Old Dominion University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost. It's so hard to get sufficient funding


I dislike the advising process for some majors because some of the advisors have no interest in the major you are in and cannot give you specialized information.


The crime, The school is extremely nice but it is not in a good area


I will begin classes at ODU in the sping '15 semester so I can not give any details on the "worst thing" about ODU. As for TCC, I would say the worst part of the experience is how classes change constantly and what you signed up for may not be what you ens up with once classes start. This makes planning difficult because you just do not have a firm schedule even though you have opted for specific days and times.


I'm not sure.


I believe the worst thing about ODU is the local norfolk residents surrounding the campus that make it unsafe.


Financial aid does not help the students as much as they should. They give the students the runaround and different repersentatives tell the students different information. They are not cosistent or helpful.


The amount of people and lack of care from the teachers and staff. They tell you that they'll be there for you and that theres tons of ways for you to get help but everything is so complicated with multiple hoops to jump through and teachers arent willing to put in the extra care to help you.


The worst thing about the school would have to be the unpredictable weather. Within the past year we have had 3 snow storms and 2 ice storms, i even sprained my ankle on the ice before. Also we expirienced a lot of flooding and rainy weather.




The housing availability and parking. For the amount of students that attend the university there is just not enough housing close to accomodating everyone. Also parking is an issue because more buildings are being rebuilt/added versus housing and parking garages. It really puts an inconvience on many students. The apartment style dorm I live in requires you to pay summer housing even if you won't stay there during the summer. You have to find someone to fill your room but the housing office does not help with that you have to ask around campus or via social networks.


The only thing about this school that bothers/bothered me is the guest rules, they are extremely strict.


The worst thing about ODU is the location. Norfolk is a fantastic area, but the particular location of ODU in Norfolk is very dissapointing. It's about ten minutes from downtown Norfolk if one has a car, but with the majority of students not having a car, getting downtown during the week is nearly impossible, and very limiting on the weekends. ODU should provide more ammenities for students who can only get to places that are within walking distance of the campus.


The worst thing about ODU is that alot of the professors in my program seem to be adjunct professors with other careers. This usually means they have limited office hours and since I work full time, it's often hard for me to seek out my professors when I need them.


I don't like how there is no parking close to the buildings that I have to walk to. I also don't like that tuition is so high.


Old Dominion School is great academic wise, but sometimes it lacks socially. Over the weekends, there are sometimes events at night and when there aren't football games, it can be hard for someone who doesn't go to parties to have a good time. Even though there are many clubs, they can think about meeting on the weekend for the students who live on campus instead of meeting during the week while many students in those clubs have classes that don't allow them to attend.


The worst thing about my school would be the financial aid department. The financial aid conselors are never available for you to talk to them and do not take the interest of the students.


I don't have anything bad to say about this university.


The academic advising is sorely in need of help and possible adjustment. Understanding who is your advisor, their availability, and also their knowledge of what to do in certian circumstances are just a few of the issues dealing with the admission/advising staff at this college. It is undeniably frustrating feeling lost and confused about your future. However, it teaches independence.


The worst thing about Old Dominion University is the cost of the non tuition fees: books, meal plans, parking passes, and groceries. It's hard to do it all on your own. You can either learn how to save money quickly, or just be another broke college kid. It can be very stressful for kids who can't work and go to school at the same time. Bills can stack up, and if you aren't recieving any income, it can become overwhelming at times.


Unfortunately, I did not attend high school with my classmates which makes it more difficult to befriend them.


The parking at the main campus is the worst! There are never enough parking spaces available. You always have to hunt for a spot, or stalk a student that is leaving for their spot. For the price we have ot pay for a decal to park, we should be guaranteed a place to park! There are not many student parking lots near buildings were classes are held either. In addition, there is so much construction, parking is even further reduced. It is ridiculous! That is why I attend the Virginia Beach campus when possible.


The financial aid office, because most of the advisors hate their jobs and intend on showing that hate by making getting financial aid hard.


Not everyone takes advantage of the diversity offered.


The biggest flaw the University has right now is the lack of security around the area. Usually at night, while going to my car or another building, I'm afraid of walking alone or not being around anyone on campus and sometimes pretend I am on the phone because of robberies that occur mainly when the sun goes down. Local houses around campus, not dorms, that are occupied by students also get robbed sometimes.


The worst thing about Old Dominion University is the crime that occurs in the neighborhoods around the campus. This is the worst thing because it is dangerous for students and faculty and it prevents students from wanting to attend ODU.


