Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell the student to definitely visit their potential college campus/es. This way they are familiar with the possible surroundings that they would be around. They should also talk to current students and find out what they don't tell you in the brochures, such as what campus life is really. They should also find out if the college offers things that they are interested in and has opportunities for them to get involved on campus. Once enrolled, join a group or organization for greek frat/sorority and make friends in your major. Getting involved on campus allows you to make friends, both in the classroom and off campus. They can advise you in which professor to take and which to avoid, give you notes and make good study buddies. Most of all though, future students definitely need to prioritize. They need to rank their school work, family, friends, work, sports, church and other categories in importance to them and not let something that is lesser on their list interfere with something that means more to them. Most of all, live it up. Make the most of what they can. College is only once in a lifetime, enjoy.


It's hard finding that one school that will be your second home for four years or more. The moment you step on the campus you will know that it is the campus for you. It is stressful trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, but you don't need to know right away. Try to first find the school that makes you feel comfortable, but also try to figure out if they have something that might interest you. Finding the right college is difficult, but the search is quite worth it. The college experience is amazing. I was a child with strict parents, but it helped me out in the long run. You learn a lot from your parents, however, you need to live YOUR life in college. Even though your parents expect much of you enjoy what you have at the moment and live life the way you want to. Don't let others put you down; enjoy college because it will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!


When looking at colleges to attend, do not hesitate visiting the campuses. A campus tour will not only allow you to interact on the campus, but also give you an opportunity to feel what it would be like to be a student attending that college. Usually a campus tour is given by a student, therefore, a friend is automatically made. I gave tours at Oklahoma City University as one of my on-campus jobs, and I am friends with the students I toured. The second point of advice is to look at the security of the campus. Oklahoma City University is well protected by our Campus Police. The officers are very approachable and easy to talk to. I feel very safe on my campus and even have the police number saved in my cell phone just in case I need a ride to my car at night. The third point of advice is to check out jobs and organizations on campus. It is always important to be involved with peers. College is the place where friends-for-life are made. Being part of an organization and/or having an enjoyable on-campus job is very important.


Find out where you feel comfortable and feel like you will still be challenged. I went and visited my colleges that I was accepted to and nothing felt right until I came here and everything just fit. so you will know the direction that God is pointing you in if you listen and feel it out!


I would focus most on what you are going to the school for, such as what you are majoring in. Do not let the social life or Greek life influence your choice. I promise you that you will always adjust to the social life anywhere you go. What you cannot easily adjust to is how happy you are with the education you're getting. Do your reseach on the alumi from the school and don't be afraid to ask for your current teacher's opinion on the schools you're interested in. Also, paying a visit to the school can really influence your decision. The moment I walked onto my campus to audition, I felt like I belonged there. It's amazing the effect just being in a place can have on a person.


My advice to anyone would be to understand that it's very hard to know exactly what you want to do with your life. Some people are able to know long before they ever get to college, but for some people, college is part of that process. So, quite crucial that when you are considering colleges, you find a place that you are pertty sure you can feel comfortable in. You need to find a place that feels like it could be home for you. Secondly, at least based on my own experience, I think it's very importnat that students find a place that's far enough away from home that you can't live with your folks. I love my parents dearly, but I'm so glad that I've gotten far enough away from home that I'm able to create relationships with people that are true and deep, and will last a lifetime. So it's important, imperative even, to build strong friendships, because college has great potential to be the best, but also the hardest time in yor life.


College is a very excited time. Parents, make sure that your child understands that it is not all fun and college is serious and hard at some times, but you make lifelong friends .


My advice to give to the parents and students are to go visit the college or university that they are interested in to find what majors are available at that college. The parents and students should see if what they are looking for are there. Meet the professors and get to know the environment would help the students to see if that college is right for them. Basically, get to know the college that they are interested in and see what they have to offer.


Don't come to college expecting it to be as easy as high school. It shouldn't be. Come expecting to meet many new people who are very different from you. Also, make sure that you look at all of your options. Go on several campus visits. Don't settle for any university just because of one thing. You want the whole package. You will be attending this college (hopefully) for the next four years and you don't want to regret the choice you made.


As an athlete the one question I would recommend is, "If you weren't playing your sport, would you still want to attend this school?" Make sure you feel like you fit in at the school. Ask current students their honest opinion about the school, the food, the social life, the professors, and any other insights they want to share. College is not just school, it will become your home for at least four years, make sure you pick a school where you will enjoy living for that period of time. When you do finally make a decision, get involved from the start. Go to freshmen orientation, talk to people, and don't be shy as hard as that may be. You don't know anyone, you may be intimidated, but so is every other person there. Everyone is new; no one knows each other so don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Get involved in groups, but make sure to leave plenty of time for your school work. Never forget, you are there first to get an education, and second to make lifelong friends and have a good time.


If I could give potential incoming college students/parents advice, I would say carefully choose the schools they apply to, and invest in college visits. It is obviously a big decision, and there are factors about a college that a student may not consider until arrive. Of course the field of study is the most important, but smaller factors like the dorms, cafeteria, and general atmosphere of the campus can seriously effect the experience. Once students arrive at college, I would tell them to seize every opportunity. There are opportunities to network once you enter college, even as a freshman, and they are just as important as schoolwork and exams. To me, school isn't all about the grades, it is about discovering what direction you want your life to take. If you don't seize opportunities outside the classroom, you could miss out on something that could change your life and what you want to do with it. Be open to new experiences and don't be exclusive. Staying in a bubble with people of your same major and interests might be easy and comfortable, but you can learn about the world and yourself if you break that bubble.


