Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The most loving, accepting, fun, and community and Chrsit-centered school I've ever and will ever want to experience.


This school is unbelievably amazing with an understanding of struggles and importance of the relationship with God.


OC is a small , intractive, fun, amazing school that is great for those who don't want to go to a big universities.


OC takes care of its students, in whatever situation, whether it be in circumstances of grief or celebration.


My school teaches subjects from a Christian worldview with the goal of crafting students to be competent in their field of study while representing Christian values.


Oklahoma Christian University is a school that focuses on getting the best education along with the most nuturing college experience out there with its amazing staff and students.


The most awesome school ever.


Oklahoma Christian University is very similar to a small-town community where everybody knows everybody, and everyone's business is known, but they are all willing to help each other out at any moment.


My school is an excellent place to receive a quality education and be able to also take classes outside of my major that help me grow as a Christian.


My school is a small friendly school that is well known for their academics and keeps Christ in the spotlight.


Oklahoma Christian University is a new slate and an opportunity to be better than you ever imagined you could be.


Oklahoma Christian University is originally a private, conservative college, but it is possible to find a variety of different people and ideas on this campus.


Comfortable, challenging, and enjoyable.


My school is small and homey.


Oklahoma Christian University is a great place to meet new people, get involved with the community, and get an education.


Oklahoma Christian University is small private school where you can get a high level of education if you apply yourself.


A place with a wonderful learning and christian environment.


A small, close knit community of people dedicated to education.


Oklahoma Christian University is a fun, morally stable environment where you learn about your profession as well as your relationship with Christ.


Somewhere we you learn about God, others, and yourself.


Oklahoma Christian University is an incredible school, at which I feel like I am accepted by my peers as well as my teachers, and I am more involved than I have ever been at another school.


Faith - Fully. That's all there is to it.


Oklahoma Christian is an incredible, spiritually based, institution that provides a challenging and creative environment for higher education.


A community that is involved and concerned with the members that make up the family that takes in and cares for all members of the community and the area surrunding it.


My school is a place you can go to help you further your education and most importantly help further your christian knowlege and strenghten your relationship with God.


A christian environment with a lot of concern for being environmentally friendly and a heart for missions.


Christian environment


My school is christian based, and provides many opportunities for students to learn in a helpful evironment.


A institution set on advancing your life not only in acadimics but also in Christ.


Oklahoma Christian is inviting, friendly, god centered and wonderful.


Oklahoma Christian is a school where students are allowed to grow in their faith while also learning about academic subjects; it is a place where others mentor you to become a stronger Christian and person.


Oklahoma Christian is a close knit community and it is possible to fit in even if you don't fit the mold but it may take longer to find the people with which you have things in common.


Oklahoma Christian is a community, more like a family, where professors interact with their students, and everyone really tries to be friends with everyone.


Oklahoma Christian is a wonderful community filled with diverse people that love the Lord.


OC is very conservative, small, God-loving, and caring.


Oklahoma Christian is a university who's mission is to equip students, not only for their chosen fields, but for life and Christian service.


Oklahoma Christian is a university focused on higher (Christian) education and preparing for a wholesome life ahead, but it tends to act as a second parent towards a college aged student.


A interesting place that allows you to find yourself and really learn something about who you are. It allows you to meet greet people from teachers to fellow students that will be life long friends. It puts the concept of how to be a christian in a work environment in perspective for you and makes you come to have your own values and beliefs.