Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

papa souleymane ndiouck

the most popular student activities are SPORTS; create foundation ;solidarity; siminery ; meeting international students


The Student Goverment Association which includes the Student Activities Committee is very popular and hosts the biggest events on campus. The largest regular organizations are the five Greek organizations: Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, and Alpha Chi Omega. The fraternities are both very strong, however most guys live on campus. The sororities are even stronger with three organizations, although they do not have residential houses. The Multicultural Student Association, which is made up minorities and foreign students, is popular as well. In addition to this most nationalities have their own smaller organizations, as well as the minorities. Now that Centennial Hall has been added more students live on campus. The SGA puts on numerous events per week. The schools alcohol policy means that most parties take place off campus. Evening events are often going downtown or small dorm parties.


There is a club for just about everything here; and if there isn't you can make one. I've meet most of my friends through the different clubs I've been a part of. I especially enjoy Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature where students go to the capitol to simulate government. Delta Alpha Chi, or DAX, is the local mens Christian service fraternity and give guys a way to make great friends, grow spiritually and serve others. SAC and SGA, the activity planning and student government groups, put on most of the big events on campus. Free Movie Night at a downtown theater happens most months and draws a big crowd. Homecoming is full of fun traditions the biggest being Lip Sync, a funny prerecorded satirical skit about pop culture, OCU, and the Homecoming theme. The performing arts are a big deal here. Many weekends revolve around around popular plays, dance shows or operas. Greek life is pretty big at OCU. About a fifth of the campus is Greek; the fraternities and sororities are some the largest organizations on campus. The after hours social life is dominated by the Greeks; although the campus is "dry" so they are more discreet than OU keggers. The "after-hours" and "weekend" social scene is pretty small and happens at houses nearby. Other than hanging out with friends there is nothing to do Saturday night that doesn't involve partying. Some just go to the clubs downtown or in Bricktown.