Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You're going to miss home and everything that goes with it like crazy. Those first few weeks are going to be brutal and homesickness will start to feel like it is not ever leaving. Take this as fuel for your fire though instead of letting it burn you out. Knowing you are blessed enough to have something to miss and go back to is a wonderful thing to have! Understand that you are exactly where you need to be and those rough nights and harder days are preparing you and strengthening you for a life you are carving out for yourself...something GREAT! Enjoy where you are at NOW instead of constantly looking ahead to the future. This season of your life is not going to last forever, so better to make it count and enjoy its uniqueness, than to look back with regret on what you missed out on. Don't forget to smile and step out of your comfort zone....adventure and opportunities never come from the contentment of what you have always known or feel comfortable with. More than anything, stick to your faith and never be afraid to hold constant and true to your values.


If I was going back in time to advise my high school self I would definetly emphasise the importance of becoming involved on campus. From my experience these past three years it has proven that the connections made at school are the key to a happy and healthy time at college. I think that getting involved and maintaining relationships are something that evert student should pursue.


I would for sure tell me to look more into the cost and what is all involved in going to college. There is so much more than what is involved in high school. You are pretty much on your own. You have to work while you go to school to support yourself. I would also convince me to take more college level classes in high school to prepare me for when I start college. Alot of the advise that teachers and coaches gave me I didnt really process it like i should have. Looking back now it would have been smart to listen to them and follow what they said.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is don't be afraid to adjust to the college lifestyle and be ready to work. If I had known that adjusting to the college lifestyle was the key to prospering then I would have done it way sooner. To adjust to college the key thing is to get involved and meet new people when everybody is floating in the same boat. Networking is one of the major things that will help students get connections when they are ready to get a job. Next, homework is the main thing that every student will need to do besides going to class. Being ready to adjust to the method of college homework is very important. Developing new studying habits and making friends that will help you succeed in class is the best way to do well in classes. Also, remember why we go to college. We go to get a better education and to prosper in life. At the time all of the stress and sleep depreivation doesn't seem worth it, but in the long run it will be.


“We can each define ambition and progress for ourselves. The goal is to work toward a world where expectations are not set by the stereotypes that hold us back, but by our personal passion, talents and interests.” This quote by Sheryl Sandberg adequately describes a lesson so many have looked to overcome throughout their lives. Stereotypes ruled my world in high school. Being involved in many clubs and activities and maintaining a 4.0 GPA were only some of the hardships I encountered. I was also “the poor girl”. Even though my father makes a very cushy living, my parents have always taught me to earn what I receive. My first job was at age 11 and I have had 4 other places of employment since then. I always struggled with balancing how people looked at me because of the car I drove and clothes I wore and spending my money on more important things. I learned my first semester at college when all my friends were taking out loans and I paid my bill in full from my bank account that “the poor girl” had only motivated me to break out and accomplish more from hard work and perseverance.


The advice I would give my high school self is definitely to plan ahead. I learned quickly that due dates and deadlines are much, much closer than they appear. I would tell myself to write down all deadlines and due dates in multiple places, such as a planner, calendar, and even sticky note reminders when the deadline is approaching. I discovered quickly that waiting until the last couple of days, while exhilerating, is also exhausting, and more stress than it is worth. I learned that carefully planning my days allowed me to maximize my time with efficiency.


Do not take freebies for granted. If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a senior in high school, I would ensure that I absolutely did not take the free help offered by parents, teachers, counselors, etc. for granted. Now that I am attending an out of state college and paying for all expenses on my own, I wish I would have been more grateful for and mindful of the help that I was offered in high school. Not necessarily financially speaking, I have always been a very independent person - I grew up doing everything that I could on my own for I was not offered much help from my parents. Without their support, I have always vowed to do things for myself to prove my abilities and show that I could successfully do things on my own. After my first semester of college, doing everything alone has proved to be more than difficult, and now there aren't necessarily other adults for me to lean on for help like there were in high school. Since coming to college, I learned that it's okay to ask for help from time to time.


