Oklahoma City Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing is being able to further my education. I think it is very important to get as much of an education as I can. I love to learn and love attending college.


The best thing about OCCC is the staff and the class sizes. I have never had over 30 people in any of my classes, so I am more outgoing and I have a better relationship with the professors. The staff is another reason why OCCC is great. The professors want to see the students succeed and will do anything in their power to make that happen. I personally was influenced by my political science professor. He was one of the reasons I am declaring a minor in political science.


The greatest thing about my school is the website. It is simple to navigate in order to thoroughly research my academic schedule and discover important contacts. Before I was enrolled, I already knew the curriculum of my chosen major and the efforts I would need to put forth in order to get accepted into the program.


The best thing about my school would be its quality campus and its cheap tuition rate. Oklahoma City Community College is great for those of us who can't afford a good four year college. It provides great classes and equiptment without the high price tag tuition rates and books. I'm proud to have used such a well organized and pleasant campus as a stepping stone to my ultimate college experience.