Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Most students in degree programs similar to mine do not have future plans in mind. Also, they are no concerned about grades or learning academically.


With that being said, the small size has it's downfall. If you think you can skip classes, think again. When there's 12 of you in a class, the professor is going to know if someone is missing. OCU at times can feel like an extension of high school. With many students being performers, it can be very cliquey. The athletes sit with the athletes, dancers with dancers, theatre students with theatre students, etc. And rumors spread fast at a school with 3K. Everyone seems to know everyones business.


I did not think there was much to do there. The weather is cold so if you are from a warm state you may not like it. To me it did not feel lik I was in college, more like a private high school. Their tap program is really good but I think their jazz is really old school. Sometimes I felt like I was doing things I did when I was five.


I would say that it is thelevel of focus. students are very focus and in there carrer path that they tend to not enjoy the other people around them thats in there learning enviroment.


The school is very centered on money, if you do not have a lot of it you are not treated very well. The more money you have to give the school, the better you are treated and the quicker any problems you have are taken care of.


The most frustrating thing about Oklahoma City University is the amount of money it takes to attend. However, it is worth every penny.


The lack of opportunities to work on campus. The police force dwelling on things that are not important. How easy and simple the classes are.


That it costs so much to go here.


The fact that it IS so small makes it seem like new opertunities don't come up very often- it's the same much of the time.