Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

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the vive that the school gives towards its students.


We are a tobacco free campus and also one of the healthiest campuses in Oklahoma. Our gym, which is named the Colvin Center, is huge and inviting. We are a very safe campus, security will walk you to your dorm any time from seven to three a.m.


When i visited Oklahoma State I was taken aback by the southern hospitaltiy everyone exuded. Any person on campus would walk you to your destination if you were lost, men would hold doors open, and the administration were genuinly concerned about you. It was the most welcoming campus as a whole, than any other college i visited.


The student atmosphere is much friendlier than some of the other schools I toured. The campus always seems so alive and active and theres something going on every week.


The school spirit at Oklahoma State is unique. I've visited several other universities before and during my residency at OSU. When you're at OSU, you feel at home and welcomed by all your peers, especially if you're sporting bright orange. Even if you're the rival team, the fans and students at OSU aren't harassing or off putting. This friendliness comes from the fact that Oklahoma State is located in small town, Oklahoma.


What's unique about Oklahoma State is the "bursar" system. All of the students can charge their purchases to their student ID. It's quick and easy and you just have one bill to pay. I believe it is the best and most efficient arrangment and more colleges should use a system similar to this one. Oklahoma State University also has the prettiest campus I have seen, it was definatley a factor in deciding where I wanted to come to school.


Oklahoma State University offered me many opportunities to expand my horizons. The people that I have met and developed relationships with at Oklahoma State University have inspired me to change my focus to leadership within the College of Agriculture. Faculty members strive to see their students succeeding in academics, leadership roles, and community service. The major reason I decided to attend this university was the opportunities to dive into so many opportunities and develop myself to the fullest potential possible.


School spirit runs deep on campus. If you don't know much about football, you will learn here. OSU has a great history from humble beginnings and they haven't forgotten where OSU started.


Oklahoma State University is the only school in Oklahoma that offers Pre-Veterinary schooling. If you attend OSU for your undergraduate you have a better chance of getting in to the Vet school, which is a very competitive school. Anthother thing that is unique to OSU is the "free" things. Anything that is said to be free actually came out of your tuition. So the tuitoring, bus rides, laundry, everything "free" you are paying for it so it makes you want to use these convieniences much more.


The family that is made up of OSU students and facilty is like no other. Everyone supports each other. I have never had a bad teacher here and I like every class that I have taken. Teacher do their best to help the students learn and even the students help each other. There's tutoring for almost any subject. Everyone wants to see you succeed!


OSU is a lot friendlier than the other campuses I've visited. It's big enough so you won't see the same people all the time, but still small enough for you not to get lost.


The people and the learning envoriment


OSU has a diverse academic buffet to choose from. its pretty well known in the region for engineering, nutrition research, and education. its an upper middle quality school that doesn't require alot to get in to and its inexpensive. the professors are a lot more engaging than those at other schools i sat in on classes in. Finally there's the people. I visit friends at other campuses everyonce in a while and the general kindness of the people here is far above the rest.


OSU has a very positive outlook for it's students. They help you find a job throughout your college career so that when you graduate you will either have a job or know where to look to find one. OSU also has amazing school spirit. There is always something going on on campus and there are a lot of clubs and stuff so that you can get involved and meet new people.


Oklahoma State University provided me a high quality degree that was relevant to the job market. OSU is a recognized university in every major metropolitan area in the midwest and southwest. This translates into more employment and career opportunities. The instructors are very dedicated to the success of their students and are also loyal to OSU as many have graduated there and have returned to teach. What sets OSU apart from most other universities is the feeling you get once you arrive on campus. Oklahoma State University is truly the complete college experience; academically and socially.


I love the campus. I love the people. The second I walked on campus, I knew OSU was for me.


Focused on young students at the main campus and working students at the branching campuses


What is unique about my school compared to other schools I have considered is the diversity and willingness for people to assist you. I chose this school because when I walk on campus I can embrace many different cultures and explore them as well. When I first came to this campus I realized how helpful everyone is and how nice and encouraging the people here are. That is something that I did not get at the other schools I considered.


Simply to say that the most unique thing about my school would have to be the people. Friendly, out-going, smart people that like to have a good time, yet can turn it around and be able to study at the right times. The campus life is very open, and absolutely fun. Living in community dorms, lifestyle can be described as, everyone knows you. From the moment you step foot on campus, one can be met with a warm greeting and friendly smile.


I think that Oklahoma State University has a "homey" feel to it. I am orginally from a small town and being in Stillwater gives me that small town feel while going to a state school. I also love OSU's homecoming! It is so exciting.


