Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone here puts on a mask and goes throughout their day like everything is ok, but that's alright because it makes everyone feel better andmy life slightly less of a pain to keep living.


Some of my classmates are shy and quiet, others are more extroverted, but in general everyone is friendly.


My freshman class was very diverse, pretty close, and tons of fun.


My classmates are fun, spontaneous, faith based, and loving.


Friendly and supportive.


I am a Psych major, so I get to know my classmates really well through personal discussions. You get really close to the people in your major because you have something in comman right away.


My classmates are all well behaived and are sure to come to class and turn in work on time.


My classmates are very helpful and supportive.


At Oklahoma Christian University, my classmates are real children of God who practice what they preach.


I have met tons of students at Oklahoma Christian and all the students on campus are very supportive of one another and are always willing to lend a hand. Though I have not taken any classes with them yet, I am most looking forward to being in class with students who care about my success in life.


I will be a freshman this fall but I have met a great deal of freshman at the meet and greet and they are very friendly and helpful!


Mainly relaxed people who have plans for good, strong careers that include families. They are generally active in the community.


Most of my peers are hardworking, ethical, and creative individuals who do what is necessary to get the outcome they want from themselves.


All of my classmates are very supportive of one another, very serious about thier studies, and very kind to anyone and every one they know.


Everyone has similar religious background so it is easy to meet people and become friends. The small campus helps meet many new people too.


My classmates are driven to succeed, optimistic, hopeful, Christ-like, and always willing to talk or help in anyway they can.


A mix of fun, outgoing, smart, and christian people that make the campus community great.


My classmates are very vibrant, funny, serious, with a good sense of humor, artistic, active, caring, intelligent, kind, and loyal to their friends, family, and school.


My classmates are one of my favorite aspects of college: they make OC home. Coming to this college, I was leaving a lot of people behind, including my family. However, I've found a new family on campus. The majority of the students here want to be here, and are passionately purusing their majors. Students are ambitious, kind, helpful, social, and on a whole, fun to be around. The upperclassmen (who typically are expected to be distant when it comes to the freshman) are always willing to offer sage advide.


My peers are a well educated, talented group of students that respect and uphold a high set of moral christian values.


The students are very friendly.


very friendly easy going people


The students at Oklahoma Christian are some of the best people you will meet and are very goal driven to do things that far exceed their expectations in life.


My classmates at Oklahoma Christian University are friendly, studious, and for the majority of the population, they are followers of Christ.


The majority of my classmates have a strong faith along with discipline in their schoolwork.


they are usually very friendly and a lot of them made an effort to be nice to me after I transfered.


Classmates at Oklahoma Christian are like family.


My classmates are fun, crazy, smart, enjoy learning, and some of my best friends.


A diverse people, yet some are some of the best people that I've ever met


My classmates here at Oklahoma Christian University care about my feelings, and will always be more than happy to lend a helping hand.


My classesmates are very helpful and understanding when it comes to asking for help in class.


I think my classmates seem rather stuck up because a lot of them feel like they are wonderful Christians, when in reality they still make mistakes and sin.


My classmates at OC are mostly white, upper middle-class kids from the Mid-West but there is some variety; most are also members of the Churches of Christ with which the school is affiliated.


My classmates are focused, intelligent and fun to be with and learn with.


My classmates are caring individuals, largely from Oklahoma and Texas. They seek jobs and lifestyles similar to their parent's. Most go to Church on Sundays, but of course share their faith with few--as is common with church goers in America. My classmates often approach matters like dating and internships with great importance. There is little segregation of friends based on majors, among my classmates. And, most importantly they are good people; who show this in a willingness to help out eachother.


My classmates are energetic and full of life.


Classmates are fun and good listeners.


Classmates here are willing to learn, helpful, full of happiness, and most of the time very comidic.


My peers are unique, friendly, willing to try new things, hardworking, dedicated, well rounded individuals seeking to fulfill God's plan in there lives.


My classmates are fantastic; they are encouraging, smart and just really great people.


My classmates are open-minded world changers who will make an incredible impact in expanding God's kingdom.


Most of my classmates are really friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to.


OC is not a warm, friendly environment, regardless of what they say in the brochures. Many of the students are self-righteous, narrow-minded, smug, pious and judgmental, and many others are sickeningly naive. Since the school has an open admissions policy, most are not very smart.




The classmates overall are great. They listen and have a desire to learn. They don't distract others or detract from other's learning.