Oklahoma City University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's distinctive arts program in music and dance.


The performing arts. The school of dance is one of very few in the country. The school of theater is brand new but rising quickly. The school of music gets a lot of renown from its distinguished alumni.


Oklahoma City University is best known for its liberal arts program. It is one of the top schools for acting and music, and the Ann Lacy School of Dance has one of the best dance programs in the country. Students come from all over to major in dance performance, dance management, or dance pedagogy. OCU is also has a high acceptance rate into graduate schools, such as medical school. The General Education requirements create a well-rounded, liberal arts program that introduces students to a plethora of disciplines and ideas.


The School of Dance and the School of Music are the most impressive and well-known departments at my school. They are also highly respected in the performing arts community. Both the Dance and Music schools have produced stars in theatre and television. Many great classical musicians have come from the School of Music. If you have a degree in music from Oklahoma City University, you already have a good reputation in the music industry.


Mostly for our performing arts programs. This includes theatre, dancing, vocal, and instrumental music. Our music building is very competitive and capable. We have very good basketball teams, for both women and men. We also have a women's wrestling team. All these contribute to the fact that we are known for having a higher porportion of homosexuals. The campus is very open to other lifestyles. This is especially comfoting because it is a private, methodist school. The school is very expensive, which is also widely acknoledged.


The school is most known for its dance program as well as its music program.


Being a liberal arts university.


OCU is best known for the arts in the artistic world, the law school in the law world, the nursing school in the nursing world, and the business school in the business world. Though everyone seems to stick to their own group, OCU is especially well known in those areas. However we're primarily known for our music and dance programs.


This school is best known for it's liberal arts programs. It is also well known for its nursing, law, and business program.


Oklahoma City University is best none for their fine art programs.


My school is best known for our dance school.


The school is best known for its law program as well as the Registered nursing program that is in the top ten percent of the best Nursing schools in the nation.


"Where you're a name not a number". Our school is very small and close-knit.


The performing arts. If you want to make a career as an intelligent, professional performer, OCU is the place to be.


Performing arts, Dance school, Music School., Business School, School of Nursing, Law School , and Athletics are all the best things about are University.