Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The professors at OC are great! There is an amazingly friendly atmosphere on campus that I never saw when I visited other campuses.


It is a great place to find friends, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you are surrounded by people who typically have the same beliefs and morals as you do. There is always something to do on campus and the studebt government is continually planning events to get all the students to mix and mingle. We are a little community and everyone is going to have a friend. Everyone is just so friendly and you are going to have the best college experience here.


I love the communtiy feel of the campus and the mentorship from the professors due to small class sizes. I also enjoy the various clubs and organizations for a variety of interests and passions.


I don't brag. I'm not a big fan of my school.


The professors at Oklahoma Christian are very dedicated to helping students accomplish their educational goals. They are all knowledgable in the subjects they teach, and they give students clear expectations for their class. I also enjoy the oppurtunity to go to chapel everyday.


When I brag to my family and friends about Oklahoma Christian I'm able to brag about the opprotunites that are at my finger tips. Another thing I am able to brag about is the friendlyness of the students towards one another out here, it made the transfer into college so much less intimidating.


Oklahoma Christian University is an amazing place. The atmosphere is so amzing, one would have to seclude themselves from the entire campus to not make a friend. I have never actually been able to make friends so easily, and I come from a town where a "big graduating class" consists of barley 12 or so seniors. The staff that I have met are always so helpful and take pride in not only the school, but in their community and beliefs as well. One would have to be crazy to turn down this sort of opportunity! This place is so amazing!


The campus, professors, and staff. I work as a student "handy-woman" and I get to see many aspects to the campus, and I love it all. The people are so loving and caring. It's a faithfilled school to attend!


I brag about the fact that the teachers are very passionate about what they do and actually care about the students they are teaching. I like that I can have a personal relationship with my teachers and know that they care about my success.


That we get a MacBook and an Ipod Touch when you come here.


There is quite a lot to brag about at Oklahoma Christian. However, I probably brag about the fact that we are given Macbooks and have our choice of an Iphone, Itouch, or Ipad when we enroll. If you graduate from OC, you get to keep them! It is nice having my own laptop and not having to buy one. And, if your laptop malfunctions, the IT department fixes it or replaces it for free. It's pretty cool! I also brag about the professors a lot! They are so great and you can always get help, encouragement, or just talk.


We are like a giant family. Because the school only has around 3000 people, everyone gets close to everyone. We all support all the activities going on at the school, for example, the even the people not involved in athletics take pride in our athletic program. We all live together, eat together, and go to chapel together. The faculty is very involved here, and every one of the faculty members cares deepy for the student body, and it is apparent.


One thing about my school that I speak highly of is the fact that almost all professors either have or are pursuing a Phd in their field. The administration strongly encourages professors to get a doctorate if they don't already have one when hired.


Oklahoma Christian University can boast in its high set of moral christian values, small campus and student body, friendly and helpful professors, well prepared cafeteria food, clean dormatories, campus wide activities, 90 to 100% acceptance rates for medical school and engineering graduate schools, national championships in history and journalism competitions, and a highly respected student body known throughout the state.


The thing I brag about most when telling friends about Oklahoma Christian University is the fact that the faculty and staff genuinely care about the success of the students. I know that I can go to any of my teachers when I feel like I'm not understanding something and he or she will help me, and will try ,to the best of his or her ability, to give me the knowledge I'll need to do my homework independently.


I brag about my professors taking a personal interest in my success at Oklahoma Christian. I hear my friends say they are just a number at their colleges, and at O.C. , I am called by my name and that makes me have a personal interest in my education.


Although I am 17 hours away from home, I have made friends from the very beginning that I know will be my friends during the next 4 years I am here at school. I have a group of girls and guys that I can hang out with at all times and there are also places on campus that I can go to be along as needed. The professors are very caring and all the staff workers are so nice and make me feel like I have known them for years. I feel very comfortable here and very welcomed.


I brag about all the people that i have met at my school and where they are from in the world. I tell them how interesting it is getting to know so many different people from so many different countries.


I brag most about the kind, caring, christian attitudes of the students. Everyone for the most part is very kind and friendly.


I mostly brag to my friends about how my school provides every student with a laptop and their choice between an iPhone or iPod touch.


We have an amazing basketball team which the staff and students support 100 percent.


When I brag about Oklahoma Christian, I talk about how wonderful the people are. They are friendly, they are helpful, and there is a true sense of community between the staff, facutly, and most the students. And for those looking for it, there are lots of opportunities.


When talking to my friends, I mostly brag about how my school gives each student free laptops and their choice between an ipod touch or iphone.


our ability to get guest speakers. like Mike Huckaby.


Beautiful Campus. Safer than most others. Small, close nit student-body, but not so small that everyone is in each other's business. Spring Sing is a lot of fun. We get a MacBook and a choice of an iTouch or iPhone when we arrive at student orientation.


It's a christian campus