Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only downside I can think of for OCU is that it is a private college. This makes it expensive. Other than that, this is a great school.


The requirement that all students that live in the dorms purchase a food plan is not reasonable for some and the school should offer additional options, including the option to decline the food plan. Although the cafeteria offers many options, it would be less expensive for those of us who are responsible for paying for college to purchase our own food at a nearby grocery store. I pay (actually borrow), $4,000 per year to pay for a food plan that I don't have time or need to use and it's very frustrating.


The worst thing about the school is that there is so much being offered through classes and extracurricular activities one could not possibly do them all in the sixteen week semester time period.


The worst thing would have to be the traffic surrounding the school. We are located in the city so rush hours tend to get a little busy. Nothing too serious however. You just need to leave about 10-30 minutes earlier depending on how far your going and at what time you are suppose to be there.


How much it costs, and not getting quite what I pay for. Also, the type of people that go to school here are very nice yet not loyal or reliable at times.


Oklashoma city is very expensive and there is no need to rais the tuition every year.


The cafeteria is less than impressive. The meal plans are excessively expensive. It is always hard to find something healthy to eat. I often go to dinner and end up eating cereal instead of any of the prepared meals. In addition, the hours are terrible. Students often have rehearsals that keep them busy most of the night, but dinner is only offered for two hours.


The worst thing about my current University is the cost of tuition. I chose Oklahoma City University because they have an accelerated program for my bachelor's in nursing, however, it costs over $13,000 per semester to attend. I moved back to Oklahoma, my homestate, to save money while going for my second bachelor's.


The dance program. They seem to care very little about how their students are actually doing emotionally in their life. That particular program only cares about the product that it sends out into the world. There is a way to create a great product while caring at the same time. There are some teachers within the department who care, but the head of the program couldn't care less.


The lack of courses available to film students. The inability for a Film department to have their own equipment to enrich the learning curve for the majors.


Nothing, I just don't belong here.


The worst thing about my school is not having enough financial aids for more students to attend this university. Oklahoma City University is a private school. The tuition fees are expensive. I couldn't attend this school if I don't have the scholarship to help me out. Lot of high school students are missing out their opportunity to attend this school because of the financial aid problem. I think this university is great, but the expensive to get into this university is very high for those who don't have the money to attend.


The school's large focus on the arts is so heavy that its high-caliber sports don't get enough attention.


how much it costs


The Food service are really bad and unorganized.