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What are the academics like at your school?


Not too hard, not too easy


The curriculum is challenging and thorough. I find myself excited to see what the next module and semester will hold as each one that I complete leaves me hungry for more. The academics are appropriately paced and the courses within the degree course complement each other for optimal learning.


Each class at ODU is very different. If you take a lecture class, most times the teacher does not know your name until you speak to them; but if you take an English class, which usually have no more than 15 students, the teacher know you by first and last name. I study mostly on the weekends and sometimes and during the week, but only when I have an exam in the week to refresh my memory. People in my classes are very helpful. If I ever need help on a question or I am confused about someone, all I have to do is email my classmates and I can get a response within the hour. This is very helpful especially because teachers are not always on their email.


The academics are just fine here. Just about most of my teachers know my name. My favourite classes are Film Appreciation and English. I love to write and make films. My least favourite (subject) is math, however the way my professor goes through everything, she really makes it less horrible. When I walk around campus I can see mini study groups and tutoring sessions in progress. I think it's cool when I see groups of friends that'd usually be skateboarding or talking about their social life, would be sitting in the library all trying to study for an exam. I am always studying to make sure my grades don't drop, especially in the classes required for my major: Film. I have scheduled confrenences with my English teachers whenever we have a paper due, to make sure I am on the right track, usually they tell me I am doing a super job. My academics here are just fine, and most likely will continue to be fine.


Academics are rigorous. Usually the larger class sizes will have less teacher-student focus so you will have to do more work on your own. This is a great incentive to get into the Honors Program which features more smaller class sizes and more teacher-student focus!


Not all my professors know my name. This can easily be rectified,though, by fully participating in class. My favourite class is my English 110 class. It is a refreshingly interactive class and I find it enjoyable to experiment with the language. My least favourite class is ECON 201. It is a heavily theoretical and mathematical subject, but with determination,though, it can become enjoyable as well. I would say in general students study alot. They are usually in the library during the latter part of the afternoon, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Class participation is not very common. Students are usually being spoon fed information from their teachers. Students do not really have intellectual conversations outside of class. They are more concerned about having social gatherings. Some students are competitive; those students who are striving for high G.P.As. Those who are only trying to maintain an average are not competitive at all. The most unique class I took was an Ethics class. My major is in Business Administration. It is a versatile major that can lead to a variety of careers. I mostly spend time with my professors during their office hours to get further help on certain topics. I feel that the first year of academic requirements are unnecessary because they are mostly general courses. Even though they are intended to help you in case you decide on switching majors, it doesn't help when you've already decided on what you want to pursue. I would say the education at this school is geared towards potentially acquiring a job and also learning to broaden your understanding of the world as a whole.


Professors do make an attempt to learn names, there are some lecture halls so it makes it difficult for professors to learn all names but they try their best. My favorite classes this semester are ecology and intro to scientific writing because they are very important to my major and I am learning a lot in both classes. My least favorite class is computer science information and literacy, its easy but very time consuming. Studying really depends on the student I know a lot of people who study all the time but I also know students who do not, but I would say the majority of people I know study a lot for tests. In class participation is very common, again it sometimes a little harder in lecture halls. I know students do have intellectual conversations outside of class because I participate in them with my roommate after our interpersonal communication class. I have not really seen much competitiveness with other students, I am more competitive with my self, always wanting to out do myself. Marine Biology here at ODU are great there are some really awesome proffessors who are working on great things such as research with spiny lobsters (which has economic importance all around the world) and also working with the "Red List" of endangered species. Academic requirements are fair, and make sense. Also there is a lot of room for you to decide what you want to do.


It really depends on what kind of classes you're taking what the academics are like. Some classes are small and nice, and other classes (mostly science classes) are held in big lecture halls with 100+ students, where you have to buy a special clicker remote in order to answer quiz questions. Typically, in the huge classes, students will try to form study groups, but you can also go to learning centers and get a graduate student to help you out with your homework.


Academics are the most important thing at any college. The thing that makes ODU different is that the students here are always get the work done in a timely manner so that they can still have fun. It is all about time management skills. The professors here have interesting classes that keep the students interested. Another great factor is that there is always someone to help you out. There are professors, teacher assistants, tutors, and mentor available for extra help. As a computer science major, I have used all of those resources!


Pretty much all of my professors here so far have known my name. If you take the time outside of class and go to their office hours, it can help you tremendously. Professors are real people they beyond what people think, they really aren't scary at all. One of my favorite things about academics here at ODU is when you walk into the library and its packed full of students studying, writing papers, reading, doing group projects, and so much more!.


The academics at are school are very good if you have a scientific major; engineering, computer science, IT, etc.


Average with a few difficult classes mixed in. The teachers are spotty, you really have to watch what teacher you take for certain classes.


To be honest, I fell into the typical college student sterotype my freshman year. I partied too much and didn't focus on school and that is why my gpa stands at a 2.1 as of now. yikes! I know but I realized 2nd semester I needed to pull my act together and I'm working really hard and staying focused now, I still go out but not as much. During finals time, EVERYONE is on study mode. The library opens until 2am! Starbucks opens late as well and the student center and study lounges ih the dorms are always occupied. ODU also gives us free breakfast the first day of the week of exams at night. It's tradition and almost everyone comes out. Free breakfast at 10pm on a Monday night? Who wouldn't?