Rhandi, college is not what all of those teachers make it out to be so don't stress out about it too much. But make sure you do more in highschool. Join more clubs, study more than what you did and be more involved in your community. Sure, you may be a bit of an introvert, but put yourself out there and make sure your name is out there. That way when you get to college, you wont be that awkward kid. Those kids are nicer than you would think. Those kids can be in your study group and help you get through those nasty midterms. But don't be afraid of doing things on your own. You will be eating, shopping and studying alone. It isn't the end of the world and sometimes it is refreshing to be by yourself. Last of all, just calm down and have some fun. Make sure this summer is the best you ever had and actually look forward to being on your own. It'll be more fun than you could ever imagine. These will be the best years of your life!


the best advise i would give myself, would had being to had apply to OSU sooner than later to achieve more financial help.


Going back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would suggest to study. Studying is a big aspect of college life. When teachers say, "all you do in college is read", they are not lying. I would tell myself to get rid of all your dress up clothes and shoes and invest in a mountain of athletic shorts and t shirts because it is all you will want to wear and all anyone else around is wearing. Watching netflix tv shows until two in the morning is not going to get you very far, even if it did in high school. I would tell myself to get scholarships as soon as possible. I do not think you realize how much college really is until you have a pile of bills staring you down in the face. I would tell myself to leave the high school boyfriend behind and just enjoy the new experiences coming down the line. Get out and have fun and get involved. You have so many new opportunities awating.


Try to be more social and not to let any peer pressure get you down. Also to be ready to eat a lot less and sometimes be ready to starve a little.


Don't stop believing. The times are rough but you will preserve, so don't break down just yet. I know you're beating yourself up but stop thinking like that because you've given your everything. You should keep studying hard, but remember to breathe and smile. Never stop trying new things even if it seems scary because you might just find friends that will be with you for life. Impressing everyone one else will only wear you down, so make sure to stay focused. Don't forget why you came to college; Let your dream of becoming a pediatric oncologist guide you and keep you on a track to success. And most of all have fun because before you know it a year will be passing you by!


I would have advised myself to apply for more scholarships. There may be unseen expenses and circumstances ahead and paying off as much as I can and staying out of debt is ideal. In order to do that though, I have to work very hard. I would tell my younger self to apply herself more. She should use her talents more often. I'd tell her that even if she had some trials and error that everything would be okay.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take things more seriously. Academics are the highest priority. Scholarships are very important and the search takes more time than you're devoting. The transition to college sucks, to be completely honest. Residence halls are awful, but they're a great way to meet people. You'll make friends in college, don't worry. At the same time, don't worry about your "friends" now, because after you move, most of them won't even talk to you again. Don't overthink your decision about college. While Stillwater is a rough place at times, your Freshman year will be the best year of your life.


As a high school senior I was generally only concerned about the here and now. I thought of college as this foreign, far away stage in my life that I had plenty of time to prepare for. The counselors at our school would encourage us to find out what we would enjoy studying and what our potential major may be. I hardly took these little school chats seriously because I had all the time in the world to figure it out! Well the day came when I accepted my high school diploma and college was knocking at my door. Time had run out. I didn't really have a clear direction for my future education and I wish I would have planned and discovered what I could excel in. I found myself floundering, and I was taking college courses I was severly disinterested in. If I could talk to my eighteen year old self I would give myself a good kick in the pants and counsel myelf to do some serious research and soul searching as to what I was truly interested in.


If I could travel back in time and give my highschool self some advice it would be stop procrastinating and get stuff done. This is still something Iwork on today, but putting things off has been a vice of mine for quite some time. I would warn myself that moving will be here before you know it, and then classes, and with classes test and homework, jobs come and go, and if you procrastinate too much opportunities and deadlines tend to pass by without fanfare and leave you in the dust. But if we start practicing now, then maybe things will get better in the future. That’s what I would tell my past self.


I would start out majoring in Athletic Training instead of spending a year working on a different major. I would also tell myself to find the Catholic Church near campus and make friends there to begin with. I would tell myself to make sure to keep contact with my friends that went to other schools away from me and maintain those relationships. I would also tell myself to work hard and not to worry, and that things will all work out how they are meant to be.


Do not be afraid of Oklahoma State. Do not be intimdated. The campus seems large because you are coming from a small pond. In just a few months you will know this place like the back of your hand. Do not be terrified that you do not know what you want to do with your life. Many people change their majors all the way up to their senior year. Do not think you can't do this. You can. You are capable. Making friends is not that difficult. You think it is the worst thing you could possibly do; but in fact everyone else is just as nervous as you. They are wanting someone else to say hi first, just like you are. Do it. Be the change. Be the smile. Be the friend. Be the tutor. Be the heart and soul of Oklahoma State.


