Oklahoma State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how to deal with my roommate. My roommate is my bestfriend from high school and I thought that we would get along great and experience all aspects of college together but I soon realized that our priorities were different. We do get along great, but I have learned not to depend on her anymore and the fantasy of thinking that we would be the bestest friends experiencing college together has vanished. I've learned that roommating with your bestfriend is sometimes not the best idea.


I wish I would have known how many t-shirts I was going to buy, and didnt bring as many from home to my dorm. Other than that, I absolutely love everything about Oklahoma State and would not change a thing.


How expensive and trying to make a budget before you come can really help you in the long run. Also applying early for aid and looking for extra scholarships on the top of the ones you do or do not have.


I wish I had known how windy it was at OSU before I came.


I wish I would have known how important it is to be involved with on campus organizations. They have connections that are priceless and can get you some very important contacts which can even assist you in getting an internship. It is also a great way to make friends for life!


Something i would of wished i had known before i went to school would be how hard it was to get acclimated with all the free time that college has.


That even though I had many leadership positions in high school, I would not get all of the positions I applied for once coming to college.


Before comming to Oklahoma State, it would of been nice to know that weekends here were quiet. You have to be very resourcefull to find somthing to do other than party. I got around the slow weekends by finding my crafting side, and working with childern and the domestic violence shelter.


Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and meet as many people as you possibly can. Every other student around you is just as eager and anxious about eveything as you are, so don't be scared!


I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be to fit in. This first year has given me many trials and tribulations. 2 of my roomates have moved out, I have been turned down for 3 jobs that I have applied for. Often times I feel defeated. But, I will keep pressing on for a better future in the education field.


I wish I would have known the ammount of time outside of school that you needed to finish projects. I spent alot of time trying to catch up on work in class that I should have already done in open lab, but didn't realize that it was open to all students.


The weather in Stillwater changes faster than the wind does. Be prepared for temperatures around 100 degrees, then later the same day it may rain. Also, if you don't have a car, don't worry. Stillwater is small and the University runs a free bus service.


I wish that I would have known some of the differences between college and high school classes. Before attending college, I had no idea what to expect out of a college course. It would have been helpful to know the average size of a class or more about class assignments and grading policy. But, the college instructors of some of the lower level courses here at Oklahoma State University do very well in making the transition from high school to college as easy as possible.


If i could go back to my senior year I would have taken a math class. This year as a college freshman I can not take a math class this year because I do not remember what I had learned. My last math class was the first semmester of my junior year. Another thing I would have done differently is i would have started applying for scholarships earlier. I was told by the office of financial aid that i had plenty of money from Pell and OHLAP combined with the school's freshman scholarships. Which turns out I was short.



How much great tradition there is here and how nice the people are!


that a C is a pain in butt to make up for later on when GPA becomes important. That engineering wasn't the route i wanted to go and that i'm better suited to the medical field. That a person can balance a booming social life and a spetacular academic life with a little bit of work and attention to detail. The library stays open until 2 am, and the outdoor adventure club on campus is . . . overly fun.


Before I began attending Oklahoma State, I wish I would have known what an excellent college it really is. I never knew what I was missing out on! Oklahoma State is pricier than the previous college that I attended, so it is a blessing that I am able to attend.


There is really nothing I wish I had known before arriving at Oklahoma State University. While I was attending, I wish I would have been more proactive about scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


There are many special programs for the agriculture majors that you needed to apply for, and knowing that beforehand would have made fitting in a whole lot easier. Overall, everything was told to me on campus tours and nothing was too new to me whenever I decided to go to school there and wen to my first day of classes.


There is nothing that I wish I known, but I do wish I had listened to the people who guided me. I wish i would have filled out more scholarships. I wish I would have had better study habits. If i would have listened more to my teachers, I would have been more prepared for college.


One thing I wish I would have known or learned about before coming to this school was how to manage my time well. Whenever I came to Oklahoma State University I was overwhelmed by the number of clubs and organizations that were offered here. At first I started signing up for everything but I later found myself struggling to make time for my school work because I was involved in so many other activities. Time management in college is key and I encourage everyone to learn this skill before entering into college.


I wish i would have known how many people would be liked minded at college. It seems to me that other students at this university tend to rely on their likeness in thinking and it creates a culture that can seem like it is not accepting to different views. If i would have known this when i came i might have reacted in a different way, and been able to really change the culture at Oklahoma State University.


how much the food cost in the student union.




I wish I would have known the overall difficulty of this university before I came here. I transferred from a smaller university and the difficulty of the classes changed dramatically. I would have been more prepared and possibly done better in my classes if I would have known that they would be that much more difficult.


I personally wish someone would have sat me down and explained to me the amount of classes I would need to take each semster (including summer classes) in order to graduate by May 2010. I thought that taking 12 credit hours duriing the fall and spring would get me there but it didn't. I didn't take any classes in the summer my first two years and now I am behind one year so I won't graduate until May 2011.


I wish I would have been more focused in high school because it would have prepared me better for university level academics.


Student invovlement is heavily dominated by Greek life. Officially, this will be denied. However, a majority of the students serving on the selection panels and officer boards are members of the Greek communities, thus they generally select members of their community before selecting anyone else. If you want to become heavily invovled in the more influential areas of student invovlement, you will have to either pledge to a Greek house or be prepared to work much, much harder than any of those who do for the same results.


Study Hard and don't lose your scholarships.


More study skills. I felt like high school did not prepare me for the amount of studying I had to do once I got here. I will say that it is not just Oklahoma State, it is every college in America. So study hard!


How much college actually cost.


I wish I knew more about financial obligations and that there was not very much scholarship help for students.


i wish i had known how hard everything is, and that i need a job and in order to get a job i need to come up here before the first week of classes


I wish someone had talked me into staying another year and getting my masters degree. Although an undergraduate degree is great, a master?s degree would have given me the edge I need to succeed or get that job. I also wish someone convinced me not to stress out about exams and to pace myself better so I would not be so stressed out during final week.


That I couldn't finish at OSU Tulsa. That Stillwater is overwhelming and professors don't care your a commutor student that drives an 1 hour and a half each way each day to get to class.


How to get more financial aid.


What professors taught the classes that I needed; how they went about assigning roommates


Amount of financial aid available


I wish I had learned more from my high school education. I didn't go to a very good school, so I missed out on a lot that was later provided to me through my college education.


There are a lot of people in classes and I do not like that.


I wish I would have known how to really study. I feel that the amount I studied in high school did not prepare me for college!


There truely is not much. My parents attended this school, so I already knew a great deal about OSU. Perhaps the one thing is that the dorms are not as bad as everyone thinks. The provide a great community and they are a great place to live even if they aren't the most modern housing option.




How hard it is to get into vet school and how focused I should have been on my studies from the start.


Dont know


How much debt I was going to be in when I got out and how ridiculous women can be


I wish i would have known how big the campuss was. I had no idea it was as big as it really was. When i was finally able to be on my own at the campuss I got really confused on where everything was. Now its not that bad Its actually a great friendly place where you can ask anyone for directions!