Oklahoma Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


They try and plan so many activities for the students to help keep them on campus and involved. They highly encourage getting involved on campus and making new friends. I think this is a good way to keep kids on campus and to not go off campus and potentially get in trouble because they have nothing better to do. I also consider the best part to be how friendly and welcoming the upperclassmen and staff are. They're very helpful and go well out of their way to help to the best of their ability.


The best thing about OBU is the way the professors genuinely care about the students. We are expected to attend most class class periods. If we don't, the professors question us about it. They are always suggesting that we can come by their offices during office hours. They are very approachable.


OBU is great about connecting students to other students, faculty, and the community around us, as well as engaging them academically to improve in all of these areas by getting involved socially on campus or volunteering in town. Also OBU focuses on a well-rounded collegiate experience, which challenges students physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially, with a large emphasis on integrating our faith with what we learn in the classroom; what is typically considered "secular," in order to become a contributing member of society as well as our faith.


OBU is small and friendly, and Shawnee provides for a homely environment.


The fact that the teachers are so friendly and offer so much help outside of class.


There is a community unlike any other here. People are friendly and willing to help and it's not uncommon to see professors hanging out with students, sharing a meal or grabbing coffee. They treat students like collegues which really allows students to feel like they are valued and listened to.


I consider the best thing at OBU to be the Faculty. They are very quick to help with anything you need them to, and become great friends. They challenge you to be the best that you can ever be!


The community that consists of the student population, faculty, and staff.


I consider the best thing about mey school to be the people that attend the school. Everyone at OBU is friendly, helpful, and sincere in wanting to meet you and further you in your life and education.