I would entire into my high school senior life in an abrupt way. I would storm in and make a scene to get my attention. I would then provide myself with the following wisdom. " Your family has told you that you need to focus, and that you need to actually do. There are going to be many things that can distract you such as guys, parties, sociallife, but you have a brain in your head that you just dont know you have until you apply yourself. If you focus and study and not have so much of a social life during these four short years of your life you will not only only surpass your own expectations but your family and future employers expectations. There are specific talents that are within you that you have don't take forever to find them. There are times that you feel like you have nothing remember that you will always have your time, talent and treasures and always have faith. To get your treasures though you have to be willing to put in the time to find your talents to make your treasures. You will do great things in this world. "


I would tell my high school self that things in college are so different from high school. You don't the privilage to rely on someone to push you in the right direction, everything is up to me. I have to trust that I do things that will benefit me and my future. I can't just slack around like I did in high school. I have to motivate myself and gain a little determination so that I achieve the goals I have for my life. When the tough gets going I have to push on and believe myself. High school was all childs play. When it comes to college, school is no walk in the park.


I would tell my younger self to learn how to study, take notes, maintain a schedule by yourself, and mist imporantly learn how to do laundry. I use to put the clothes in the dryer and what not but I never knew how to actual start it. So when I was standing at the laundry in confusion, I had to do what I feared most which was call my mom. It was an embarrassment for me. It would have saved me a lot of clothes and money if I properly knew how to do it.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to be afraid to venture out of my comfort zone. College is about trying new things; it's about making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. College is about growing up and realizing who you want to be. I would tell myself to try different classes, learn about things I'm interested in, and mainly don't take everything so seriously that you forget to have fun. To focus on studies but also join some organizations and find out what I really like. Don't be afriad to mess up a little bit or to look stupid. Also, professors aren't mean they are there to help so if you have a question just ask, they aren't going to judge you or make you feel dumb. Just remember to relax and take college day by day, enjoy it while it lasts because if you let it, it will be the greatest time of your life. You need to volunteer more too, you'll love it. Don't wait until you're twenty like me to really start your college journey.


If given the opportunity, I would talk to my high school self about the friendships and relationships I spent my time worrying about. I would tell my self that some people aren't important to my life. I would tell myself only to fret and stress about the people who would be there and offer support as much as I offered it to them. All too often high school students stress over being "popular" or well liked. My high school self would've benefited to learn that there are more important things. If I could, I would tell myself that there's no need to be friends with everyone you meet, and that not everyone will like you. Sometimes it's more important to love yourself, and be happy and confident than it is to be friends with everyone and worry about their happiness.


I would tell myself to try much harder in school and take more college level classes. I came into college with 9 hours and it was very helpful so even more hours would have helped me be more ahead as well as saving me money. I also wish I did better and got my GPA higher. Right now in college I have a 4.0 but in high school I graduated with about a 3.6. I did not take high school as seriously as I do college. Although I am happy with where I am right now and how I'm doing in school now, it would have been more helpful to do better in high school as well.


If I were to go back and be able to talk to myself when I was in highschool I would make sure I realized how big of a change it was going to be to not live at home. Re-assure myself that I was going to be able to handle. Also i would like to remind myself that i can achieve anything that I set myself to do.


Dear Jennifer, Despite what you have been told, you are not, “bad at math.” Most people are not intrinsically good or bad at math, they simply must practice in order to gain confidence and skills. Math is wonderful. It holds all of the secrets of the universe. To deny yourself access to this dimension of reality is to keep beauty and truth from yourself, to hide in the dark. Math does not come easily to you, and although it is certainly a platitude to say so, nothing worth doing will. The elation that comes from understanding a problem after working on it for a while is the same high you get from working on a drawing until it is right. It takes many corrections and hours of work, does it not? So does math. I know that you are not used to having to work hard at school. What you enjoy scholastically tends to come easily, as far as you know… But you are wrong. You love math, deeply. You do not know it yet, but once you realize this, the world is yours to conquer. Good luck! Love, Jennifer


My best advice is to look at more than one school. I am in a tough position now becasue the school I chose is not the place I want to be anymore. Now I am struggling to figure out where I want to go next fall and where I am going to get the funds to do so. If I would have looked at other schools, I think I would have had a better idea of where I really wanted to go. I strongly recommend going to visit multiple campuses as well as doing your own research on their website. Look at the majors as well as the classes that are offered and the current research projects that are happening. Once you have an idea of what each school has to offer you can make the best decision as to what fits you best. Picking one school and not having to complete applications for others was a lot easier, but now I see that was not the best choice. Pick a school that you will be surrounded by people who are similar to you and will help you achieve your dreams.


