Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student that is well driven and has a passion for what they do, is the best fit for Oklahoma City University


This school, even though it is small in numbers, has a very diverse student population. Someone who enjoys small classes and one-on-one time with teachers would love this school. Also if they like the small campus and seeing pretty much the same people everday. It is like a giant famliy here.


Someone not looking for a crazy college atmosphere. There is an active social side to the school, but many of the students are very driven and interested in what they are doing and focus on obtaining as much knowledge and information as they can while they're here at school.


People who enjoy a liberal, free-thinking atmosphere, as well as a strong sense of community and purpose will do well at OCU.


Someone wanting a smaller college for a more personal experience


Anybody should have the opportunity to attend this school if they are willing to work hard for his or her future and to seek what they want in their lives.


OCU is very expensive , and it is difficult to afford. Someone with dependable finacial aid would be good for this school. Open-minded students also would be more comfortable at OCU, as it is very liberal and art-focused. It feels like a bubble sometimes, and it is dificult to connect with the real world for me sometimes, so students need to be prepared for a small school. It reminds me of high school at times, and news travels fast, so it is good for students to be comfortable with small communities.


Anyone who wants to have a supportive community behind them at all times. Anyone who wants to be able to explore areas of interest outside thier major. Anyone who wants to be able to have thier teachers know thier name and thier accopmlishments.


Someone who enjoys small class sizes, a strong sense of community, and always seeing a friend/acquaintance on the way to class. Most people come here for the following majors: dance, theatre, voice, music theatre, business, religion, or nursing. Also, someone who won't be devastated that we don't have a football team, because I was pretty disappointed about that. But don't fret - we have 18 other sports teams you can go watch!


A open minded person. One who tolerent of homosexual. A freindly person who like a small campus feel.


A open, flexible, out-going,loving, passionate,easy going, school sprited person.