Old Dominion University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are regular people with a variety of interests; many work and attend classes.


My classmates are helpful and kind.


My classmates are adult learners. Most of them work part-time or full-time work during the day and go to school at night. It seems to be more females in the class than males.


Most are motivated and excited to graduate. Some with full scolarships and everything paid for do not realize what a blessing they have. I wasn't able to go to school do to money. I study my butt off and work as hard as I can. Work to stay in school so I may one day save lives. I feel as though some student dont realize how importan college is to them.


My classmates are often outgoing and enjoy getting to know their fellow classmates and professors.


A lot of fun, but hard working.


My classmates are mostly male and their additudes towards me are affected by their grades compared to mine.


My classmates are diverse in age, sex, and race.


All classes are very diverse and after a small period of being quiet, everyone gets along and the classes are often very fun.


my classmates are hardworking, ecclectic and well- rounded.


A facintating group of people varying in backgrounds, beliefs, and upbringing that help each other hear and understand views that may have not been first realized.


Unique, there are all different types of people that you will encounter.


Going to college for only sports.


ODU is big on greek, I myself am not in a sorority but I have alot of friends who are interested. We have both greeks such as Delta Zeta, Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, and so much more. The probates are fun to go out to and there's always a big crowd at the student center. ODU is very diverse and we have student organizations that support in showing each individual's pride weather, religious, ethnicity, gays, etc. Typical attire to class are jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops, flats, rain boots [which I never thought about ever buying until I cam to ODU, when it rains it floods!] sweats, leggins with ugg boots. Most ODU students are from VA; Northern VA, Richmond area, Hampton Roads area. But we have lots of out of state and out of the country students as well especially from India and China.


Diverse, engaging, everyone shares different perspectives.


I can find 1 or 2 persons with same interests in every 30 classmates.


My classmates are very helpful.


Average. Same as any other place


Very open and willing to help each other.


Friendly, diverse and willing to learn.


The campus is very diverse. There's no one set way to describe student life. But black people tend to hang with blacks, asians with asians, whites with whites, etc... Specifically in class, it's hard to say because you get a variety of different people especially if you're taking basic geneds.




They are ugly.


shy and quiet, but helpful if asked.


very deverse


They are enthusiastic and intellegent.




My classmates are typically young adults. Most of my classmates are respectful people who are ready to learn.


My classmates are mature, well involved in class discusions, and very committed to learning and completing assignments. Each person is different and that brings wonderful things to a classroom!


Everyone seems very open and helpful; students are always excited to meet new classmates and make new friends.


Shallow, soulless, husks, shambling on toward live's of meaningless materialism and loveless relationships with other equally shallow, soulless husks.


Overall, most students at this school are friendly and join in efforts to try to change outrageous policies and procedures set forth by the administration.


Most classmates are college-aged, middle-class, above-average but not genius intelligent, and generally keep to themselves unless grouped together.


My classmates are very understanding and caring people. Those in my major are supportive and happy to help in learning the curriculum. I don't know of any of my fellow friends that didn't try to understand the coursework or try.