Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

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It is very religious based. The school is formed around the Church of Christ. The school is very strict in their views, which is eye opening for students that are not from that religious background. The school is a very normal thing for the students who grew up in a Church of Christ home. I think the school offers a different perspective to students who aren't Church of Christ because it allows them to maybe adapt and change their views on life.


I like that I can be walking to class and smile at everyone I pass and they smile back, or they'll even say hi. Another thing is that if a guy sees a girl walking up to a door he will open it or if he sees her coming he will keep it open for her until she passes through.


The school's desire to give back to community is what ultimately guided my decision to attend Oklahoma Christian University. I was going to search out a medical mission trip to attend between my Junior and Senior years. When I researched Oklahoma Christian's nursing program, I found that they already had a medical mission incorporated into their classes. If I did not want to leave the country, I also had the option to stay state side and serve locally. Ultimately, I was attracted to the altruistic attitudes of this school.


I went to two colleges before Oklahoma Christian. I took a year off and when I decided to go back to school I found Oklahoma Christian University almost immediately and no other school compared. The closeness of the school and the helpfulness of all the professors, as well as other staff, was such a big part of why I chose to come here. Financial Aid officers appear to love helping students find the aid they need. No one feels left out at this school. We are all a very close group of people that I am very thankful for.


Oklahoma Christian University cares! The professors and staff want to see you succeed both in your carreer and faith. I love the closeness and the aproachability of everyone on campus. The curriculum is hard but it's only to make what is ahead of you easy.


Oklahoma Christian offers a great environment for me to grow in my faith. It's small college feeling creates a nice homey fealing to it as well as a great way to get to know fellow students.


What is unique about Oklahoma Christian University is the high spirit of all the staff and professors. Everyone working here seems to enjoy their profession and view it as a privilage to be here rather than a chore. A wise person once told me that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. This philosophy is one that the professors at Oklahoma Christian University exemplify.


This school is the smallest of all the ones I looked at so this really creates a nice family atmosphere. Also, since we are smaller, I am able to get more opportunities in the theater to build up my resume.


When I first walked down the sidewalks of Oklahoma Christian University, I noticed that everyone there seemed to know each other. At all of my future visits, I noticed the same thing- Oklahoma Christian is like a big family. If you're on the campus for any amount of time, you feel like you matter and belong. People at OC truely care about your life and edcation. This creates a support system so strong for each one of the students. I feel that if I have any problems at all, I have an entire campus that has my back.


Our professors are practically always available for communication with other students.


OC has great majors to choose from, and the departments are small enough for students to actually get to know their professors on a first name basis. This is a very connected university, and there are many opportunities to find a niche. OC also provides students with mac laptops and an Iphone or Itouch. Faculty prefers for students to live on campus, but this is actually beneficial since it gives students easy access to the library or other outlets for research/study. OC is a small university right next to Oklahoma City, which is an exciting metropolis.


The professors and the atmosphere is extremely unique at Oklahoma Christian University. The professors love what they teach and the small student to professor ratio makes classes engaging and informative. I know that all of my professors not only love what they teach, but the professors also take time out of their personal lives to sit down with students and help them out any way they can. I also mention atmosphere because most everyone at Oklahoma Christian will take time out of their busy schedules to help anyone who needs it.


It at times can be very family orienated. It is more of a community and everyone knows everyone. We have chapel everyday, where we worship and have someone speak to us.


I chose Oklahoma Christian University because of the feeling I experienced every time I was on campus. THough it is smaller than my high school, the biblical foundation, close-knit peers, and numerous resources at my disposal are priceless. Some of the larger universities I considered due to my Medical school future plans don't have the ability to offer the one-on-one time that many of my professors are able to provide.


The student to teacher ratio is unique, along with the fact that the teachers really care about the students and their success. The school does a lot to see you succeed. It also goes through great lengths to get the students involved on campus.


I am encouraged and challenged to grow academically and spiritually from all facaulty. My professors know me by name and care not only about my grades but my college experience. I am a part of not just a university but a community. I cannot walk to class without passing at least 3 or 4 people I know. Getting involved is incredibly easy and encouraged. I am fortunate that I am able to be a part of a healthy environment that allows me to successfully focus on my studies and provides many resources for me to excel.


The professors know each of the students in their classes by name and are most often active in knowing what is going on in their lives. Classes (i.e. Freshman, Sophomore) are large enough to have a large variety of friends, but small enough to know the majority of your classmates and also many students in other classes. Oklahoma Christian University prides itself in many varying Christian traditions.


OC is unique because it is Christian. I love going to a school where I feel free to talk about my beliefs. Although it is not mandatory that every student be a christian, the classes are taught from a uniquely christian perspective.


I believe that having chapel services every school day is very unique. The overall christian values are stressed throughout the school. Many of the students that graduate end up being the top contributors in the companies in which the work for.


This school is unique because of the atmostphere it offers and the faculty. The school allows students to learn in a faith driven environment and teachers constantly seek to integrate what their curriculum means to us as believers into the classroom. The faculty is genuinely interested in the students and their faith and will give the students multiple ways to contact them including home phone, email, cell and will also offer to take students out to eat and open their homes any time for anyone.


I came from a home-school family and went to a Community College to get use to campus life. When I was looking for a univeristy I found OC and did some research on it. I like that the classes are small, the campus is easy to learn and the professors really care about your academics. Also, when you enroll you get a Mac just for coming to the school.


My school is a small christian university. Some other schools that I looked at were public colleges and were a lot bigger. Also compared to other christian colleges that i did look at OC offered a whole lot more in activities and preperation for the real world. This is unique especially because of the small size, which is only about 1600.


There are many opportunities to get focused spiritually and serve the community. My teachers don't just focus on learning facts, but apply them to how we can better ourselves and others around us.


Small class size and relationships with administration ,professors and students are emphasized.


Don't come to Oklahoma Christian - save yourself the trouble, get a good education and enjoy your college years - they are too valuable to waste!


Although there are a lot of math and engineering majors on campus, OC focuses strongly on the arts: literature, music, visual arts, etc. We have a very competent and friendly teaching staff. The Honors Program is well-developed and focuses on global moral, theological, ethical, and economical issues. Each student is given a Mac laptop, and this is very beneficial when writing papers or doing research.


My school is very close, and I love it. I am proud to be at my school. It is a Christian University, which is one of my reasons for going. I didn't want to go to a school that had to drink to have fun.