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Old Dominion University is one of the top research schools in the state and they make it possible to help anyone out with there studies. They make it very welcoming and make sure your part of the school


Has a Music Industry program for aspiring audio engineers/ music business assosciates.


ODU requires students to visit with their advisor before every semester to make sure the student is on track. This keeps the student on time for graduation.


I love the diversity of my school. Everyone is caring and show compassion towards one another


Old Dominion University is a very diverse school. The camous is large but it is not too large, so I was not overwhelmed. I like it because it offers a lot of programs and a lot of opportunities in order for students to reach their goals. The staff actually cares about you and they want to see us do well, they dont just show up for the job. I like the school because it has a positive vibe and positive people.


new business major programs


I think I've made my point: ODU is a diverse and beautiful school with lots of awesome students who all have a great and positive attitude.


Compared to other schools, this university gives a better variety of programs to receive your degree in.


My school has a great learning envrionment as well as a great social environment. You'll never feel out of place at ODU, there is always a group of people for you to hang out with. Also, the students have a great sense of school spirit and pride.


Old Dominion is very unique because it appeals to all different types of people from all walks of life. Anyone that comes to Old Dominion feels welcomed by the generous staff and welcoming students.


Old Dominion University's slogans are "A portal to new worlds" and "Changing lives." This past semester I experienced both of those first hand. I had the opportunity to travel to Spain thanks to ODU's Study Abroad Department and it was by far the greatest experience of my life.


Old Dominion Uniersity is open publicly, and often times you will see little kids, skate boarders, or people walking their dogs who do not attend this school.


ODU as a ton of school spirit !


We are extremely diverse.


Old Dominion University is unique because it is so diverse and accepting of other cultures and lifestyles. Recently, ODU dedicated certain dorm rooms to gay and lesbian students. I think this is a very unique thing in that I've never seen another college do this. Some might say that these dorms only segregate the students more, but I think it is something the gay and lesbian students appreciate. Also, this school is committed to making all of its students, even a transfer student like myself, feel extremely welcome.


ODU has the most diverse situation going for it - it has the diverse students, it has a commuter vibe at times, but also has a large bulk of students on campus too, it has night life, with students who have spirit toward the school, are involved on campus, but at the same time are rather relaxed about their school work. So it is different in many aspects, although I can't say exactly because I've never attended another school. One unique aspect is the student population is very evenly split. 50% Norfolk/VA Beach, 25% Richmond, 25% Northern VA.


Old Dominion is unique because of the many things offered. Personally, I am an oceanography student. My major is not offered at many other schools, which is one of the reasons i chose ODU. The OEAS department provides many opportunities for students, we even have our own reasearch vessel. Another thing i enjoy about Old Dominion is the campus. There are a large number of studens, but the campus still has that cozy, small school feel. I always see people I know and feel at home on campus.


Our school is by the beach, in the middle of the city, close to all the military bases, recently receieved a football team, and just a great school all around.


Nothing that I know of.


Old Dominion University is a close campus, where all the students and teachers get along. There is also a lot of school pride. ODU is also in the cith of Norfolf, so there is alot for students to do around school to stay involved on and off campus.


Old Dominion University promotes diversity giving students many opportunities to learn about other cultures and people. I believe the promotion of diversity unites the university's thousands and thousands of students. Just walking across campus, I can see school spirit everwhere I turn. People are proud to be Monarchs. Most importantly, though the school is large with many students, each student feels unique and valued. There are opportunities for each and every student to get involved in the community and make a difference.


The most unique aspect about ODU is that it's not like a typical 4 year college campus which has its pros and cons. Sometimes getting another perspective from a student in your class who might have gotten married and had kids then came back to school is a way to see what you might want to do. Other times their personal agenda seems to interupt you school schedule.


ODU is unique because it offers more job opportunities post-graduation to its students than any other local university. It also offers a plethora of study abroad and internship opportunities, and its downtown location is ideal for students who wish to work throughout the year while attending college.


The other school I considered was Virginia Tech, but the fact that the campus is so big, and it is out in the middle of nowhere steered me away from that school. I love that this campus is so small, and it is very easy to get around. Also, the campus is close to the beach, and I love to go to the beach.


My school is near the biggest military installationg on the eastern seaboard. I wanted a school where I wouldn't feel hindered because of my age after I left the US Navy after serving for almost six years so I could pursue my college education. The school population is diverse with students of many ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. I felt that I could melt in with the rest of the students and they would help enrich my school experience. At other schools, I felt there would be a lack of connection mainly because of my age compared to the others.


