Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about OBU is the feeling that you have to be perfect. In reality, no one expects that from you, but sometimes it feels that way. Sometimes I feel like I have to be perfect like everyone else seems to be. I forget that they are human too. No one is without fault. Some of us may be Christians, but we are fallible as well.


The most furstrating thing about my school is the amount of money it cost to attend and the fact that you HAVE to live on campus unless you are 21 or Married!


Probably the lack of clarity in financial services after acceptance and attendance at this school. Also, the price of meal plans compared to the quality/options for food.


Frustration is something that comes with inner turmoil meeting external forces. My school could only bring me frustration when I choose not to see the solutions and options in front of me. Every school has its nuances but it's what makes my school unique and give me an unforgettable experience.


It's accademically challenging!! However, it is not a bad thing! It helps one to learn to expand their mind and do and learn things they would otherwise not have even imagined they could learn.


The most frustrating aspect of OBU is students who choose not to get involved on campus. Some really cool people just hide in their dorms and don't get out and experience college! I feel that both them and the whole campus is missing out because of their lack of participation.


The most frustrating thing about attending Oklahoma Baptist University is the lack of interaction between the campus and the surrounding area. The academic rigors of the university cause students to focus solely on their studies and become somewhat cut off from the world. While this is beneficial to a student's educational experience, it can at times make it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between academics and other aspects of life such as leadership and community service. While the university does encourage involvement, to keep up academically students simply must choose to put their studies before outside activities.


the work load sometimes. working on campus, off campus and then going to school full time is a huge burden. and having a ton of homework is frustrating


The most frustrating thing about my school is all courses that are required to graduate. Because I attended a community college for the first half of my college career, I was under the impression that I had taken all of my general education classes that I needed to take. When I arrived, I discovered that I had at least six more classes that I needed to fit into my already busy schedule.


some students are close-minded


The vast difference in academic abilities on campus is detrimental to the success of all students. Some students are accepted based upon athletic achievements or legacy status with no regard to their classroom capabilities. These students detract from the learning environment by providing no input during discussions with an ambivalent attitude toward academics. Furthermore, groups assignments can prove disastrous when dealing with individuals that can't meet the stringent standards imposed by faculty for their section of the project.


Too many older faculty, there needs to be some younger professors.


The work is extremely challenging, but it is well worth the hard work I have to put in it


The internet service is the most frustrating thing about OBU! It works most of the time, but at the start of the year and peak usage times are a little weak. It gets rather old when you are trying to do homework and you can't use the internet for research.