To be honest, I have not been on campus long enough to say what is the worst, but what I probably dislike is the amount of professors they have for my field, or some of the general educations courses. For example, my first semester, there was only an option between two professor's, but I would not mind if they were effective and suffiecient in teaching. To me, they were not. That's the main thing I dislike about some parts of my school, is the ineffective teaching ways. It does affect a student.


I think the worst thing about Old Dominion is the crime rate in the surrounding areas in Norfolk. Norfolk is not one of the best cities so alot of violence occurs. Most of the violence though, happens right outside of campus. It rarely happens on campus.


Honestly some people have lack of ambition toward their school work/classes. It almost seems like they don't know why they are at the school or attempting to attain a degree. They want to, but they don't seem to make it important enough to give it their all. Other than that, the large African American population does create almost complete segregation. They won't be unsocial towards each other (no hostility), like if a black kid ends up sitting next to a white they'll talk and stuff, but they'll segreagate if possible.


The only thing I truly hate about the school is that it is by so much water. When it he rain it floods most of time. That is the one thing I am still not use to having to deal with.


Campus security, too many crimes occur daily.


Old Dominion University is an urban school located in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia. The urban setting of the school brings with it the high crime rates. Crime frequently affects the Old Dominion campus. Though there are crime issues on campus, the school is taking great strides in preventing the crime and making students feel safer on campus. The school sends out text message, email, and phone call alerts when crime occurs. They school also holds frequent meetings with students to discuss how they can help us feel safer. I believe these steps have helped students feel safe on campus.


I consider safety the worst thing about my school because it is not safe to walk around by yourself at night.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding environment, but that isn't Old Dominion University's fault. This is an urban school and the crime level on and around campus is to be expected. However, the university and the city of Norfolk are taking steps in making students feel more comfortable on campus. There are more lights on pathways and more security guards on campus. Old neighborhoods are being restored around the campus and a new police precint is being built nearby.


There are not enough study rooms. The resources here are limited.


The worst thing about ODU is the location - there is frequent crime nearby. It is located in the heart of a city where there are activate gangs, many homeless people, and frequent robberies. Due to the location, this school is also commuter-friendly which may take away from the college-vibe for some students but may be a plus for others.


The worst thing about my school is the setup for our meal plans. We use flex points, monarch plus, and cafeteria swipes for the food provided. Old Dominion used to have an unlimited meal plan with plenty of food benefits; however, this year they changed this plan to add on restrictions just like the rest. As a current Old Dominion University freshmen, I'm forced to be under a meal plan and I find the meal plan setups to be an inconvenience.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of safety. Students at my school do not feel safe. They are scared to be on campus after night for fear of being assaulted or shot. Old Dominion University is located in Norfolk which is considered by many to be a dangerous area. The students feel like the school does not care about their safety because they have not done anything about it. The lack of safety is the only thing that keeps ODU from being a better school.


The worst thing about my school is the process of financial aid, housing, and resources available to stay in school and pay for education.


The food in the dining hall is sub-par.


There are many students from the surrounding area, this school used to be a commuter school. They thankfully have been changing that in the past 5 years. The students that have grown up in Hampton Roads do not really like ODU. Also since the school was recently a communter school some teachers forget that there are students not from around here.


The worst thing about ODU is that there is not enough scholarships offered.


There are many oppurtunties available for all kinds of students both on campus and in the city of Norfolk. In my opinion, there is nothing to complain about in this school if you make the best of your resources,


The worst thing about Old Dominion is the staff not keeping up with important information that one has or has not completed, therefore being quick to place holds on student accounts shortly before trying to register for the coming semesters classes.


As a freshman, I would say my dorm is the worst thing so far. I live in the oldest all-freshman dorm on campus, which means there's no elevator (which isn't a big problem), it's really hot all the time, and the rooms are really small (compared to the other freshman dorms). The dorm itself isn't a big problem as long as you make a effort to get out of it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may go crazy being stuck in the old prison cell.


Since I have only beent here a short while, I am not sure I have much to say in regards to anything I dislike about the school.


The worst thing about my school is that it is in the middle of a busy part of town. There is the Norfolk International Terminals and a Navy base down one end of the road to the University and Downtown down the other end. The traffic is horrible between 7-9 am and 4-6 pm.


I like everything about Old Dominion University.


Parking spaces get filled up really quickly.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is the fact that the campus is low. Whenever it rains, the campus is soaked and the roads are flooded for days.