Old Dominion University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Old Dominion University are a diverse group of free thinkers. As a distance learner I have the opportunity to communicate with my classmates electronically and to interact with them during web classes. I have visited the campus and met a few students at an international festival that was held on campus. I was taught how to wear a hijab, had ice cream purchased for me and my children, and was treated as a fellow Monarch.


Classmates differ from person to person, but I've noticed that people are very friendly, and helpful to each other.


Classmates are very freindly and helpful.


My classmates at ODU are very welcoming and the campus as a whole is interesting and diverse


My classmates are, eager, over- achievieng, delligent, hardworking students ready to be successful in life.


My classmates are dedicated to their degree.


My classmates at Old Dominion University have always made me feel welcomed, the students here are full of life and they love to help and meet new people.


very focused and respectful.


Friendly, open for discussion, approachable


My classmates are mostly friendly and very involve in the class discussions.


My classmates are fun, optimistic, shy, quiet, loud, outspoken and unpredictable at times, its a well-rounded mixture of people.


They are a lot younger than me.




My classmates are informative, outgoing, and kind people.


My classmates in the MEDT (Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science) are dedicated, hardworking, and have a passion for science and helping others


My classmates at ODU were very determined and goal-oriented. The majority of my classmates worked full time jobs and managed to remain focused as they completed long demanding classes some over 3 hours long. Classmates were willing to pitch in extra time to help out one another after hours and carried a positive attitude.


My classmates are helpful.


My classmates are very kind and helpful. When I am absent from class, my classmates are always willing to fill me in on what assignment was missed as well as give me the notes that I missed. Of course, there is always a bad apple in the class but I stay away from that specific person.


My classmates are very welcoming and helpful.


Beautiful. friendly and amazing.


My classmates are intelectual.


Some classmates can be great for studying with and getting notes, but others are jerks that won't help you but expect to skip class and get your notes.


I could not describe the students at ODU because there are just too many to describe! This is a very diverse population and you'll believe it even more when you see it!


There is a variety of different cultured students at ODU. Since ODU is near two military bases, there are a lot of military student attending ODU. Also, ODU has around 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} commuters, so parking is always a constant problem.


The students at Old Dominion are truly diverse! As much as it was said to me before I entered the school, I really didn't believe it until I attended. We do have a lot of people that come from different places, and even from locations that are outside of our country. It's really a pleasure to know that those not from the US enjoy our school. And although most of the people I came across are from Virginia, there is still diversity that is present and it is definitely not in a way that these different groups do not get along: in fact, it is quite opposite. In many of our school events, many organizations are incorporated together in order to have success. The art students help provide visuals, Greeks volunteer, honor societies and other organizations help sponsor and promote, and so on. All talents are utilized to get a task done and done very well.


My classmates at Old Dominion are not independent when it comes to doing school work.


My classmates are very independent. If not already friendly with others they usually don't reach out to them. Outgoing people are very rare. When you do ask for help or strike up a conversation however, they'll talk.


Their ability to be so comfortable in their own skin in lieu of our lives all being so different imn so many ways.


Those individuals within my major are very diverse with regard to age, political beliefs, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, and race.


The classmates that where in my class where very focused and friendly.


Diverse, friendly, and willing to help. There are students who are lazy, they do not excel. And then there are students like myself who study and get great grades. The people on this campus are very accepting, you can be invited to a party and not even know the person, but they'll treat you like a friend when you get there.


My classsmates are very intelligent students who take their education very seriously and plan on plan on pursuing their career.


My classmates ranged from every type of person you can think of. There were quiet people to the talkative interesting people that asked questions and had an opinion after every slide or word a professor would say.


fairly nice and helpful


My classmates at Old Dominion University are very optomistic; the student's determination for success provide a perfect atmosphere for everyone.


My classmates are all motivated to graduate.


My classmates strive to be the best they can in class and have study groups to help others out at times.


As a teletech student, I do not have much contact with my fellow classmates.


My classmates are unique and versatile. Norfolk is part of the melting pot of Hampton Roads. Some of my classmates are out of high school. Some of them are combat veterans. Other students are returning students that may have taken a break for a year, two years, sometimes more! My school is rich in diversity and offers the chance for any potential student at any point in their life to go to school and blend in with the rest of the students.


My classmates are fun and enjoyable people who are extremely outgoing and eager to learn.


Mostly commuters with some on campus students of mostly middle and lower class kids.


My classmates are open-minded individuals who are eager to learn and ready to succeed.


They are very open minded indiviuals.


My classmates are very socialable, exciting, and helpful; futhermore, you'll always have someone to hang out with and talk to because the majority of them are friendly.


Most of my classmates are almost half my age and do not seem to have the drive and ambition that I do.


The majority of my classmates come from families that value a college education and are just trying to be successful in the future.


My classmates are inqusitive and interesting!


My classmates are becoming my best friends.


Friendly, funny, diverse and helpful.


Fun and great to be around. They provide a sense of family and support when I need them