Old Dominion University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their competitive sports. There are very progressful in their academics. At ODU there's a large quantity of students who apply for the engineering field. We are best known for our exceling engineering preffesors. They guide as in our path to pursue valuable engineering skills. The school in general has a way of motivating their student in activities and education. Their serious about education and their student getting involved on campus. They honestly care for their student success.


Old Dominion University is best know for their diverse curriculum as we as people. They have unlimited resources to assist students in all activities and a great hands on staff. The campus locted in the heart of Norfolk also allows students to participate in the many local events and many students often say that they quickly feel as if they are in a home away from home atmosphere. After graduation with the help of the career management center many alumni students have opted to find employment and call Norfolk their home!


Well during the day it is a very studeous urban place. But unfortunately due to the location of the school, but no fault to the school itself, at nights the school is know for drugs and great parties. Even through that I still love my school I think it is a great school and has a lot to offer I would recommend it.






I think Old Dominion University is best known for the football team. The team is becoming very popular and they are quite successful. Also, I think Old Dominion is known for its convience. It is a very big commuter school. Many locals attend school here. Old Dominion is also becoming credible just as a high academic school. Old Dominion has many major programs and career feilds that help students choose whatever they want to do. It is just known as one of Virginia's top universities for its academics, environment, and sports.


Our engineering program is well known and so is our business program. Both are highly competitive and extremely difficult.


My school is best known for its research. The school has several NIH research grants to fund research by professors, which undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to become involved in.


My college is most known for diversity and social justice. It is a college dedicated to helping women from all races, backgrounds, and financial statuses obtain a goal focused future and ultimately a career. The college does this while focusing on social justice and accepting all cultures.


Our school has wonder nursing, business, and arts programs. They're very selective and since this is still a growing university, I believe that they will become more prestigious with the years to come.


Old Dominion University is best known for its sports and athletics. Proudly holding its title of 1st in the nation for Field Hockey, ODU is comprised of some of the top athletes in the nation. My school even had a few of its students participate in the 2012 Olympics. Old Dominion University trains its students equally as intense both on the field and in the classroom.


It has great teachers.


My school is best known for the football team and their teaching programs om campus


Old Dominion University is best known for its basketball teams.


Football and basketball.


Our school is best known for being one of the fastest growing schools in the area. Old Dominion University started off as a branch of William and Mary, the heritage is shown in this schools dedication to classes. Along with being part of one of the fastest growing colleges, that is making some of the biggest changes and giant construction changes on the school campus.


its is known for being one of the best school in the area, expensive for international student but worht being in.


I am not positive what exactly this school is known for; possibly being the Monarchs. The school could be known for their basketball team, which I heard was not too bad.


Old Dominion definitley focuses on providing the best education possible. It is also well known in sports for our men and women's basketball teams.


Old Dominion University is a very diverse (culturally and ethnically) university that caters to local and international students alike. The university has worked hard to create a positive, friendly, and fun learning environment for all people. The university also educates students about their possible impact on the environment and how we can all work towards keeping our local area safe and beautiful. In addition to the gorgeous location, students at ODU have access to whatever resources they could possibly need for their courses as well as the ability to receive extra help when/if needed.


ODU is best known for its sports teams. The Old Dominion Lady Monarchs have been dominating the basketball courts for a while now. Just this year ODU has their first football team in almost forty years. Needless to say that has definatly peaked their popularity.


I believe Old Dominion University is best known for their new football program. This past fall semester, ODU began its new football program after building its new stadium over the summer. Not only did this enhance the school's reputation, but it also added to ODU's sense of community. Every weekend, football games brought together the student population to encourage their team to rise to the top and show other schools that they may be new, but they have just as much pride as any other football team.


Old Dominion this year is best known for restarting its football program, its been 69 years since the last game, which brings the campus together with school spirit and school pride.


I am not sure but i believe the sciences are pretty good.


My school is best known for its environment work and research in the area. My school is located close to the Chesapeake Bay and has been doing a lot of research in the bay as well as working hard to help clean up the bay. The bay still needs more work but my school has been working hard on it and has been recognized with several awards from the community.


My school is best known for their women's basketball team.


Women's basketball and our mascot. Also, the new football team.


The diversity of Old Dominion University is what they are know for. People from almost all cultures and backgrounds attend the school, and it makes the school very unique.


My school is best known for its diversity and its research facilities.


Its focus on the sciences and its international programs.


Old Dominion has a very respectable reputation for academics as well as sports. Our men and women basketball teams are among the best nationally. The school's girl field hockey team is also respected for maintaining excellent grade point averages while balancing the rigorous life of an athlete. There is also a great Engineering Department. We have international students from all over the world. Old Dominion takes pride by having an ethnically, racial, and spiritual diverse campus. Overall, the campus is one of the best universities in the state.


We are mostly known for our basketball team and our concerts we have on the lawn. Finally we are getting a football team and are going to be known for that. Also we have a great engineering program because this campus was based on that.




Our lion mascot!


Honestly, my school is most known for it's parties and weekend activities.


Our school is well known for a great engineering program and its proximatey to the city and the beach.


Our womens basketball team.


It's diversity and activities.


Old Dominion Is probably best known for its Engineering and Nursing Programs. The Engineering department is big and offers a lot of diverse classes for students. It is from what I have heard is very good and offers al lot of various degrees in engineering. The Nursing Program here is very competitive. They program selects a certain number of students into the nursing program each year, which in turn means they tend to pick the best. I have heard a lot about the Nursing program and it is highly respected and well thought of.


Old Dominion is well known for their engineering department. They have all of the resources you need in order to succeed in that field. We are also known for our cultural diversity. There is a great amount of various ethnicities here, and we all get along quite well.


I guess that were known for best school activities (including involvement in volunteer events like Relay for life).


I think that this school is best know for the research tha it does. There are many new facilities and research is spread through multiple departments.


The school is best known for its teacher programs and basketball!


My school is best know for our Female Basketball team the Lady Monarchs. They crush all of the competition but no one really goes out to see them play which is really sad.


Monarch Pride and our new football team