Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to school, I wish I had realized that, even though it feels like it sometimes, graduating high school is not the end of the journey. Rather, it is the beginning. I wish I had known that in college, you build yourself as a person from the ground up, using the foundation that was laid in childhood. I wish I had known that there was so much more to the big picture than that which I could see at home.


Find a degree plan and stick with it. Do not simply trust your advisor to make sure you take the right classes.


What I wanted to major in. The teachers here are so great, and you get into your major classes so fast, that now that im switching majors I am a little behind.


That it was so small and that there are a limited amount of activities to do


While the school offers a degree in animation (what I aim for), its greater focus is on gaming (what I don't aim for). I wish I had been more prepared for this before going in.


I wish I would have known how judgmental some of the people would be; it's difficult living a more liberal lifestyle in a conservative, Church of Christ university.


I wish I had known how fun it is to go to Earn Your Wings. That is where all of the Freshamn meet other incoming Freshman. It is also where first time transfer students go with a transfer group. Since I transferred I wish I would have gone.


If I would have been an engineer, I wouldn't have to pay anything for college!


Honestly, I would do not wish that I had done it any other way. I was prepared and optimistic before coming to college and I believe that having a positive outlook on any knew adventure you go on is very important. If anything, I wish I had known that a little extra effort can make huge improvements, weather it be academically, socially or spiritually. The professors here want to help you. You must be willing to go and seek and accept their help and expertise.


I wish I had known more about the Church of Chist faith.


I wish I knew my way around the campus more easily. There are maps everywhere but I still get lost. I find this rather sad seeing as we are still only about a fourth of the size of places like OU. My getting lost has nothing on the school, however, It may be apart of the fact that I am from a small town where you can see every major building just by spinning in a circle. Even if one finds themeselves lost on this campus, the people here are so nice and always willing to lend a helping hand.


How much I needed to grow in my faith walk..


I wish that I would have been more prepared in high school for my college education. I wish that I would have learned better study skills so that I am able to do better in the first few years of school. I wish that I had been better prepared financially.


I wish I had known that most all of my tests in college would be given electronically. I was not prepared whatsoever for this and the first semester I had at Oklahoma Christian, a school that outfits every student with their personal laptop, was difficult because professors prefer to give their tests electronically. After getting used to this type of testing, I feel it is more efficient and better for the environment as well.


this specific college seems to have its own "bubble" and though i love this school it is hard at times to feel like im getting the full college experience


Your performance in high school is not always directly related or proportional to your performance in college. Learning and adapting a set of study processes that work for you and your classes is an ongoing and challenging process. One should never underestimate the challenge of balancing all the academic, social, and overall life changes of your first year in college. Though it can be so much fun, taking things for granted early on can dig yourself into a hole that might be extremely difficult to climb out of.


I wish I would have known the difference between the amount of work in high school compared to the amount in college. College is more demanding than high school. They don't give out pointless worksheets and busy work. You certainly learn a lot more here!


That the grass is always dead looking. I honestly can't think of many other things, half of the fun about college is figuring things out.


I wish I had known about the rules and he strickness that is put on the students here. I think that some of the rules were great for keeping the students making good choices their freshman year but after that year we are adults and should be able to live our lives how we pease. I just wich that I had taken this into account before i can to school here. I think I still would have chosen this school but i would have been better prepared.


I wish I would have known exactly what my dream to become a veterinarian consisted of. I just realized, my junior year, because of my own research that it is not what I want to do due to cost, time, and difficulty of acceptance into veterinary school. I think that most professors assume you'll give up on your goal as soon as you discover how hard the science classes are, but I kept pushing. I am still planning on graduating from Oklahoma Christian with a Biology degree, but I know now I want to go into something different.


I wish i knew each student would recieve one macbook and one itouch. I also wish i would have known how nice the students and how respectful the teachers were here at Oklahoma Christian University. It would have made my college decision quicker. Finally, i wish i would have known the size of my room i am staying in and the items already provided upon arrival. This would have helped me pack more efficiently and i could have known what to leave at home.


Before caming to OC I would have liked to know about what life on campus would be like. I would have liked to hear more about the everyday activities from students already attendind OC for exemple life in dorms. cafeteria and others. Once I got to OC the community was frendly and helpful but I had never hard about the City, means of transport, restaurants, fast food places, and othere fun things to do close to the oklahoma Christian University. I would have liked to know more about the different churches arround the oklahoma City area.


I wish a had more money.


i wish i had known about the weather here in Oklahoma before i came to Oklahoma, the real weather. I checked online about it it says the weather here is perfect which is not true at all. It is so cold in the winter and the wind can blow me away easily!


The one and only thing I would have wished for to be different at this school was my study habits. No one had ever told me how hard college level classes were compared to highschool, and that you really have to remind yourself of the material everyday.


Get involved early! If you don't take advantage of ways to get involved as soon as you arrive to campus then friend groups are formed without you and you dont have much of a chance to to get into your own group.


To learn how to balance my time. I do not say "no" near enough as I should, so i tend to get worn out from doing to much socially on campus. But now that I am going into my third year of school I am beginning to see what it takes to stay balanced in my school work and still remain loyal to friends and leadership positions around school.


I wish I would have known how much money I am going to owe in student loans after graduating. Oklahoma Christian is so expensive and most students take out tons of loans to go to school there.


I wish I would have known to make better grades in classes than I did. It would of helped me to start college off better and help me to get more financial aid/scholarships. I also wish I would have cared more about my classes and paid more attention because in college I have learned you actually do use information from high school. Doing better in high school would have helped me to have a higher GPA. I also wish I had participated more in high school because it helps you to be more active.


Before I came to this school I wish that I would have known before I chose my freshman classes to get in contact with upperclassmen to ask them which professors they recommended and what the classroom settings for those professors was like.


I wish I would have known that you could take classes while in high school. And that not all my credits from my previous college would count towards my degree.


I wish I had known how much fun school was going to be. I would have planned on spending more time doing things around campus and attending the events.


That the housing situation would not really improve as I progressed through the years. I wish I had known that no plans were being made to renovate the dorms and aparments.


Nothing I didn't before. The school showed what it was like very well in touring it.


I wish I had known how loving and inviting everyone on campus is. While I made a ton of friends freshman year, I was incredibly shy and i didn't do a lot of activities my other friends did such as Freshman Fanfare and Spring Sing. Those are two of my biggest regrets from Freshman Year! Just be super involved and enjoy every minute of it without becoming overwhelmed!!


i wish i had known my degree aduit and the classes that i will need and know the classes that are only offered once everyother years.


I wish I had known that almost the entire campus belongs to the Church of Christ denomination. I belong to the Baptist denomination and find it difficult sometimes when not that many agree with some of my differing viewpoints. Don't get me wrong, I love my school, this is just one thing I find irritating at times.




I wish I had known more as far as how to get financial aid. I should have researched all my options better.


I wish I had known that the people here were going to be very social. In the three years I have been here I have met more people and built friendships that mean everything to me. Having a major in organizational communication here at Oklahoma Christian University has truly paided off. Building relationship with faculity, staff and the commnity while using principles I have learned in classhas been great hands on experience. If I had know this before coming to this university I would have made the decision to come my freshman year instead of my sophomore year.


I wish I had known how the distance from home would affect me, the clickyness of some people, and the actual experience of the school not just the one they would like you to perceive.


That finacial aid help was not the best


I was a transfer student that married someone in the military and had to move my senior year of college, which put me back a few years. While going to this school, I became with child and one professor didn't care about my condition nor that I was having a baby! So what do I wish I could have known before I came to Oklahoma Christian....what other majors where avaible so I could have avoided this professor.