Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If someone is looking for the "big college experience", with big parties, huge campus, large Greek life, etc. would not like this school. This school is more laid back and not for big party people.


If the person just want to keep busy and doesn't want to get educated, thjey are better let others to take an advantage of the benefits.


Oklahoma City University is a diverse campus. You can find any type of person here. If I were to pick out a certain type of person, I'd say the slacker, one who doesn't want to obtain a degree in the first place. If your that much of a slacker, you won't survive here at OCU. The teacher expectations are high for this private school. You won't fly through any course without putting in effort. It's unrealistic; you must have work ethic to succeed.


The person who should attend this school is someone who knows what he or she wants in life. Whom is not scared to express them selfs in anyway shape or fashion.also ii would say the peoson has to be willing to work hard and go the rigors of long study hours.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person who doesn't want to change.


someone who is only interested in partying and goofing off.


People who are not focused should not attend this school. In order to succeed and graduate from this college a student HAS GOT to be focused.


closed minded people mayhave trouble adjusting to the diversity


The kind of person who doesn't want to learn an academic, analysis way of their studies.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who does not want one on one contact with the teacher, small and personal class size and the ability to know everyone on campus. Someone who has no interest in the fine arts or a want to volunteer and give back to their community wouldn't fit in, as well as someone who doesn't want to have school spirit and get involved on clubs on campus. Someone who doesn't want to have a unique college experience probably shouldn't attend OCU.


Someone who is looking to live in a very libral city.


People at my school seem to have a very posotive and upbeat attitude towards life in general (or so I would gather based on my own group of friends). So, someone who is a "glass- half-empty" sort of person probably should not attend my school. Also, my school is quite small, so everytime you are on campus, you are likely to see several people who want to talk to you, so if you're a person who likes to hide in the crowds, again, not the place for you.


Someone who is homophobic, doesn't like to work hard, or who does not like the Arts.


Someone who really liked high school, and they want to keep the close leash on.


You should not attend this school if your goal is a low paying job, like teaching. This school is just too expensive for that.