Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Always look up. When you climb always look up. If you are constantly looking down at your footing you will miss your task, your goals, and the danger above you. Its important to have strong footing when you are hooking a pole but your focus shouldn't be where you are standing but where you're going. Being a high voltage lineman is hard and there will be moments where you'll want to pack up and quit but look up. Your future is up, keep your eyes fixed up. When you reach the top, and have no more steps to take. When you finish what ever task you were sent up that pole to do, don't look down at those below you, don't look out across that distant horizon. Look up and take in that heavenly view because your future isn't at your feet or at the end of a pole but cast out amongst the stars.


Slow down. College is a struggle but it is nothing that you can't handle. You'll be blessed with an amazing roommate and your teachers will be understanding and down to Earth. College is so much better than your high school experience. The classes are more challenging and you're free to be the you you always wanted. You are in charge of your own future. So take a breath. Ease up on those three jobs you're working. The money isn't worth the memories you'll miss. Focus on the extra college classes you have. Your family isn't proud of the extra income, they're proud of your grades and dedication! I know it is hard. I know you are stressed. I also know you have so many more supporters than you could ever imagine. People you have never met believe in your success. Don't be embarrassed to show them (or your friends and family) you appreciate them. Keep your grades and head held high. Trust me, you'll be grateful later.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have to tell myself, that it is not as easy as I thought it was. It is difficult being a full time student while also working a full time job. Trying to make ends meet and paying the bills that need to be paid while also paying for school. Sometimes you have to do without, but in the end you are going to be so proud of yourself. You will get the chance to look back and see what you have accomplished. I would also tell myself to not even think about giving up, like I thought about so many times during my senior year. It is not even worth it. You are going to love college but it will be difficult. It is not easy making friends but the friends you do make, you will love with everything and they will be there for you. You guys will stick together, so do not worry about anything, everything will fall in place for yourself. Good Luck!


I have learned quite a bit in my classes that I am attending.


My college experience at OSUIT has thusfar exceeded my expectations. As a Food Network-junkie, I craved the knowledge and know-how that I witnessed onscreen. Attending Culinary Arts classes has allowed me to cultivate relationships with experienced chefs and take off on a culinary career of my own. Instead of evenings spent watching Paula Deen and Bobby Flay after a long day at an uninspiring desk job, I'm creating dishes of my own and making my career aspirations come true. This college experience has brought so much joy to my life that was missing previously. Dead-end jobs were leading me to cynicism and untold unhappiness. The moment I set foot on OSUIT campus, things were looking up; the sun shown a little brighter and my smile reflected the excitement that was stirring within. Now, instead of dragging myself out of bed to a job that I despise, I roar out of the covers in the morning, anticipating the priceless knowledge that the day is awakened to. An education and degree in Culinary Arts is proving to be a valuable journey.


My first semester of college was terrible. I kept my full-time job, went to a technical school for photography every morning for 3 hours, and started at a community college full-time. I lost weight and a significant amount of sleep. This was not the smartest thing I could have done. I thought I had to do everything perfectly and it ended up putting too much stress on me. I forgot that my sanity was more important than school. So if I could go back in time, I would tell myself to remember school is important, but not the most important thing in life. God comes first, then family, then school. I still make straight A's, but I have learned not to kill myself in the process.


I would tell myself to always work hard and to always keep a cool head no matter how difficult it gets. I worked hard all the way through high school but I could have worked harder. College is a challenge, and I've had to work even harder than I did in high school. But as long as I stay focused on my goals and as long as I'm determined to succeed no matter what, than I know I will do great.


If I ever had the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior I would probably slap myself and say " get your act together it's a big bad world out there and you are just a microscopic part of it." I would also tell myself to develop better study habits and never put off doing a big project until the week it's due. Another thing I would have to tell myself is don't be satisfied with a B when you know you are capable of getting the A if you just put a little more effort into your work. Of course, I would have had to throw some positive in there. Like, you make great friends, learn a lot of new things, and will absolutly love college so go for it!


I would recommend that I study a little harder for the ACT so that I would have a better score which would qualify me for more scholarships. I would also tell myself that college is nothing to get nervous about. As long as you study and show up to class you have a really good chance of doing well in all your classes. Remember to have fun becuase as important as school is you still need to laugh and celebrate life and your accomplishments. Make lots of friends and make the most of your college experience.


I would tell my self to stay in school, that I could go to college and do better with my life. That it is not as hard to go to college , that even thought you are not asupper smart person you still can go to college. You will have to apply youself harder but you can do it . All you have to do is belive in yourself.


That is not all that bad. The teachers are willing to help. You can do it.


Do your homework. What I mean by this is do plenty of research of school possibilities and the degrees that they offer. I would recommend that you apply for every scholarship available and use your awards wisely. I would also recommend that the student hold a variety of jobs during high school that will help them to realize what they are interested in and good at. Most of all I would recommend that the student be persistent in aiming for success while at the same time focus on getting a marketable degree.


To students I would advise that they keep in mind what they are there for. Remember that while the college experience is fun the most important thing to obtain while there is a marketable degree. There are many degrees that sound fun when you say them but don't add value to your marketability in the workforce. Be careful to choose a college that offers a degree that will be something you can build a quality life around. I realize that we should not allow a careed to take priority over our families and God but we should plan our college aroung a career that will bring us personal satisfaction both in what we do and where we live. To parents I would advise that they keep in mind that the first year at college is the toughest. If you can help your student get throuth that one it should get easier from there. If not maybe your student is not in the school that is right for him or here.