Oklahoma City University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


OCU truly cares about each and every student there. The small size allows professors to get to know their students on a first name basis, and gives the students the chance to connect and learn without feeling swallowed up in a 300 student lecture hall class. Everyone at the school is success driven and motivated to do their best. It's a school with professors, students, and alumni that push each other to be the best they can be.


Well, I will be transferring to ASU in the Fall. This school was not for me. It would be great for someone that wants a small school experience. You can get to know people easy because it is so small. It is easy to get around because it is so small. Everything is right outside your dorm which is great. It has very small classes which some people really like.


my school is close-knit and convenient. It's a small campus, and the class rooms are small so you actually get one-on-one time with your professors. Your professors know you by name, and genuinely care about your success. You also have a close group of friends; everyone knows everyone. There is hardly any traffic around campus either. These are just a few of the benefits of attending a small school.


It's rather small which allows teachers to know their students on a personal level.


Oklahoma City University is one of the most diverse places in terms of culture that I have ever been. People from all walks of life and every differing political view reside here, and to me, Oklahoma City University is a veritable melting pot for cultures, opinions, and people. People at this school are slow to judge others, and accept everyone with open arms. This has helped me to become more open with other people, and appreciate the individuality that resides in everyone.


The people.


The quality of professors from my school, the Wanda L. Bass School of Music. There are some amazingly first-rate professors there. My vocal teachers were two of the best in the nation as far as I'm concerned. And the faculty are all very friendly and more than willing to help out a student in need.


the relationships between students, faculty and administration


Small class sizes and support from professors


The profesors are very atentive to their students.


I can't really think of anything.


The best thing about my school is that it is easy to transition to. It wasn't a huge shock to adjust to college life out of high school.


I feel that this school offeres students an opportunity tobetter themselves. The faculty are very supportive and are willing to help their students be successful.


The sucess of all of our students and the their passion for their craft plus their all so unique


Because I am an Acting major, the availability and exposure to so many different art forms and artists. This strengthens me as an artist, makes me more well rounded, and makes me so much more comfortable in my surroundings.


If you want a small school enviornment, this is perfect- especially if you into any sort of performing arts. We are ranked incredibly high in every performing art discipline, and the professors are very experienced- dance especially. This also means there's always a show or concert of some kind almost every weekend.


We have some of the best arts training because of our faculty.