough to complete the first 9 weeks.


A person who is ultra liberal. This is a baptist university, which means they can be very conservative. Also, someone looking for serious sports. We have a good basketball team, but not as great as the major universities. And we do not have a football team. A person who is lazy should not be attending OBU. They are very strict with their academics and will not tolerate much slack.


close minded