Old Dominion University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The student recreation center has multiple basketball courts, a full gym, an olympic size pool, running track, full size climbing wall, and many other activities and classes. The school is located near many bodies of water and the student rec center offers rentals of canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and tubes. It also rents out bicycles and long boards and repairs those that belong to students.


The most popular student organizations include, Student Government Association, the Student Activities Council, T.R.U.S.T(To Respect, Unite, Support, and Teach, S.W.(Success Without Limitations), Greek orgs in the National Pan Hellenic Council and the Pan Hellenic Council. Many of the improvements and policies currently in place are a direct result of the SGA and its commitment to actively engaging in University affairs. The Student Activities Council is responsible for majority of events, novelties, and fun on and off campus. They plan homecoming, they do monthly events including bringing celebrity guest for entertainment, they give away free stuff and coordinate trips and the best part about them is many of these things are of no cost to students! I've had the pleasure of meeting President Obama, Sammie from Jersey shore, Robin Givens, Big Sean and J.cole to name a few. If your into sports, we have a die hard fan base who cheers on our althetes, football and basketball are the livest. Active Greek life if thats for you is very present. Trust, SWL, and many other orgs focus on community service and bonding, so there is always something to do!


Many people are apart of Monarch Maniacs, a group based solely on school spirit. Other popular groups are clubs based on your major. I am in the Communications Club and you can gain a lot of information about your major.


I think the frats groups and sororities are the most popular; they are always recruiting new people and performing things during activity hour. I am not in a sorority but I am involved in a group called Art League. It's a small group for art lovers. I believe football is ODU's best sport, A LOT of people turn out for those shows. They are so popular, they sell out fast! I am a commuter, so I am not familiar with the dating scene, nor the parties, or any of those social occasions.


The most popular groups at ODU would have to be the Divine Nine greek fraternities and sororities.


The most popular activities at Old Dominion are the football games and basketball games. Whether you are an athlete or just attending, the school spirit of ODU absolutely shines. The university has recently acquired a football team under a high demand of the students, and despite the fact that ODU is relatively new to having a football team they definitely do not play like they are new. And at each game the students are very excited to cheer the Monarchs on. Not only that, but at basketball games, our most renowned sport, the famous "ice cream and cake" dance always gets the students going. These are the times that students are most proud to wear our school colors.


There are so many different groups on campus. You are just as popular in a community service based organization as the football team or greeks! We all have the common goal of helping the community become better.


Of course, Greek Life is popular but its not to overwhelming on campus in my opinion. I feel like i see athletes everywhere on campus (but that could be because my major is exercise science) You will always see long boarders and bikers on campus. And you are bound to always see people playing Frisbee. Football is huge! its a new program so everyone on campus and in the community around campus are really excited about it. If you go to any athletic even, there will always be a crowd there supporting out teams. I'm not in the party scene so i really cant tell you to much about that but there is definitely a place where all the party's happen that is just common knowledge. Pretty much if you want to party, 42nd street is where to go but if you don't then just avoid that street and you are good to go. Its really not to hard to stay away from the party scene. I have so much fun just hanging out with friends not partying.


clickish, groups stay to their own i.e. black hang with black, whites hang with whites, etc...


ODU has EVERYTHING! and if we don't you can bring it. We have football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, wrestling, greeks, Aasian Pacific American Student Union, Fillipino American Student Associaton, Black Student Alliance, WODU Radio, we have greeks for majors/school like pyschology and business, ultimate frisbee club, wave church, there's SO many student organizations. Living on campus is the best thing. I feel bad for commuters because they miss out on alot of things. We have all different types of dorms from the University Village Apartments to Atheletic Dorms, to the Quads. When SAC [Student Activites Council] holds an event, it's always popular. We've had Man and Wife, comedians, movie nights, BBQ, carnivals, alot of fun and free things. My roomate is now one of my bestest friends. I was lucky, some of my other friends had some CRAZY roomates. We are two completely different people but we're like sisters. If you don't have a car it's ok. Parking is a hassle there's never enough even if you have a parking decal. You will meet all different kinds of people at ODU and you'll never know who you could end up partying and being friends with. Homecoming is big at ODU. Spirit week with the basketball game, parades and ODU-spirit 24/7.