Oklahoma Christian University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school is a small community that offers a family atomsphere. Everyone is always there for each other, especially in times of need. My first year of college I dealt with very stressful situations, including the death of my Grams and a terrible car accident. However, OC provided me with so many caring people. My friends took care of me, constantly asking if I was alright. Even the Dean of Students and the President called me to check in on me and to make sure I was doing okay. OC follows their motto of OC is home.


It's a place you can call home. Out of all the schools I visited, the school I attend now is the only one that seemed to actually care about me, and I know for a fact that it does. I know that my fellow students and any faculty have my back and I have theirs. We are a family. It's as simple as that.


It trully does start to feel like home. That is one thing I love about OC.


The best thing about my school is that it is a Christian environment. Yes, you are getting a great edudation but at the same time they encourage you to grow closwer to God and i could never ask for a better group of friends to surround myself with.


The few times that I've visited the campus, I found it very welcoming. The staff, the counselors and teachers took their time to sit down and look at the opportunities I have at Oklahoma Christian University. I have also attended activities that OCU host, it's very diversed, there's no reason not to make new friends.


The best thing about Oklahoma Christian University is the community you share with all of the students and professors. The professors are very personble and will go out of their way to help you.


Being in a Christian atmosphere where a majority of students have similar beliefs as me is a welcomed change from public schools


There are so many great things about this school, but the two best in my opinion are the christian atmosphere and the location. OC has many opportunities to practice faith and be around others who are of like beliefs. It's a great place to learn and grow faith. It is perfectly located in Edmond, a quiet, nice, safe, suburb of the city, with access to great food and fun. Not only that, but the city is right next door, full of great opportunities.


It's a perfect sized community and friends come easily.


The best part about Oklahoma Christian is the faculty/student population--in other words, the people. Professors here genuinely care about you and your life, and they want you to succeed. The student body is made up of some of the most caring and ambitious people you will ever meet, who all have great desire to serve those around them. OC is a place to build life long relationships that make you a better person than you were before you came.


Oklahoma Christian University has a large variety of opportunities for the students to get involved in sports, music, volunteer work, and many other activities. There is some kind of club or activity for every type of student that steps on campus. No one is left out unless they leave themselves out on purpose. Because of the number of activities, students have so many chances to not only meet, but really get to know their fellow classmates.


I consider the diversity the best thing because it has allowed me learn about and appreciate different cultures that I other wise would not have known about had I not attended this univeristy.


What I consider the best thing about my school is that it is a Christian University. The reason I chose to say this is because they are always their for you, and always helping you out in anyway they can. Not only that, but if you are in a situation the teachers not only act as professors but as friends as well. They are there to give you advice, get you closer to God, help you find yourself, and help you achieve your goals. Oklahoma Christian has really made a huge difference in my life.


Oklahoma Christian University has a wonderful God-focused attitude. They try to please the Lord in all they do and that lines up with what I believe. Yes, some of the things they do I do not agree with, but the majority is right in my eyes.


The overall atmosphere is very good and clean with nice people. You are able to build relationships here now, and for the future. The school is very involved in make change in the community and around the world.


The Christain environment. Being around people who share the same religious beliefs is very comforting. There's always someone to talk to about problems or to just give a helping hand. It's a place full of good, friendly people.


Best thing i would consider about this school , is the idea that its a christian school, which values the importance of christian living as part of your everyday life wether a mom, a worker or a student, the idea that most students here learn moral values as we go on preparing our future with education not only with the knowledge but incalcating us with biblical principles as well, during our bible classes, and the fact that we are able to attend chapel on a daily basis just to listen either to praise and worship songs or listening to speakers .


The people make this school worth going to. The faculty are kind and helpful and you can tell they really care about you and your life. The RA's are kind and friendly and always are there to talk to or just to ask questions. The fellow students are great. No matter what you can always find someone that meshes just right with you and plenty of nice people to have fun with. They are also serious about school so there are many opportunities to help each other out.


It is a Christian school and it helps me build my spiritual life and learn more of God with my bible Classes.


I believe that the quality of professors and the availability of technology makes this a wonderful school. The professors truely care and will do everything they can to help you succeed. The technology is amazing. The whole campus has wifi and each incoming freshmen recieves a laptop and a choice of an ipod, ipad, or iphone. It really gives the students a boost with their studies having a personal laptop. The professors also do a great job utilizing the technology on campus.


The best thing about Oklahoma Christian is that we are not a big school, classmates are friends, your teachers know you on a personal level, we are a big family that is all striving for a better life with Christ but also preparing ourselves for the future. Through that preparation we are able to support others because we all know each other for the most part.


