Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A very close knit and friendly campus that is proud of their orange!


This is a very friendly, family oriented university, with a gorgeous campus and wonderful research oppurtunities.


Oklahoma State University is not only a college but it's a community filled with people that care about your academic goals along with your personal goals. Oklahoma State is a support system of students that all want you to succeed and are willing to help. OSU is not just a school it's my home away from home.


OSU gives you the perfect college experience.


My university gives so many incredible opportunities to students like myself to strive for success through academics, many leadership roles, and community service opportunities.


My school is a group of very driven, hardworking, diverse individuals that are friendly and understanding.


Oklahoma State Univeristy focuses on the success of former students in their educational and future careers within their desired major.


OSU is very pretty. The buildings are spread out so it doesn't looked crammed. However, it seems like a long way across campus if you don't know your way around.


A very natural, comfortable environment that is dedicated to serve their students whole heartedly and with every thing they have so that their students can graduate and be successful people inside and out as they continue to grow.


This school is filled with school spirity, academic integrity, and filled with great opportunities for students who want to make a difference in the near future with their intellectual minds.


Oklahoma State is a fun, lots to do, and you still get a good education if that is what you want and not just partying.


My school is a home away from home.


Keep an open mind about the small town setting because the campus is a very diverse and entertaining place.


This school is challenging but allows time for fun activities.


Oklahoma State University is intellectually stimulating.


There is a lot of school spirit here and everyone is very friendly.


My school is very welcoming to new people, but it also takes very good care of the older students so that they come out of school prepared and ready for the working world.


My school is amazing. It has a gorgeous campus. The sports life is also great, OSU has won 49 championship titles, more than any other college or university in the nation. I think its a great place to go, and fabulous to obtain a college degree from there. Everyone on campus is extremely friendly and you can easily obtain help from anyone on campus if you are lost or confused. It feels like home.


A diverse and fun school that is extremely academic based too.


It is a fun, friendly, and helpful environment.


OSU is a proud school that pushes its students to do well academically so as to promote the school in business and career environments.


The school that makes you want to do something great with your life.


My school is known as one of the colleges in the Big 12 conferences.


Oklahoma State University is a very laid back school, the professors are very helpful, and most of the students are very happy and pleasant.


The number one school spirited university in the country.


Oklahoma State means friendly peers, helpful teachers, beautiful buildings, great opportunities, and orange as far as the eye can see!


Oklahoma State University has a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere.


Oklahoma State University is a place I had always thought about going to school but now that I am there it truly is a once in a lifetime experience full of opportunities!


Osu is such a friendly environment and a beautiful campus with school spirited, sucessful students that are working hard to acheive there academic goals.


Oklahoma State University is a wonderful school with very friendly and diverse people.


Oklahoma State cares acidemic growth, but more importantly personal growth.


OSU is a place where you can find somewhere you belong.


OSU is a very enjoyable and diverse school that offers a great education and a great sports program and is a blast for all who attend.


OSU is an innovative, inspiring school with many fields of study that can lead to a productive future for students attending here.


Oklahoma State Univeristy is an amazing school with many different career paths, opportunities for student involvment and new friendships


Oklahoma State University provides an academically and socially enriching environment for individuals of any age, gender, race, religion.


Very school spirited and lively.


My school is rural in nature due to the argicaultural basis in this region.


The school is dominated by mostly small town conservative Oklahomans.


My school is open to all races and ethnic backgrounds, and of any financial statuses; my campus is very friendly to everyone.