Utilize all your resources and check all your options before making a decision. Be as actively involved as possible.


Start early.


It is important to know what you ant to go to shool for. It is important that the student finds a school where he/she will feel comfortable on campus and with the surrounding area. When in school, students should make the best of their experience by being apart of the activilies around them. It is important that parents emotionally, and spiritually support the student and allow the student to find themselve. This is a time for change in a young person's life and the parents should repect that and allow the student to find out who they are and know that their parents will be there for them to support them. College is a new life and new culture, the student should be willing to get out and be apart of the campus life and enjoy there time with studying and life away from studying.


Go visit the college and get a feel for the campus and how campus life is. One of the most important things at college is to feel comfortable in the envirement. Also, talk to students other than the ones that the college presents to you so you can get the real story of what goes on on campus.


Be sure to stay focused and not get caught up in everything going on around you. It is important to have a good social life, but you will never make where you want in life being lazy. Stay on top of what you need to do, and make sure you finish on time. So get up, and get back to work!


When choosing the right college for you it is important to know the size of the school you are comfortable with and how far away from home you want to be. These two things can help students and parents make a general decision on what kind of school is best and in what location. Some other things that are important to consider when choosing a college are the area around the campus ( if there are restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment close by), the availability and cost of on-campus housing, and the kind of interaction between people on campus. The best advice I can give is to visit a college more than once before making a decision. This allows you to interact with students on campus and decide if they are the people you would want to be around every day. When it comes to making the most of the college experience my advice is to join as many student organizations as possible. This is the best way to make friends who share your interests, and good friends are the key to a fun and well-balanced college experience. Always Choose friends who are supportive of your goals and ambitions.


Find where you can express yourself and be you, but also a place that will help make you the person you want to be. Make the most of every experience so that you don't miss an oportunity.


When choosing which college or university to attend, one must take into consideration the following criteria: degree options, financial commitment, prestige, and campus life. The best way to further explain these criteria is through my personal experience. In 2005, my mother and I conducted a nation-wide search of college dance programs. At first I wanted to double major in Dance and Business, but then I discovered my dream degree: Oklahoma City University?s Bachelor of Science degree in Dance Management. Next we decided if OCU was a reasonable financial option. OCU was pricier than we'd hoped, but never underestimate the power of high SAT/ACT scores, scholarships, and Student Loan programs. Once discovered, OCU appeared everywhere! OCU?s dance and arts management graduates are known worldwide for their technique and professionalism. I had to become a part of it. After visiting OCU I was hooked. I loved the small class sizes, friendly atmosphere, and numerous student organizations. Campus life was exactly what I wanted: fun without being a distraction from my main purpose, my education. Therefore these criteria can help one choose the college that best suits oneself, resulting in the perfect match and ultimate college experience.


Visits are very important, but more important for the student than the parent. The student needs to feel comfortable with the campus, and the parent needs to respect the student's choice even if they feel it's not right. Visiting a campus and touring/speaking with administrators/faculty/staff is critical.


a school where your son or daughter can be acedemically happy as well as socially happy what ever that means to them, not having one or the other can take away from the college experience.


Examine your goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and figure out what you want out of your college experience. Then, make a list of schools you may be interested in, and talk to seniors at those schools. See if their experiences sound like what you are hoping for. After you decide on a college, remember that you only have four years there, so make the best them. Meet new people, try new things, and have fun.


College is a different experience to everyone. Find the best possible college that fits you as an individual. It's sometimes hard to come up with the money, but do not let that be the deciding factor holding you back from your dream school. Don't let the work load deter you either. If you work hard you'll get through it. I am a living example of this. I have struggled with severe dyslexia all my life but with the help of my professors and peers I am making a 4.0 this semester! I takes hard work but it is by no means impossible. While the work load is sometimes enourmous, college is also social trainging. It's training for when you go out into the real world. I would go as far to say that college is 50 percent acedemic and 50 percent social. You have to react alot more with your professors to tell them what is going on with your acemdimic life, espeacilly if you go to a small privite college like me. It is sometimes easy to shut yourself off but DON'T. You will be missing out on of what your paying for.


Ask them, Whats their passion ? and from there find the best school with the best program. Then start looking at location and pricing. After that it should be easy. All you have to do is take a tour of the school and see how it feels to the student/parents.


Make sure you keep your options open.


Be sure the school's beliefs line up with yours and that you will feel comfortable on campus. Make sure you find a place to fit yourself in to so you don't spend those years alone. Try everything you can try; learn new things and go for opportunities when they present themselves. But make sure you take care of yourself- mom and dad aren't around to do it for you anymore.


Having a good work ethic will make the college experience wonderful.


Make sure you get to visit the colleges you are thinking about goint to. Check off the financial aid/loans that the colleges have to offer. Look at activities/ clubs that can fun and get to know more about our school.


Parents should both guide and trust their child will make their choice on thier own terms. If the parent is forceful in thier direction, the child will rebel and likely turn up choosing a place that may not be in their own interests. Also if the parent is not available for counseling, the child may not have an informed decision. A healthy balance of both is essential to maintain guidance to help the child choose a place that is right for them.


Really look into what you can and can not afford. College is hard, and you never know when you're really going to need some extra money. Also- be open to who you are and wht you're becoming- it's easy to go off to school knowing what you want to do with your life, but it's difficult to listen to yourself enough to realize there may be something better for you. Listen to yourself, and don't feel stuck in a major just because you have a scholorship there or something. Explore it all and have no regrets.


Just make sure that you get the bang for your buck. If you're going to be in financial debt for the rest of your life, make sure it's worth it.

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