Be ready to fail. I was very successful in high school. I came from a small town that was easy to be in charge of many things. Coming into college I felt invincible and ready to run the school. I was not used to failing at things. I had a 4.0 , president of my senior class, and the softball star. I would tell my high school self that it is okay to not be the best. Just becuase I will apply for something, does not mean I will get it. There have been many dissapointments I have had to face becuase I did not expect to fail. But what I have learned is that it is okay to fail. It is okay to not get everything I apply for. People will still be my friend and I will still be happy even if I do not get accepted into an organization. I just have to keep my head up and keep pushing through and not give up.


Dear highschool self, You do not have to have it all figured out yet. Take college day by day and never turn down an opertunity to grow just becasue you think it doesnt apply to you. Its not the end of the world just becasue your major is not what you thought it was. This is the time in your life where you discover the world so allow your self to do so! You are allowed to make mistakes, perfection is not the goal, happiness is. Always remember that passion for somthing is greater than any GPA, so dont let all the work get you down. And highschool self, remember to breath.


The best advice I could give to myself if I was going back in time would be to slow down and enjoy the ride. I think as I was a undergraduate student I was in such a hurry to graduate and have a degree. While that route saved me money, I feel as though my college experience was somewhat rushed. I didn't allow myself a single free summer without taking classes. We've all heard the saying "take time to stop and smell the roses." This perfectly sums up the advice I would give myself. I enjoyed every single aspect of college, and I think I picked the perfect school for me. To me it would have been worth it to graduate a year later and give myself more time to enjoy to environment that I consider to have given me the best entire four years of my life.


First off, go into college with a completely open mind. Meet as many new people as you can, and experience as many new things as possible. Your college years will go by even faster than your high school ones, so it is important to make the absolute most of them. Keep an open mind about the kind of people you will get along with, because everyone can surprise you. Keep an open mind about your field of study, becuase it can change at any time, and that is absolutely okay! Keep an open mind about the types of professor that can keep you interested because many of them are very interesting themselves. And also, keep and open mind about yourself. Do not lose your morals and values, hold tight to those because that is important. But do not be afraid to see things in a new way, and pay attention to the diversity of the people that will now surround you. College is very intersting so keep your mind wide open!


To go back and Talk to my self in the past while attending High school, I would probably smack my self on the back of the head. I would let my self know that I actually have a future more than working minimum wage at Mc, Donald’s. I had a full time job while I was in school because I have never thought I would have been able to attend college or become more than my self. I would make my self work harder and attend more school activities, along with many other things that I could change in my past to become a better student. I was told that I could do any thing that I wanted to do, and that sent me into a realm of thinking. I decided to become a Computer Animator, I wanted people to enjoy my work from all over the world. So I applied at Trident Technical College, and now I feel like I can be more than my self to become part of a team working forward into the future.


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school, I would advise myself to realize how important education is for a good life. In high school, I often did the bare minimum to get by and was under the impression that school was just a formality. I had the mistaken belief that I would get out of high school, find a job, and things would work out. I had a rude awakening when my life did not work out as planned. I was only qualified for low-paying labor intensive jobs. My self-worth was low, and I realized my life would have no financial stability without an education. After many meaningless jobs and years, I decided to return to school as an adult to pursue a nursing degree. I have given my all to my education and have excelled, receiving a 3.95 GPA. The first two years at community college were difficult, especially as I was still working at a full-time retail job. I recently have been accepted into the John Tyler Community College Nursing Program for fall 2013. I feel I am realizing my full potential as I continue my education.


I would tell myself to let my guard down when meetting friends. I would say do not be shy. I would also tell myself to be organized better. I believe that that would have brought my stress level about school way down.