The thing I enjoy the most about my school is the Christian atmosphere surrounding campus. I enjoy being surrounded by Christian faculty, staff, and students. Everyone is very helpful and will do anything to help me. Oklahoma Christian also provides many opportunities for me to spread my faith to other countries, and even in my own community.


This school is asolutely awesome. You not only learn but you also have the chance to expirience God through yur classmates, teachers, and the staff on campus. I have learned so much already and it's only been the first semester!


The best thing about Oklahoma Christian University is the community. Everyone is really close, and genuinely care about you, students and professors.


I think the best thing about are school is the way everyone is willing to lend a hand to others no matter what is going on in their personal lives at the time. They fill that the positive investment in people far outweighs what’s best for them at the time, but what this investment in people could mean in the future.


The best thing about my school is that it is very diverse and worldy. I play on the tennis team and all of my teammates are from around the world. It is a privelege getting to know so many people from around the world and learning about how they live.


The best thing about Oklahoma Christian University are the professors. Not only do they teach, but they build a relationship with you. Especially those in your major. Your advisor makes sure you are taking the correct classes and want the best for you in the future. Oklahoma Christian starts you off or recommends you to get an internship or practicum early to get the feel of what you want to do when you graduate.


Oklahoma Christian offers smaller classes so that there is more student professor interaction. Most of the teachers are very quick to help with anything you have issues with, and the laptops allow you to stay connected to the professors throughout the day. You can tell professors care about what they are teaching and it gets you invovled with the subject matter.


My interaction with my teachers. They are always ready to help, they all know me, they are nice etc..


I love the experience I have gotten inside the classroom as an education major. I have gotten a lot of time to see what a classroom is actually like and how it is run.


OC offers a community feel that you cannot get at any other school. The students, faculty and staff, and alumni are all so closely connected. Professors always invite their classes over to their house each semester for dinner because they genuinely want to invest in the student's lives. And it is not just limited to people on campus. The churches surrounding OC all have what are called "Adopt a Student" programs where a family will adopt a few college students and have them over once a month so you can still have some great home cooked meals.


The best thing about my school is the Christian atmosphere. There is a feeling of caring that I love about my school. It lets me know that if I am ever in trouble or need assistance with something that there will be people there to help me. I don't have to worry about being alone because I have over two thousand plus family members all here on campus with me.


The best thing about Oklahoma Christian University is the kind professors. The professors here at Oklahoma Christian are always concerned about how you are doing as a student. Everytime I go to class, the professors are ready to teach, and they do not teach in an offensive way. You will never see a professor intentionally try to embarrass a student. The professors are always willing to meet with you if you are struggling in their class. The fact that the professors care, and are willing to help, makes Oklahoma Christian University a great place to learn.


The close-knit relationship that the students have with each other, the professors, and God. Aside from being dedicated to a strong education, my school is very focused on forming and sustaining life long relationships wih others. You hear students say all around campus only here does this or that happen, that is because we are such a unique campus in the sense that we are all connected. You truly feel that you are never alone whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually.


The best thing about my personal experience at Oklahoma Christian has been the quality of education I have received. Every institution has a variety of professors on a plethora of instructional levels, and I have been blessed to have received the most outstanding advisement, the most noble guidance, the most helpful mentors, and the most thoughtful and challenging education that has been invaluable to me. I have learned a great deal as a student at OC, in and outside of my particular field. The knowledge and the wisdom I have gained I attribute to my educators.


The best thing about my school is that it feels like a home away from home. All of the teachers are here with open arms.They do a good job of getting us involved with eachother.


There are opportunities galore, for those willing to work hard and accomplish or reach them.


The best thing about my school I think is the size. It is a small school and so it makes you feel more at home. Compared to alot of big schools the professors really care about you. I have great relationships with all of my professors and they all want me to succed. Also with the small school you know alot of people. everywhere I go I know someone. The small school also means there are lots of opporunities to get involved with the school.


The best thing about my school is that it is small and student-oriented. It focuses on the individual experiences of the students rather than allowing them to become just another face.


the awesome people here. i have met so many great people that i now i don't know how i ever lived without them. it's a great learning environment too where the professors really push you.


I believe that the people are truly caring about students and their families! We have a small campus which makes for a BIG family! The atmoshphere is awesome and very welcoming!


The campus is beautiful and the size of it is small enough to be close nit, but not so small that you feel you have no one left to meet.


The best thing about OC is the effort administration puts in to make every student feel welcome. There are activities almost everyday of the week and the professors are great at being involved in these activities. It makes them seem more "human". If you don't have friends, you really have made an effort not to because OC gives every opportunity to do so.


Small, interactive classes.


There are a ton of volunteer service opportunities and ways to get involved in helping the community, both locally and abroad. The school sends out teams throughout the year, all over the world to teach English, provide medical care, build houses and encourage people to hope for a better future.