Oklahoma City Community College Top Questions

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Several things such as, being centrally located in the metro area, making it easy for students living in surrounding suburbs to attend, The facility is well cared for and kept up, and the quality of the staff and education is superior to other schools in the area. The staff here at OCCC really care about each students success not only in college but in their life after college. Hey a record breaking 15,000 students last semester can't be wrong!


My school has a communication lab in which other schools do not have. The communication labs have help me write my paper. Also they can proofread my essay to make sure that my essay is good enough to have an "A." If I have 2 or mistakes on my essay, then they will corrected for me. Also they can determine if the clairity, content, organization, and format of my essay is good. Without them, I could never get an A on my English class.


Well untell last year the who school was one big building and still is mainly one building unlike all the other college campuses ive seen.


It's a free tution for Oklahoma City Public Schools and, it also gets your feet wet for when you transfer to a university. Plus the professors are their to help you succeed!


There is always help for anything a student needs, if one person is not sure how to help they will direct you to the right person.