Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The people who attend this school must have school spirit, a desire to learn, and a neverending sense of motivation. This school requires passion for the things you love. If there is a person applying for this school that is the opposite of those characteristics, they will not have the best college experience throughout their years at this school.


the kind that doesn't want to work at school and just wants to party every day, wasting money and time that could be put into school work.


Anyone can attend this school. It's really a beautiful campus and there are all kinds of people here.


Someone who's always looking for adventure shouldn't attend this school. Life in Stillwater can get very mundane.


Oklahoma State is a school for everyone, they have everything from farming to art to pre-med. The campus is very diverse and they have organizations for every type of interest.


Honestly, I would reccommend Oklahoma State to anyone. I love it here, and I've met all types of people who equally love it. All around, it's a great place to be.


People who want to express themselves in the way they dress may not want to come to this school because a large group of the students here are very judgemental. I have seen groups of girls stare at people and laugh just because that person may not be wearing what they believe to be "cool." This is not always the case but I would not want to see this happen to someone who was not expecting it.


Oklahoma State is a school that accepts people for the way they are. There is a very diverse group of students here, but someone that is not motivated would not be a good fit OSU at Stillwater, OK. If you attend Oklahoma State you better be motivated and ready to have fun and learn at the same time.


I would not recommend Oklahoma State for anyone who has social anxiety issues, or for anyone who is uncomfortable in large groups. This institution has a very high enrollment number which can, at times, be overwhelming and stressful.


OSU has something for everyone. There are tons of clubs and organizations to help students make friends and stand out. In addition there are tons of sororities and fraternities, but you don't have to be a member of the Greek community to fit in on campus. International students should feel welcome as well! There is a very large number of exchange students and I haven't heard any horror stories from them. Everyone seems to have a great time at OSU!


Idiots, drunks, drug addicts and skanks.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is claustrophobic or navigationally challenged. The campus is very large and the buildings themselves are also large. The layout of each building is different, giving students a challenge to find classes. The student body attending the college is even larger than the campus. Between 10:30 and 3:00 on the weekdays are when the most students and faculty are on campus. Early morning courses or night courses may better suit people who don't like the crowd of 20,000 plus students wandering around the school.


If you are considering Oklahoma State you should not be a person who loves big city life and hates the small town environment. You also shouldn't be someone who values material posessions more than friendships or feel the need to falunt money.


there is no limits for anyone. anyone that has potential can acheive what they want.


Black, gay, or muslim people.


College bound students from large cities who thoroughly appreciate the cities nightlife might be disappointed in the lack thereof here. This town is not as flashy; not as wild; not as chaotic as bigger cities. People who crave the noises of suburbia, travel by taxi frequently, or practically live at the mall on the weekends may feel out of place in a town consisting of a university and not much else. Students who can?t appreciate tranquility, nature, and friendship should not come here.


The only type of people that should not attend this school are people that do not enjoy hard work, that are wrapped up in drug usage, and are only interested in partying.


If you don't like a large university with a big emphasis on football and sports, I would Oklahoma State isn't the school for you. There are a lot of people here which adds to the diversity in culture and beliefs. Though there is diversity in beliefs, I'd say because OSU is in the Bible Belt of America there is a strong conservative background here. Also, OSU is located in the very small town of Stillwater. While it doesn't have the big city perks, it does have the friendly hometown feel.


a person who will not dedicate themsevles to studying and hard work should no attend this school.


A person who is dedicated to learning. This is a research based school so they should be prepared to do lots of research.


A person who likes to party and does not have good study habits.


Someone who doesn't want to succeed.


I think that every person has to decide for themselves what kind of college experience they would like to have. OSU is exciting, fast-paced, and challenging. If you would rather not become involved in campus and would rather just attend class 5 days a week without interaction with your fellow students, professors, and the city's residents, then OSU is not for you.


It is a land grant university in Oklahoma so it is pretty conservative. If you want to major in the arts and are super liberal then you might not fit in well here.


Someone that enjoys the hustle and bustle and liberal views.


If a person is likely to skip class, is intimidated by a larger campus and larger class size, and may allow his or her social life to have an impact on his or her studies, then this campus would not be my suggestion. In order to be successful in secondary education, it's important to keep priorities in line and attend class.


a close-minded person who does not like to interact and meet new people


Shallow, superficial people


I would recommend that anyone and everyone attend this school. Not matter your background I can promise you will fit in here at OSU. There is soemthing for everyone here.


If you don't like friendly people, and are not a friendly person yourself, you might consider going elsewhere. This campus is very open and friendly and everyone is pretty enjoyable. Its an easy going, and laid back atmosphere where we all try to be courteous and respectful, but fun and outgoing. If you're uptight, rude, or unfriendly, you'll be on the outside.


Someone who is opposed to accepting and interacting with people of other religions, ethnicities, and cultures should not attend this school.


People who don't have low self modivation. There isn't usually attendance scores so going to class is completely up to the student whether or not they want to learn or not.


OSU is probably not a good fit for those who prefer to focus on academics at the exclusion of most other things. The college life here is that of well-rounded students, both academically and socially. Yes, there is time spent focusing on the academic side of college, but there are also many, many other activities, such as Homecoming (preparations for which usually start one or two weeks after school starts), student governments, music and arts groups, cultural and language clubs, and others. It is pretty hard not to get involved here.