Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend OC just for the great scholarship you might get. OC is fully devoted to each student and will poor into them all they can. If you go to OC just for the money you will be missing out on the rest OC has to offer. The fellowship, faith, building, and loving family that OC is. Do not just go to OC thinking you are going to just breeze through and graduate. Because you won't, you will be stretched and pulled into whatever God has planned for you at OC.


I don't believe that anyone shouldn't attend this school. But the kind of person who shouldn't come is the person who is just coming for a degree and doesn't even care about finding a job afterwards, that is a waste of money and it is completely pointless.


People that like urban areas or people that like to party a lot.


If you have a serious drinking problem, do drugs, or hate following a semi-strict dress code, Oklahoma Christian isn't for you.


Anyone who wants to get a great education and be around fun and caring students and faculty. If you have trouble financially, there is aid readily availible to you. The faculty here at Oklahoma Christian are genuinly concerned for your well being.


I think this school is a great fit for most people, but it may not be a good school for non-christians.


I feel that no one should be excluded from this school. I strongly encourage non believers to come to this school. There is no way you could be in this type of atmosphere for so long, without changing in some way.


I personally don't know what type of person should not come to this school. There is a huge variety of people here that all come to make one big, happy family. The only people that might have a hard time are those who are not christian and do not want to change their view on what they believe since we have Bible courses and chapel.


Someone who can't tolerate being different than other people or following student rules. People at this university won't outright judge you or exile you, but if you feel judged just because you want to stand out, then forget it. But if you can realize that people here are good people, you're fine.


Someone who does not like very small schools or someone who does not like religious schools.


If you do not like a lot of rules you should not attend OC. Although it is a great school with a great enviroment, it has many strict rules that most other colleges do not have. Having so many rules does not really bother me that much, but I know it bothers others.


Any person can be a part of this institution because they welcome all people in all sorts of life who has a dream and wants to pursue it, they would help you realize your dream , they have students who help other students for tutorial classes , so wether you think you are a slow learning student , there are always help available for you to grow as longa s you are willing to work yourself as well , if you are under stress due to your schools workload there are counselors who are willing to talk and listen .


People who are lazy and unmotivated should not attend Oklahoma Christian Univesity. The school has a very serious yet relaxed academic environment. Hardwork is highly valued in this institution and so the academic system is planned such that students are made to work very hard. At the same time though, the system also caters for people who are academically weak. The school also aims to produce graduates who are not just academically sound but also morally upright. Oklahoma Christian is the place for people who want to develop their body, soul and mind.


The students who came to college for a party life or an excuse to get away from their parents will not last long at this university. As a student, you are expected to live by certain guidelines and ethical values. Many students dislike the array of rules but I have found that these are a good thing. The rules will not stop all students who are bent of breaking them but I believe they are a tool in teaching new college students responsibility and independence. Only students who are serious about their studies will stay becuase the curriculum is challenging.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who has very negative views on Christianity and religion in general. Being a Christian University the whole experienve is revolved around peoples' religious values. If one has a negative attitude toward that he or she will not enjoy anything about this university. In fact, he or she will proabably come to resent it and its structure. An open mind is definitely needed to attend.


Most students and parents choose Oklahoma Christian University because it is a safe environment where the faculty and staff can be trusted. People who could instal fear and insecurity shouldn't be accepted at OC. I believe Oklahoma Christian University is a graet Christian comunity that can have a good impact on anyones life. However it is very difficult to help some one if they don't want help. As christians school OC can be a good family for people who have been rejected and need a second chance.


The type of person who should attend Oklahoma Christian Univesrity, is a person who wants to get closer to God, and have a great outlook on life. Who seeks fellowship while in school, and who wants to become a spiritual God-fearing Christian. A people person and who loves doing community service, and service for God, our Lord and saviour.


A person that is not interested in a personal relationship with their professors should not attend O.C. They should not attend O.C. if they do not want to attend chapel every day with a focus on a personal relationship with Christ.


