Oklahoma City University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.

papa souleymane ndiouck

At oklahoma the student have good live; the students are effective; leadership; kind ; they sportsman; basket ball players; and ambitious. TRUELY SINCERLY I LIKE OKLAHOMA STUDENTS AND HOPE THAT I WILL BE THERE.


The classmates are youthful, fun, creative, expressive, polite and overall some of the most open-minded people I have been around in an educational environment.


friendly, determined, hard-working, diverse


Intelligent, diverse, friendly, fun, unique


Very friendly and driven. They are here to learn but they are also know how to have fun and have a good time.


Nearly half of the students are from out-of-state. Many are Methodist but all religions are accepted here. The liberal arts curriculum with a focal on the performing arts attracts quite a few liberals. As mentioned before gays and lesbians are accepted on campus, and well monied kids are quite present. Minorities, among traditional undergrads, are not very present however. The graduate student population has a sizable number of East Asian and Middle Eastern students. Students do mix well together though. Dress depends on the class level and the school.


Students come from all over the world actually. Most of the students, its seems have never even been to Oklahoma. I've meet people I never thought I'd hang out with. The foreign students often host festivals and sell or give away food; the carnivals are popular with many students. There is a pretty sizable gay population that is pretty open and vocal. There aren't an abundance of American minorities but I think our voices are heard and that students are excepted.


My classmates were internally motivated, typically, and wanted to be at this school.


Everyone is really supportive of each other. I'm never afraid to ask a classmate for help inside or outside of class.


Friendly, strange, egotistical, and occasionally talented.


Some of my classmates are very intelligent and focused on what they want to do for the rest of their lives. They are very motivating and up-lifting.




My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


Diverse for the most part.


My classmates are very open-minded and usually friendly, but some are a little pompous (the ego is a factor at a performance-based school) and it can be difficult to deal with.


Most of them are future doctors.


Fun, energetic, creative, open to new ideas, and all around driven to be the best they can be.


Laid back, academic, pro-active, smart, friendly, liberal, talented.


Overall, my classmates that I work closest with seem to be very driven to succeed and take in the most out of their education.