Old Dominion University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Everything is awesome.


Old Dominion University is a culturally diverse campus with beautitful architecture and students are very open and kind.


A socially and racially diverse university.


Old Dominion University is a bountiful place of new and self discovery for students who are ready and willing to embrace their future!


The college I attend is very open to all culturals, and are very willing to help people with any issue they might have.


Old Dominion University has been one of the best moments of my life. I love my school and wouldn't want to go to any other school. They have so many opportunities to get involved. The best school academic schools, because it has tutoring or help for almost every subject. You have an opportunity to meet and interact with new people everyday. Old Dominion University wants you to become successful and get the future job you want.


A very school spirited environment, with a very helpful administration/staff and pretty great teacher!


Old Dominion university is a very exciting and diverse school full of activites for students to engage in.


The envrionment is very welcoming and itis vey diverse.


Old Dominon University is a well diverse school with many opprotunites to succeed and meet others.


Old Dominion University is a well diversed school with great academic focus and immense school spirit that allows students to come together.


Old Dominion is readily available to most in Tidewater.


This school is a very cool, calm, and collective place to purse your education.


The educational experience at Old Dominion University is contemporary and challenging.


Old Dominion University is very active during the day, and at certain times at night (mostly around midnight and 2am) it is unsafe to walk by yourself.


ODU is diverse.


My school is diverse and welcoming, one does not see a predominate race or inequality towards genders.


Old Dominion is growing each and every year to become a major university for a variety of students to enjoy.


If close-family could be describe using other words, it would be Old Dominion University, because thats what we are.


Old Dominion University is a very diverse school.


Old Dominion Univerity is expensive, but the education that you will recieve is worth it.


Great learning environment and foundation for success.


I great for student who work full-time while also trying to pursue an education because it offers a lot of Teletech sites for distance education students.


My school is very diverse.


It is very together during weekends.


Old Dominion University is a diverse campus of all ethnicities, orientations, and creeds, and is tolerant of all beliefs, ideals, and organizations.


Old Dominion University is an extremely well-rounded and enjoyable university that strives to be the best it can be in all areas.


This is a very competitive school.


Let's go Monarchs!


The surrounding area is scary, but great professors and academic atmosphere provided for students willing to learn.


Old Dominion is a school filled with diversity and everyday you see many students rushing to get to their classes and many staudents graduating with a bachelores degree, the school is the best school I have been to.


ODU is placed in the middle of Norfolk, and in this school dedication to hard work and social activities can lead you to a succedful career. Plenty of things to do around the 6 cities around Norfolk, and plenty to do inside of school.


My school is very diverse and is very goal oriented as a body.


My school is full of different cultures and religions and is a great place to get an education.


Old Dominion is a diverse school


The staff and students of Old Dominion University are very helpul; along with nurturing new students into the campus community, as the staff prepares you to enter the workforce and it is easy to meet new people that will eventually turn into friends as they will be a positive influence in getting you involved in various social campus activities; in which you will learn and grow while having a very great college experience!


Old Dominion University is diverse, up to date and friendly; variety in academic choices/majors, stong connection with Eastern Virginia Medical School and local hospitals, as well as excellent Education Dept. Located in downtown Norfolk; students have access to sailing on the river or driving 30 min to the ocean!


Old Dominion University can be described as a growing community, where everyone is accepted for who they are, and a place where academics are taken seriously in hopes of finding a job immediately after graduation.


Old Dominion University is flourishing and is the most diverse campus you will ever visit.


My school offers programs and support staff to help new students feel comfortable from day 1. They offer several days of Orientation for new students to get them acclimated to campus life. The students on campus are friendly and willing to offer assistance when needed.


It is a good enviornment where I can get my degree and make life long friends.


Old Dominion University is the place to be!


This school is diverse, challenging, values education, and is career oriented.


Very diverse yet exciting.


A great place to meet a diverse group of students and a really beautiful campus to enjoy.


ODU has a friendly environment that has a good balance between school and social life.


Great place to meet people, learn, have an active life, and an enjoyable colelge experience.


Old Dominion is the best university within the 757 area code.


A diverse campus located in a military town, very near the ocean with a good percentage of commuter population as well. Campus has been changing and growing over the past few years.


Old Dominion University is culturally and academically diverse, that is affordable with exceptional education programs.