If I could have the chance to go back in high school and talk to myself, the best explanation I can assist is having Responsibility, Critical Thinking, and Motivation. All three of these characteristics are the keys to having a unstressful-pleasant college life and future. I would of advised myself, "To be responsible is to show the dedication and determination that you put your mind into as an effort to make it through college life and the aftermath of the college life. However, if you do not take responsiblity because you feel like you shouldn't, How will you take action for the responsibilities that is a burden without anyone's help?" It is better to start owning up to your own responsbilities and take care of them than to do it later. "As for critical thinking, you have to the ablity of solving a puzzel or problem with common sense and wisdom and can also tell the difference from what is right from wrong. Therefore, making good decisions before college and knowing your plan for success, can benefit in the future. Last, to have motivation within is to press on and to have courage to make a difference."


When enrolling for college, my high school advisors and councilors encouraged me to declare a major for scholarship purposes. I later learned that most of the larger universities do not hand out major specific scholarships until sophomore year. Although they were looking out for my best interest, this did me more harm than good. Feeling pressured to declare; I picked a major that did not suit me. My second semester, I changed my major yet again, without thinking, just to get away from my other major. Low and behold, I ended up disliking that major as well. Now that my freshman year is coming to a close, I changed my major one final time. When next semester starts, I will be working towards a new major with only 9 of my 28 hours counting towards it. If I could go back in time and give myself advice, it would be to go into college as undeclared, taking as many basic courses as possible. Then, after two semesters and thinking long and hard, declare a major. Another piece of advice, apply for as many scholarships as you can get your hands on. College is a lot more expensive than expected.


Be as active and meet as many new people as you possibly can, because there is so many great people that are new to Stillwater and are looking to meet someone new. When you go to class meet and talk to your professors periodically just to show that you care about their class and want to do well and they will usually help you if you are starting to struggle.


Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and try. You're going to be rejected and fail sometimes, but it's all about how you deal with that failure that will make you grow into the person you're supposed to be. When you get out of your head and realized that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, like everyone has always told you, then you'll realize that the only road block in life is your ego. Go out and explore the unknown, make friends with a stranger not based off what they look like, try a new hobby or job that you never would've before, and don't let the words "no" or "never" exist in your vocabulary. This world is vast and has many opportunities that lay in wait for someone to not be afraid to open the door to the unknown.


I would try to do my best in everything. Ive been thruough alot right now I odnt really live in the US for just a couple of months. Im learning how life is i really want to go back in time but I cant. I would be more focused than before in high school and responsible everytime and listen to my parents thats how you become succesful in life is listening to poeple that have beeen through rough times and thatt is how you learn my number one advise is belive in yourself.


Me to myself: Even though you are ranked 3rd in your H.S. class you may not be 3rd in your college class. Be happy to be in the top 10% and take drawbacks with a grain of salt. If you don't have time to have a job make sure you take classes on how to interview for the jobs you want while in college. Because it doesn't matter how wonderful you are or what your skills are if you don't interview well you won't leave a lasting impression. Save all of the money you can while in high school. Your parents are divorced and each have remarried. However, they both make too much for financial help but not enough to help you with college. Companies will only loan you so much money for your education and if you don't have the funds you don't get the education. Just remember all those nights that you cry yourself to sleep because you don't get a job that you would die for and you don't know how you are going to pay for college will hopefully pay off in the end.


Dear, Dillon This is your future college self. I would just like to give you a few friendly suggestions to what lies ahead in your life. First and foremost, learn to be easier on yourself. While college is a very intense and spasmodic schedule, you must learn to take some time to relax or you will burn yourself out quickly. Secondly, do not be afraid to try new things. This is the time in your life that you will never forget. If you do not try things out, how will you ever know if you're missing out on something incredible? Thirdy, and most importantly, humble yourslef before others. You are not better than your peers. Adopt a perspective that you are lesser than everyone else, and can learn something important from each and every person. You will never make friends if you think of yourself as better than others, and you will not have the mental capacity for wisdom if you believe there is nothing to learn from your peers. Take it easy on yourself, be brave to try new things, and humble yourself before others and you will find the road to success much easier. Sincerely, You.