The freindly atmosphere would be the most unqiue aspect of Oklahoma State University. Anywhere a person goes there will most likely be someone there to aid you in some way. The faculty is particularly helpful and friendly. I think this vibe comes from the "small town hospitality" of Stillwater, Oklahoma.


My school is still fundamentally an agriculturally based school, but slowly and surely they are trying to become a technology and business based University. The are striving to change their image and become more condusive to a global student base.


I really liked Oklahoma State Univerity because it is a highly accredited university but in a smaller town. Everyone on campus and in town are very friendly. They recently opened a new Speech-Language Pathology Clinic and I was very excited about that. The CDIS Staff are great to work with and I can tell they really love their job.


I like the friendy atmosphere and homecoming here is the best in the nation.


Everyone at OSU is very nice and helpful. It's a very nice atmosphere to be in.


My school is unique, because it is a small Catholic college with only about 2000 students. Being so small is great, because the classes are smaller and there is a more intimate relationship between classmates and also between students and professors. I think my college is so special, because students are able to have such close relationships with each other, which is extremely helpful for acheiving difficult classwork and better understanding material. The opportunity to work with other people is one of my favorite things about my college.


The major that I went into and was accepted for at Oklahoma State was one of the best compared to the other schools that I had originally considered. And Oklahoma State was more affordable and worked with my military benefits a lot better than the other schools that I had considered.


OSU is very community focused. Everyone there is excited to be there and everyone for the most part gets along. Academics and social events are well balanced, and there are oppurtunities to get involved in almost any type of organization. It is a very fun place to be and the traditions make everyone feel like a part of the community. Cowboys Forever, Go Pokes!


The people are more helpful and down to earth.


Everyone is friendly and is always willing to help.


Oklahoma State University has a great undergraduate and graduate program for my major. I have always lived with in 30 minutes of campus and loved the gorgeous campus. The faculty is friendly and extremely spirited.


No matter where you are from or what you like, you will feel like this university was built just for you. There is so much diversity and something for everyone that you will never feel out of place here. It really is a home away from home.


its very friendly and easy to meet others in class. the other school i considered put a much greater emphasis on greek life.


The students who attend OSU are often from smaller towns and are generally friendly.


I think that Oklahoma State is a lot like other campuses when it comes to size, location and academics. However, I think it isn't until a student visits Oklahoma State University that they truely see what is so unique about it. The people there are great and always more than welcome to help a student out. For me it was a GREAT home away from home.


It was big and provided more opportunities after college as well as an atmosphere that would prevent boredom.


It has a very friendly, helping air


What is unique about Oklahoma State University is that it is in a small, country-looking town but once you step foot on campus, the atmosphere is totally different; there is diversity and so no one can ever feel left out thus can engage in their studies better with the support of not only their professor, but fellow students as well. Also, Oklahoma State University has undoubtedly maintained a balance of both academic and social achievement which makes the college encounter an all-around unforgettable experience.


NCCA sports


The atmosphere. While it may seem like a small town in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, there is actually a lot to do. It is close enough to the bigger cities, but not so close that it destroys the charm of the town. There are lakes to run and walk just outside of campus, there are stores to shop at and get any necessary supplies for college life. Then there are the people. The people in Stillwater are great people. It isnt hard to make friends, and you can always find people to do stuff with. It is simply amazing!


OSU has a lot of school spirit and the campus is a lot nicer than other campuses I had gone to. The people are very unique and a lot of the foreign cultures have nights where you can witness many things from their country. I have never seen such a high appreciation for different cultures except at this campus. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful compared to the stereotypical things I heard in High School on how hard college really was. That it was hard to make friends and get help when it really isn't.


the social life at this school is great. everyone seems so involved


It's just far enough away from home for me. Also thr landscape of the campus is considerably more beautiful than most.


Since my eighth grade year, my goal has been to be an alumna of Oklahoma State University. I believe attending Oklahoma State will prepare me for continuing leadership opportunities, and better prepare me for post-college career opportunities. OSU offers a unique community because it offers global opportunities within a safe and caring environment. Oklahoma State also offers the academic challenges I need to succeed in the classroom. Attending Oklahoma State is my opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming alumna of this prestigious university.


Our campus is full of genuinely kind people. One of my favorite things about OSU is everyone's positive attitude and willingness to constantly help others. We have tremendous school spirit and a collective enthusiasm for school pride. Each fall we host America's greatest homecoming celebration, which involves and includes the entire community of Stillwater. Our supportive alumni are constantly helping with campus improvements and advancements. There is no where else I'd rather receive my college education from!


Oklahoma State seems to be very well blanced to me. A lot of people here that make up the campus community seem to have level heads and are friendly.