Oklahoma City Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my senior year of highschool, I would tell myself to take more time to study for the ACT because it really does make a difference when trying to get the money to pay for school. I would remind myself that life is fun and exciting and to let things roll off my shoulders, but to not procrastinate when it came to applying for grants/scholarships for school. And that sometimes all you need to do is just ask and people will be able to do more for you than you would have ever thought possible. And to not slack off and skip two semesters of college without applying for scholarships.


I would tell myself to study hard and keep grades up to earn academic scholarships. Think of the future and plan ahead.


"Hello, nervous Nelly! I know what you might be thinking: 'Who is this odd look-alike of me with red hair???' Don't worry about that right now! Now Alison, I know you are highly stressed about taking classes at Oklahoma City Community College and not taking the route your older brother did to OU, but you are not anything like him! You are going to become a unique, bright individual, and O-triple-C is going to surprise you in so many ways! It's going to teach you, change you, and inspire you to see the world in a different light. I know that is super vague, but I'm afraid if I give you any examples, you might want to change certain classes that you pick. But I'm telling you now; I do not regret a thing, because every moment I have so far spent at O-triple-C has morphed me into the person I am now. Good luck with your horrible, but precious, senior year of high school!"


If I could have given myself advice two years ago as a high school senior I would first have to discuss work load. I thought working and going to school full time would be no big deal. But in truth, it is a huge deal. The number one most stressful issue i have as a college student is balancing my job, study time, and relaxation time. I wanted to move out on my own so bad while i was in high school. But now i can see how staying at home would have made college life so much easier on myself. I would also remind myself not to forget about my friends and family. Life has been so busy for me and I have regrettably slowly faded out of my friends and family's life. And you can use all the support you can get while in college and friends and family are definately a strong backbone to have. Basically college is all about balance. Balance your time, balance your friends, and balance your workload. That is the best advice I could give myself two years ago.


If I had a chance to go back and visit myself in college, I would tell myself to try. I always made good grades in high school, but I never really "got out there", so to speak. My senior year was the best because I was in Leadership, a mentoring program, and various clubs. But I wish I hadn't waited until my senior year to join. I loved being apart of something and it made school so much fun. I wish I could go back and try harder on my work, joined more clubs and taken more pride in my school. I am excited to be in college and have been trying my best to work hard, but I think I could odne better if I had been smarter in high school. I would laso tell myself not to be so shy. I am a very shy person, but I have grown out of it since I have gotten to college. College has helped me to be more responsible and outgoing. I love it.


Pick a school that is good for you. If you do not have the cash go somewhere that you can pay for it.


To take the ACT and SAT test, then enroll in a college, find a major and get to work. That statistics show that a person with a degree has a higher earning potential, they often get promoted faster and have a more secure career and better quality of life. Start off with a two year school like a Community College to get Gen Eds out of the way because tuition is generally lower at a two year college than at a 4 year college, then after obtaining an associates from Community college, transfer to a 4 year college to finish up. There are clubs, cultural activities and great opportunities to make many new friends, it will be the most fun and best thing you could do. Thanks for listening Glenn. Respectfully, Glenn Nelms


Apply! Apply! Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Take the ACT test several times to get a better score. Study harder while in Oklahoma School of Science and Math; it will pay off.


Throughout my entire life I have always made mistakes and I believe that I will keep on making mistakes, it is inevitable. Although mistakes make a person who they are I would go back into time and explain my experiences to myself. I would tell myself that the choices that I make now will affect my future no matter what I believe. I will try to explain that although, yes, college will bring many new experiences both fun and scary I will have to control myself and my fun side and focus on what matters for the long run. School is an experience that can be very stressful, and at the same time if you put an effort into it, it really can be fun and interesting. I will tell myself that I cannot go on doing what I was doing throughout my highschool years because it will not be easy to change into who and what I am today. A person is built on experiences and throughout my experiences I have learned the way that should be, but their is always the hope that person can be better not just for themselves but for those around us.


I would take high more seriously and go to college right after my senior year.


There are so many things that I could have done my senior year to help with my transition into college. I have a severe case of "senioritis" and I took quite a few "blow-off" classes. I should have taken classes that would challenge me, because when I got to college I felt like I was so far behind. I would have visited and applied to other colleges or universities ,rather than just going to the community college. I would have utilized my high school guidance counselor, and applied for scholarships and financial aid. I thought that college would be just like high school, and I wouldn't have to work hard. I guess the biggest piece of advice I would give myself, knowing what I know now, is to slow down and not rush things. I was in such a hurry to get out of high school that I missed out on a lot of opportunities. I told myself that I am going to recieve my associate's degree in two years, and I am going to reach that goal. If I would have slowed down in high school, I wouldn't be as stressed as I am today.


As I stand outside of my Biology classroom in the hall of my high school in 2002 watching myself towards the end of class socializing with friends on the first day of our senior year, I can't help but give thanks for the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice. I see myself laugh with my best friend. Ring Ring Ring. The bell rings and I grab my books and head for the door. As I see myself walk out into a sea of high school seniors in Abercrombie shirts and Hollister jeans, I grab my arm and pull me aside only to be looking into what seems to be a mirror. "Tamara, I want to tell you that this year does matter. Your academics and progress in the classroom DOES matter. Senior year is exciting but so important academically. Going to the football games instead of finishing your homework, will come back to bite you in the rear so do your homework, succeed academically this year, and don't write off senior year like it's not going to set the tone for the next four years of your life. It does matter."


