Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Classes are small at OCU and all of your classes are taught by real professors. The requirements are confusing but they do allow for flexibility. Many majors already require so much of students, that they have taken issue with the administrators and pushed for gen. ed. requirements to be reformed and made easier. Many classes require large scale semester long projects. The religion requirements are actually eye-opening and beneficial. The departments are small but this allows students to have more time with professors. Students seem to be studying all the time and intellectual conversations happen all the time in the "caf".


The professors know your name, even in intro classes. There are multiple sections every semester of the biggest gen eds so you won't miss them (the opposite is true of some of your upper level major classes). The professors teach the class themselves, and there are no teacher's assistants. Some of the general education requirements are trite, but others like Dan May's World Religions class are excellent. I enjoy my departments: the Mass Comm, Mgmt, and Spanish departments are all easy to work with. I prefer the new tech-filled business building to plain old Walker but the resources like the Mass Comm only Mac lab are excellent. I like the fact that OCU's Broadcast department gets you involved quicker than some of the larger programs. In my first full semester in the program I was filming television shows. The arts programs aren't cake-walks. My music school friends live in the "Bass" and often complain about how hard theory is. The dance school is notorious for "owning your life". In order to make room for weekend evening events, I've had to ask students to study elsewhere. I've engaged in hour long philosophy discussion in the cafeteria.