This school would not be the best choice for someone who is extremely liberal in their world view. Oklahoma Christian is a christian liberal arts university that is very conservative. Oklahoma Christian is on the small side, and the school works hard to create a sense of community. Our school is very actice with service and religious organizations in the community around our school. So, if you are looking to just blend in with the crowds that is a little bit more difficult to do here. If you are offended by religion, this might not be the place for you.


I wouldn't say anyone specific, just think you should visit first.


Someone who is not particularly serious about working hard for their degree should not come to this school. The work here is often demanding, and it takes a lot of time and dedication. Someone who is wanting to party all through their college experience should not come to OC. Since Oklahoma Christian is indeed a christian university, alcohol, smoking tabacco products, and using drugs is strictly prohibited. The faculty at Oklahoma Christian demand that their students are held at a higher standard. So in conclusion, people who are looking for parties and easy work load should not attend Oklahoma Christian.


Everyone should come to Oklahoma Christian University! It is expensive, but there are many scholarship opportunities and is definitely worth it.


One who does not want to seek God. Also someone who does not want to spend a lot of money on college.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not serious about their faith or someone who is not sure where they are going in life. The facutly and staff do all they can to help students succeed but a student has to be willing to put in the effort and have the drive to take themselves to that point. If you are not serious then coming to OC would be a giant waste of time and money.


There really isn't a type of person that shoudn't attend this school. If you are a partier, there are unfortunately ways around the rules, but I feel like this institution really changes lives through education and awareness. There are many different religions on campus and if you are willing to add a little culture to your life by taking Bible classes, then you'll do just fine. We have a ton of different races and nationalities, so it is a great place to have new experiences and see different perspectives on life.


This isn't a party school. This school offers rigorous courses and degrees and requires you to study and take the course work seriously. It's not all work though. Intermurals and clubs offer many social outlets. Oklahoma Christian University offers plenty of oppertunities to get involved around campus, but don't let your inner social butterfly get the best of your GPA.


Aetheists should not attend Oklahoma Christain University. All students are required to take a bible class each semester each year they attend the school. We are also required to attend chapel each day as a mandatory class and is used as college credit. They would have to sit in during devotions and listen to the melodic worship music sung by the students and staff of OC.


Someone who does not like to be active in school. Someone who is not up for socializing. OC would not suit someone who is against religion but we do not critize those who come that do.


The typ pf person who wouldnt be as comfortable here would be a person who is not set on having God incorporated into everyday life. It is a strong Christian school and we are required to attend chapel services every day and take bible classes as well...


Students who are not willing to put foucs and effort into their academic work or are looking for an easy ride should not attend this school. The curriculum for all classes, including the basic academic core is rigorous. Also, students who want to consume alcohol or smoke should not attend because the school has a no tolerance policy for the consumption of alcholol, tobacco, or any illegal substances. There are no fraternities or sororities on this campus. So students looking for thes types of group activities should not attend.


Anyone with many credit hours from another University should not attend because most of their hours will not transfer. Someone with very little income should not attend unless given many government grants or scholarships. Also, someone who is a constant partier, drinker, or very sexually active should not attend this school because of the trouble they would get into, and the judgement by other students.


if they are not open minded to exploring absolute truth, this school probably isn't for them. Truth as an objective, unchanging whole shapes the foundation of learning. Perception and subjective "whats true for me..." is the biggest obstacle of knowledge and it turns students of life into experts of their own mind. And you may be an expert of your own mind, but that goes no farther than the perimeters of your own body. dont limit yourself by your perceptions.


Although no one will be turned down from my school, some people who know that they will party may feel like they don't belong. Also people with homo-sexual alignment may feel out of place. But they will be treated with respect, and loved for who they are.


A person who wants to go to college to have 'the time of my life' and get wasted every weekend, and a person who doesn't like to follow rules or have a cerfew (just freshman year), and a person who doesn't want to study the Bible.


Anyone should attend this school but should to it knowing what they are getting into and what is expected of them.


If you don't have strong 'conservative' views shouldn't go to OC. In the Christian College assocations, the school is considered the 'liberal' school. I'm liberal and they are not liberal. Drinking, Smoking, or anything else that are not of Christian values should consider a party school, not OC. The school is very embeded in their beliefs and I respect that. Of course I do no of those things so I fit in except for my political beliefs...