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a High School Senior, I would have many things to say. First, I would get across that a college degree is of utmost importance for my success in life. I would inform myself on my chosen major, Nursing, and why that is the greatest degree suited for me. A degree in Nursing aids to my philanthropic and caring personality. If I could have informed myself thoroughly on financial aid, loans, scholarships and grants in an encouraging way, it would have impacted me greatly. I wish I could tell myself then, never to give up, because eventually I will meet my goals. The confidence would have saved me a lot of heartache. If I had informed myself then, that financial turmoil would occur and explained how to better prepare for these turbulant situations by taking out a student loan, I would have saved lots of money. Working hard and seeking scholarships and financial aid through school is the best I can do. After I am a graduated nurse I will be capable of financial security and I look forward to being the family's first generation college graduate.


I would tell myself not to slack off, and to be sure and stick to my class schedule. When you have the freedom and ability to attend class when you want and no one can tell you otherwise, it is easy to be tempted to skip classes. You must attend all the classes and not get behind in your work, or take anything for granted. Otherwise, you may not get the grade you need.


My advice that I would give myself is that I would study early as soon as possible before the test. If I cram the night before the test, then I would forget everything on what I have studied. Studying early makes my life more easily because I do not have to worried about the test since I know that I can ace the test. Also, my stress level decreases as long as I kept doing this kind of habit. However, I have other things to do in life besides studying such as chores, work, finishing homework assignments, reading chapters, etc., but I can pass the tests if I study early. I heard mosts students study the day before the test could cause them to struggle in tests. There is a lot of material in the tests and there is no way that I can pass if I study the day before the test. Since I have been studying early for a while, I'm going to continue this habit until I have the degree that I want.


There are a few things that I would most definitely do different if I could go back in time as a high school senior to prepare for what was ahead of me in college. First, I would have put more time into studying for my classes. In high school, it seems that one can get by without much hard work. I don't know if that is because I was intelligent for my age, but I believe it is because high schools do not challenge their students enough to prepare them for college. Next, I would have gone through a career survey or workshop to help me to determine what I wanted to major in. I had declared a major and changed it after I got my associate's and learned some valuable lessons. If I would have known what I wanted to do straight out of high school, I would be working in my career of choice today. Also, I would have worked to research and find scholarships. Sure the high school counselors advise students to get on some certain scholarship website, but as a high school student I didn't really pay that much attention.


The advice I would give to myself as a highschool senior would be prepare, prepare, prepare! As a senior I did nothing but take easy classes and blow off responcibilites only looking to get to the great college experience everyone speaks of. I did well in my classes and had fun doing them but I could have prevented my current situation by taking Ap classes, studying as much as possible for the ACT, and looking for scholarships every minute I had free. By taking such an easy last year of highschool I lost perspectvie and was nowhere near prepared for the chaos and pain of settling in college. I'm currently in my second year at a community college simply because there is no other way I can afford school. My parents make good money and have always provided well for me but when it comes to college they made it clear that they wouldnt be able to help pay for it. So if I could talk to my high school self I would say College can be fun, but the steps that lead up to the fun life are , as of now, the hardest thing I've encountered.


I would tell myself that business is the way to go. I would encourage myself to run for student president and any type of leadership positions to gain experience. I would also tell myself how important it is to stay in school and that to make the big bucks you need to get a degree and have plenty of experience. I would stress the fact that going to college and trying to support 3 kids is not easy at all and to wait until my education is complete to even think about it. I think that if it was at all possible to go back in time and be able to talk to myself I would listen because I would be talking to myself 20 years younger. I would explain to myself just how hard of a time I am having trying to get an education now when I'm so much older. I have always been a smart person but, always just went in my own direction and I think for me to realize it back then I would have to listen to myself rather than others.


knowing what i know now i first off wouldnt have dated the girl i was dating, I would have told myself to focus on school instead of thinking about making money or tell myself to think about the future andthat although it may seem that money now is alot but money after school will be better, I would have told myself that instead of being with the girl i was that i should have keep my eyes open since i now know she isnt who im going to be spending my life with, lol i would have gone to all the proms i was invited to instead of just the one the girl i was seeing wanted to me goto, it may not be much to some people but if i could go back i would tell my self little things that i should change about how im living my life so that i can fix the cracks in my past.


I would go back and sit myself down and explain to him that everything is going to be okay...You will love it at Oklahoma City Community College. It's a different experience as your best friends are gone. Things suddenly occured in the summer and, you have a surprising college experience (Internships, Job offers, and trials) it's not going to be scary that first day. Everyone is nervous just like you are. You don't have to worry about your family struggling to help you pay for school and, be aware of clubs that you don't feel comfortable in until your ready to make that move. College opens doors to infinite doors for you! You shouldn't be upset that your friends aren't taking that step in their lives. You will met new and old friends into your college experience and, prepare to be surprised to look back at the past because, after you graduate, your Senior Year is gone. Say hello to college and, take a deep breath as your will face a long, exciting, mentally, journey. Have fun and study hard! As you will have a bright future ahead of you.


I would tell myself to start college as soon as possible after high school because waiting to start when you are almost 27 and have children and a husband is a lot harder.


I would tell my younger self that I am still not ready to take on the responsibilty of going to college immediately after high school, and that I am doing a good thing by working and trying to settle myself as a person just as I was doing. I would suggest to myself that I do some more things at school to prepare myself not only by working, but to be more involved so I would have some more people to turn to when I had any questions about the experience I would have ahead at the college level.