If I had the knowledge that I have gained from my time in college, in high school, then I would have invested more time in taking AP classes to prepare myself for this challenging experience called college. When I was in high school, college always seemed so far away, a goal impossible to reach. I figured I had plenty of time to prepare myself for higher education after graduation but the time came much faster than expected and I now realize there were so many things I should have done to prepare myself. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to try harder, take more notes, study longer, and produce the work I knew that I was always capable of. I would tell myself that all of these things are absolutely necessary and will be worth it in the end to achieve the ultimate goal of success.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself a year ago, this is what I would say: okay Cassidy, the first week or two is going to suck. You're going to miss home, and you're going to miss your group of friends, and you're going to hate it. But give it a chance, because you'll love it shortly after. School will pick up, and football will pick up, and cheerleading will pick up and it will be great. You will get busy and literally before you know it the semester will end. When you move in, make it as homey as possible. DO NOT leave the walls plain because it will make you sad. Oh and don't room with Shelby. You guys will fight and it will be miserable. Oh and call Mom between classes and she won't gripe at you as much. Anyway, keep pushing through because eventually you're going to love it and its going to be completely worth leaving Claremore.


I would tell myself that regardless of how much skill you have required in sewing, that doesn't mean you can put things off till the last minute. Go to class! Make sure that you double check your work too, because sometimes you can comprehend things wrong. Just keep one step ahead and never stop trying to study. Join all these things together, and things will go alot smoother.


If I could have a chat with my high school self, I would say that organization is pinnacle to success. Keep track of when applications, homework and other assignments are due. You'll soon learn that life is full of deadlines. Also, grades really do matter; when it comes time to apply for scholarships, the grades help. I would also tell myself to never pass on great opportunites, follow your gut and many door will be opened. Finally, I would tell myself to always remember who you're doing this for and how proud they would be to see you accomplish greatness.


Dear high school self, I know that you have been stressing out about everything next year and are nervious and undecided about where to go. I would just like to tell you that is is OKAY! You ARE going to make mistakes and mess up and cry. But you know what? That is NORMAL. You will come out of this so much stronger than you went in. Everything that happens, including mistakes and the stress, will mold you. I know what mistakes I have made, but I also discovered what I want to do! And now I know exactly what I want to do in college and as a career and how to get there. SO through all the stress, and oceans of applications, you can do it because this will teach you what you want to major in. Now, take a day off. Sit outside. Read a book. Relax. Because tomorrow, everything that you needed to do will still be there, but it will be easier. And what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller!


Relax and go with the flow, treat school as a full time job.


I would tell myself not to worry so much about school. Although college sounds scary and “grown up” at first, but it can be a lot of fun. The classes are not all that different from high school classes, and in some cases, if you get the right instructor, they can be enjoyable. Also, you have different classes from day to day, eliminating the burnt out feeling like in high school. But, you should learn to manage your time well. Allow time for schoolwork while also having fun. Another thing, be free to be yourself! In high school there was always an urge to follow the crowd and be like everyone else. In college, you can be whoever you want to be! Everyone is different, and in college, nobody is afraid to show it, so you shouldn’t be either. Find something you love to do and do it, plain and simple. So, follow these words and everything will be fine.


Hannah, focusing on school work is very important... but do not forget the fun things. Why not go to Zumba Fest on Library Lawn? There is a delicate balance between worrying about school and having fun, it is very important to figure out where that balance is. Oh, and beware of Biology 1114, it is much harder than you think it will be. The one thing I did not do my first year in college is look up my professors on 'ratemyprofessor.com'. This will help you immensely. The key to doing well in college is having a good professor. It is not necessarily who is the easiest, but who delivers the lectures the best. Make sure you stay active or the 'freshman 15' will haunt you and your waistline. Go to all of the football games. Figure out where all of your classes are at least the night before; do not wait till 5 minutes before your class starts the first day of school on that August morning (being late will leave a bad impression on your professors). Oh, and may the curve be ever in your favor.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I should remember to have fun in college, but to take my grades seriously and do the best that I can. I would talk about the choices I would face as a college freshman and the importance of saying no to things that could hurt me in the future. I would also tell myself to save up as much money as I could. Having extra money for food and gas and everyday things would be so helpful instead of wasting it all on spur of the moment things that wouldn't benefit my college life. But most importantly, I would tell myself to go after my dreams and not worry about what anyone else did to try and stop me.