Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is definitely known for their religious stance. I don't think the school is known very well outside of the Church of Christ community. They have a strong presence in that community. It is a common thing for Church of Christ kids to go to one of the few Church of Christ universities.


Oklahoma Christian University is best known for the Christian background that they give. The people in the school live up to the best of their abilities to a very high standard of faith, respect, honor, and discipline. So, everyone in the surrounding towns look up to Oklahoma Christian University and some what thank the school for bringing the Christian environment into this town even more.


Oklahoma Christian University is best knwn for our bible department, basketball teams, art department, and engineering department.


I believe this school is best known for friendly people (both staff and students). The professors are nice and have the student's best interest in mind. OCU is a small university which is good for students with dyslexia, like myself. It also offers great art majors.


Its Christ-based excellent education.


It is a church of Christ based school. They are known for incorporating Christianity into the school education. They are also known for their Science and Arts programs. Most recently, Oklahoma Christian has added a Nursing degree to the many programs offered. The first class graduated in 2008.


It's religious background is a strong point of our school. We are a believing and faithful group who are not scared to share our belief with others. Also, our part in the community. This school is very active in the community as well as other places in the United States and other countries. Mission groups travel to Kansas, Tennessee, Mexico, Honduras, etc. to teach about God, help those in need, and to just make a difference in other's lives.


Because the student population isn't overwhelmingly huge, most people know everyone or nearly everyone. My school is known for having a strong sense of community.


The Christian atmosphere, challenging course work and classes, and focus on family and faith.


Being a conservative Christian school. The Engineering program and the Graphic Design programs are the most well known and well developed courses of studies.


Oklahoma Christian is best known for its engeneering and bible ministry department. We also have the most winningest basketball coach.


My school is best known for being a loving and giving community of people. After only being here a week, I had many friends who sincerely cared about me. People here are so giving of themselves.


Although my school may be "Christian", that usually gets a bad wrap from other people. But, having moved 13 times in 3 years and have gone to a lot of schools, this is by far my favorite one. OC treats everyone with earnest care, all while giving us plenty of oppurtunity to succeed and have fun! It is rare to find so many good teachers all compacted into one place. I count myself lucky and blessed to have found OC and have occasionally found myself advertising this school to most of my friends.


Oklahoma Christian is probably most well-known for its engineering and accounting programs.


Great faith based University, with very good teachers and great program offers.


Our school is probably best know for our Art, Music, Engineering, and Nursing departments. All of which are very adademically challeneging and have a high hiring percenage. Also we have the highest CPA passing score! On the non-academic side we are probably best known for spring sing! It is a choregraphed song and dance performance that the fraternities and sororities put on every year.


Oklahoma Christian University is best known probably for its emphasis on biology and lab techniques. Almost all of the professors that teach a science class have obtained their phD from attending graduate school. I have had wonderful experience, especially in my higher level lab classes, such as genetics, with my professors. It is extremely challenging, but since it is accredited and has a higher difficulty than other schools science programs, graduate schools and medical schools have been more likely to look at students who graduate from Oklahoma Christian.


We are best known for our Christian environment and academics. Its known to be a tough school but a very close knit community of students that fight like Eagles.


My school is best known for its christian community. Oklahoma Christian brings in a very eclectic and culturally diverse population. My school has representatives from many countries around the world. All these different people from different backgrounds come and are welcomed and loved. Together, OC students strive to make a difference in eachothers lifes and the rest of the world by showing God's love.


I think Oklahoma Christian University has a strong Christian foundation. There are many strong Christians who help me to grow spiritually. Though there are many students who do not care for Christianity, I feel like the majority of the students are passionate about Christ. Not only that, a lot of the students are friendly, so even if you came from a different background, you feel welcomed.


My school is best know for its Christian atmosphere and great student life.


It is probably best known for the amount of service we do for the community, as well as the school's strong religious base. It is affiliated with the Church of Christ, and requires daily chapel attendence as well as bible classes.


Being a Christian institution that is well respected and as an outstanding Engineering Department. The Nursing Department is rather new, but the staff is determined to help the students succeed. All of the professors are very helpful and the smaller class sizes from a public university is so nice as you know that everyone wants everyone to do well. There are activities on the campus during the week and also on the weekend. The first week before school started for freshmen is called "Earn Your Wings" and it is an excellent way for students to make friends to ground them.


Our school is best known for a good Christian education. The teachers are extremely helpful and actually care about the students.


My school is best known for their academics and the quality of education that graduates receive. Classes are difficult and challenging, and professors expect a lot out of their students. However, the professors are always there to help. The hard curriculum greatly prepares the students for further studies and helps student mature and take on responsibility. I am proud of the education I am receiving.


Oklahoma Christian is best known for the wireless access across campus. Because of the laptops provided, school work and tests can be taken online. The service provides for ways to stay connected throughout the summer and winter breaks.


being a conservative christian school with a good engineering and mba program


My school is best known for three things: its religious orientation, international focus, and quality undergraduate education. Oklahoma Christian is a pillar of the restoration movement. Its Church of Christ offliliation faciliattes an non-imposing environment of secure Christian education. For years, Oc has been involved in missions, and consequently been focused on International matters. There are currently several students attending OC from China, Japan, Brazil, Honduras, Sweden, Scotland, and the genocide ravaged country of Rwanda. The small class size, availability of professors, campus wide wifi, laptops provided for all students, and professional teachers all contribute to a quailty education.


Oklahoma Christian is best known for it's positive impact on the community and for the caliber of students that graduate from it. You can look into almost any field and find an OC Alum who is thriving. Also Oklahoma Christian does many outreach projects as well as inviting the community in to participate in things with us. We host things on our campus that enrich the community such as plays, concerts, political speakers, voting, blood drives, etc.


Oklahoma Christian is best known for its religious affiliation to the Church of Christ. We are also very well known for our basketball teams and our strong alumni support.


OC is best known for our Graphic Design and Literature Programs. We are also widely renowned for our international program, both in sending students around the globe, but also in drawing students from all around the world to our school. There are currently students from Rwanda, China, Japan, the Philipines, and many other countries studying at OC. There are also OC students currently in Japan, Austria, and the Pac Rim. There are many mission opportunities for students to travel around the world.


Academically, my school has a great engineering program as well as many other academics. Athletically, we excel at basketball and golf.


My school is best know for its MBA program in Business. Also we are very involved in international outreach. There are students from all around the world and students here get a chance to go out into the world and learn. Also we are very involved in our community doing service projects with a christian attitude.


Being a christian university.


We are known for our Christian values, strong academics, and small, strong community.