The campus is always crowded, the building are dirty, campus resources i.e. computer labs, lounge areas, administrative services are flooded with many kids who have no business in college but odu doesnt turn anyone away. Bring a #2 pencil and some money and you're admitted.


Old Dominion is a great place to attend college. I have truely enjoyed my experiences here. Old Dominion continues to grow and I feel it will only continue to get better and stand out as a great university. The faculy and staff are helpful and the the school offers many resources to its students.


The amount of diversity at this school is amazing. I love meeting students from different backgrounds and this school has allowed me to do this.


It is beautiful and diverse.


There is a big monorail track running through the middle of campus that's supposed to work by magnetic levitation, but doesn't work at all yet due to lack of funding.


I love that ODU is big yet small, the advisors and professors are personable and get to know the students. There is numerous sports, activites, and organizations that students can be involved in.


In my opinion, Old Dominion University semmed to be the most diverse out of all the schoold I applied to. They also have so many opportunities and programs avalible to you. I feel that the campus is very beautiful and has so much entertainment around it. (For example: Busch Gardens, Water Country USA)


It is convenient in regards to proximity to my house. The campus is large and diverse, but it is easily navigable, as all the major buildings are within short walking distances of one another.


I was attracted to Old Dominion University because of their Nursing program which has a 98% pass rate and an amazing faculty to work with.


It was the only one in the area to accept a 13 year old as a student.


I'm not sure anything in particular is unique, but I do enjoy it being close to my family and friends.




I like the fact that ODU is more modern with technology, They provide alot of learnig resources, alot places for students to study. I like that they have a shuttle bus to to carry you to different destinations. I also love the school spirit . They put effort into bringing different types of speakers on campus to talk to the students. I also love that my school is mixed with a wide variety of different cultures on campus groups and clubs.


We are very diverse with many different ethnic groups.


ODU is very diverse, you meet new and different people everyday. We have alot of pride and spirit GO MONARCHS! It's all about you, you're #65478 you are Sally Jones. It's the perfect school not to big, not too small, not in a busy and loud city nor a rural farm. It's just like my hometown back in Northern VA and I feel right at home.


What's unique about my school compared to others is the amount of diversity. Coming from a diverse town, it was extremely important to me to maintain the same environment. Speaking with a lot of my other friends who go to other schools with very minimal diversity, I feel grateful and glad to be part of the diverse community my school is. Also, my school is like a democracy. The students are heard more than other schools and are able to make decisions based on a majority.


There is a lot of cultural diversity here, as there is a strong international program here.


Honestly, I could sit here for days and tell you about ODU. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ODU. I never knew what college I wanted to go to nor what I wante dto major in. But when I came to ODU's open house I got that "home feeling" the "this is it" feeling. And I knew I waned to come here. It's been one heck of a year, I've matured so much, learned so much, met so many people, got involved in a tone of things, made great friends and I can't wait to go back.


What made Old Dominion unique to me is it's location. Located in the city of Norfolk, it's close enough to downtown that you have something to do on the weekends when you have free time but you're far away enough that it's not a distraction during the weekdays. There is a shuttle service available to take you to the mall so you can go to the movies with friends even if you don't have your own car - convenient things like that make Old Dominion stick out.


Old Dominion University is an inexpensive public university, that offered a variety of majors with excellent programs. It also has a variety of sororities, extracurricular activities, and a diverse atmosphere. Unlike most universities, Old Dominion is located in society unlike other colleges that tend to be secluded; so it gives the feeling of still being involved in the "real" world.


The campus is very culturally diverse and has a lot of international oppurtunities. If you try hard enough, you can be overseas just after your freshman year.


What I enjoy about ODU is the students down to earth personality, willing to help each other to make it throught the semester. There is school spirit despite that we do not have a football team. In 2009, we will have our first football game and all the students are already showing there school spirit. There is so much divieristy we all learn from each others cultures.


I chose Old Dominion because it was the cheapest school in Virginia. That is why I chose it, and wasn't sure that I was very happy with this choice. After the first semester I realized that ODU was the place for me. I love the classes and the teachers, and I have learned so much. The campus is a great size and I have never felt better about my choice then I do now.


ODU is an up and coming school, innovating and renovating while us students get to experience it. There will be a football team, new buildings, gyms, etc. The school is earning more credibility.


All the faculty all professions, especially in the music department . The saying that goes those who cant do, teach. Doesn't apply here. all the teachers perform regularly.